Developing Rules For Success In Life

Using the term "rules for success" in a search engine will bring up millions of different blogs, articles and reports written by self-help and personal growth gurus. Most of these types of articles focus on success a universally understood and accepted term with a concrete definition of success that typically relates to wealth, career and the amassing of property and valuables.

The problem with this definition of "success" or these rules is that they are simply not universal. People have their own dreams, goals and benchmarks in life that may fall very far to the side of these traditional and very monetarily-driven views of what it means to be successful.

When individuals attempt to use these arbitrary definitions of success and use the rules developed by others, they are constantly comparing themselves to an external and potentially irrelevant or unreachable standard. This type of comparison is very damaging over the long term and can result in people simply giving up on trying to achieve what they see as increasing unsatisfactory end-results.

The answer to this problem is to chart your own path and develop your own rules for success. Looking internally to what is of importance, what causes joy and happiness and what makes you feel satisfied allows you to develop meaningful goals and a strategy to continually work towards these goals.

Take Inventory of Success

Before you can start to make rules to help you to achieve success, you have to know what that word means to you. Take the time to consider, without comparing it to what others want for you or what society may say is the definition, just what success means in your life.

Make a list of the things that you can accomplish in your life that will make you feel successful. It can be traditional concepts such as a career, building a family, specific resources, or a particular accomplishment. It can also be uniquely your own such as learning a new language, travel, participating in a charity, spending time with your family or perhaps in taking up a cause in your community.

Develop a Plan

Once you have goals in mind, start to develop a plan to achieve these goals. Break the big goal down into small steps and map it out in written form. Be reasonable and realistic, but believe in yourself that you have the ability to make it happen by taking the steps needed to achieve that goal.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is not just untidiness in your home or office. It can also be people that are negative in your life or thoughts that you have that are holding you back. If you have internal clutter, talking to a counsellor or therapist can help to replace negative and harmful ideas and thoughts with positive, beneficial thoughts to move you forward.

Create Balance and Harmony

One of the most important rules for success is to find personal balance and harmony in your life. Being driven to success can be a positive attribute, but it can also become self-destructive.

Spending time enjoying your time with friends, family and nature, doing things that bring you happiness and personal satisfaction as well as being good to your mind and your body should be an essential part of any pathway to success. 


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 Philippe Jacquet & Associates


Just as a doctor considers more than the physical symptoms of a disease in developing treatment so do psychotherapists, counsellors, and other mental health professions that are truly informed. At our Central London offices all of our professionals use only this holistic approach to treatment because we believe it is the most effective and researched based option to use.
By using the holistic method we do not limit ourselves, our options, or our ability to create the best treatment plan possible for our clients. Instead, we are able to draw from all the schools of psychotherapy and holistic treatment to create an absolutely authentic and bespoke treatment plan for each of our clients. The plan can include methods and elements from psychotherapy, art therapy, hypnotherapy, counselling and a range of other possibilities.
International Experience and Expertise
As our group of experienced psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches have extensive experience in working with clients and in different schools of psychotherapy, we find that creating a holistic or integrated approach to treatment is natural. We are able to provide support for our clients with our internationally trained, professional and accredited staff that is simply not found elsewhere in the Central London area.
Philippe Jacquet has an extensive resume in the field of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and working with clients with a range of different issues and concerns.
Mr. Jacquet, and all the therapists and counsellors at Philippe Jacquet & Associates offices in central London are fully committed to using only the best practice options with every client.
Mr. Jacquet and the therapists and counsellors also have the ability to work together as a team to create an optimal treatment plan. Since clients may require different therapeutic techniques, experts in each school of psychotherapy are available on staff to assist in developing these highly effective treatment plans while ensuring complete confidentiality.
Respect and Confidentiality
We understand that reaching out for help can be a very difficult thing to do. We can offer you the promise that your sessions with our Harley Street office professionals will be confidential and you will have full anonymity through our psychotherapy, counselling and coaching programs. As many of our clients are professionals we provide the option for evening and weekend appointments. We do respect the fact that you may feel more comfortable attending the later or weekend sessions if anonymity is a concern. Please speak directly to your therapists and he or she will schedule your appointments accordingly.
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