101 Guide to Investing:Basic Investment Strategies

So many people have been wondering how the rich get their wealth and keep it growing. So many wish to retire soon but do not know how to secure their financial future. The solution is not far, it’s simply investment for by investing money you not only secure, you grow your wealth but you also secure your financial future.

The challenging step which shall be covered in this article is how to proceed and go through investments successfully. Investment is defined as the act of committing capital to an exertion having an expectation of receiving an additional income. In short investing truly means putting your money to work for you. It is not true what most of us where told at young ages that earning money has to do only with getting a job and working hard. Many believe if they want more money, they really need to take on more hours of work. To cut things short, there is a limitation in the number of hours we can work a day not to mention the fact it is no fun having a lot of money with just no leisure time to have a taste of it. At this point, since you can’t really create a duplicate of yourself so as to increase your number of working hours, you can only see on establishing an extension of yourself through your money to work for you. By so doing you need not over worry about your number of working hours because even if you are socializing with friends or even taking a cup of tea, you are earning money somewhere at the same time. The truth is that making your money work for you does maximise your earning potential in a great way.

It should be noted that investing money has nothing to do with gambling as gambling instead puts your money at risk by having to bate for an uncertain outcome with a little hope of winning money. All true investments happen with some action coming from your part. Nevertheless, a real investor does not just decide to throw money at any opportunity which presents itself, but does analysis the risk and benefits after which he or she then invest if it worth investment.

Another question to be answered is why even take on investing money in the first place. It’s clear each and everyone wants to earn more money. But earning more money is not really what matters but reaching financial freedom is what each and every investor should aim. For once you are financially free, you won’t find difficulties going on retirement at a young age so as to enjoy your wealth before giving up a ghost someday. Once you are financially free, you need no longer worry of the problems that follow due to lack of money.

Smart ways to invest your money

It is true investing for beginners might quiet be a challenging task to take on, but this does not means it is difficult or impossible to take on. Depending on their desires to invest, investing for beginners could as well move on smoothly as other parts of life. With just as little as 50 dollars you can take on investing, so you do not have to remain behind thinking you need to become rich before you can invest. So as a beginner just start by putting money in to investments that would get you something in return in terms of profit. There exist so many ways to invest your money which would later come with profit, some of this ways might sound surprising to beginners. Nevertheless, the risks associated to each of this methods vary with some methods being riskier than the others. Each of these methods has its benefits, preference, interest rates timelines and its investment decisions all of which vary depending on the amount of cash, your assets and knowledge you are not just willing but can also put in. It is very important not to put all your savings in to an investment but to keep part back, should in case an emergency rises up at some point in time. When it comes to investing for beginners, a sufficient amount of saving should be set aside for emergencies and any future plan which might probably require any saved up funds for its realisation. Should in case as beginner you do not possess the necessary amount of money that you can set aside untouched for some few months after your business’s establishment then it is wise to wait until the money is available for proper and clear investment.

Being a beginner you might be having doubts in putting your money in the stock market, if it is the case take on the following smart and effective ways of investing for beginners which will also assist you in making money.

Real Estate

Depending on how you choose to go about it, real estate which can take a lot more than 25 dollars to invest can bring to you a lot of profit. You can decide to make a lot of money by simply renting out what belongs to you to tenants or the different businesses found around. You can also decide to make money through buying and selling. Having to do with investing for beginners, they can take on real estate which is a safer investment since it has to do with physical assets which are and will always be demanded by many. Real estate business will always remain profitable as long as people need homes to live in and businesses also need buildings not only to produce goods but also to host customers and products. There is also the possibility of investing money in a Real Estate Investment Trust should in case you do not want to buy property by yourself.


It is true that gold might just seem as an outdated investment which is no longer valuable in the economy of today. However gold is a good idea for investing for beginners, since gold is another physical asset with real value thereby remaining a smart investment when it is correctly handled. Gold is found in jewellery and can also be purchased as coins or bullion bars so as to later keep safe at a bank vault or at home.  One of the outstanding benefits for investing in gold is that it does preserves wealth. Economic changes like inflation can affect dollars but cannot affect the value of gold which cannot be reduced neither. After a good number of researches, experts have predicted that gold shall take the larger part of global commerce in the years to come. During the next economic meltdown, some experts truly believe that the value of Gold can go as high as 10,000 dollars per ounce. Thus a worthy investment for the future by any serious investor.

Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending which can be utilised with a significantly less fun is another safe investment method. With this particular method of investment, you lend money to people who demand for it through peer-to-peer companies. Some of these peer-to-peer lending companies are Prosper, Peerform and Lending Club. One of the outstanding benefits with this method has to do with minimizing all sorts of risk through the spreading out of investments over so many borrowers. Pretty than just having to place all your personal funds to one borrower who might face difficulties in paying on time or might possibly not pay back the loan. The reason why the money is spread out to many is to compensate for anyone who does not fulfil their payment.


Investing money in bonds is another smart way to be considered by first time investors. Nevertheless, there are some details which need to be noted carefully before any bonds are bought. Bonds have to do with debt investments in which the investor loans a particular sum of money to the government or any existing corporate entity at a fixed or variable interest’s rates for a particular period of time. The price of such a bond is always equal to the amount of money which was lent to the entity. Here investors all receive interest for loaning the money. All bond interest rates can be floating ones, fixed or those payable at maturity. Higher risk investments generally offer higher returns while lower risk investments offer lower returns. So when choosing any bond to invest in, first check and pay attention to the interest rate while remembering the rule, the riskier it is the higher the interest and the lower the risk, the lower the interest.

It is of great importance each and every one aims at personal investments. This is because when you are aware of the fact that some of your income is being steadily invested at wealth creating vehicle, your future turns to look brighter than the morning star. The following are personal investment which you can possibly take on so as to secure your financial future.

Home-base businesses

Your talent or passion can of course be a worthy personal investment which brings in to you an extra income. It is observed worldwide that filmmakers, writers and musicians do earn money by the creation of products which can eventually generate royalties for many more years to come. Some passions like writing, designing apps, woodworking, and crafts, gardening and cooking and even designing of websites can be turned in to home-based businesses with just a little personal investment capital to start. More time is required than money in marketing your endeavour on the social media like twitter and Facebook. It is true that a home-based business does takes a lot of research and commitments but it is also pretty rewarding.

Income properties

A personal investment property is one which you buy and later you fix it up so as to rent it out to tenants or decide to resell it for an amount in possession of an extra income known as the profit. It is true this type of investment can possibly take a lot of time as research has to be conducted and help from a real estate agent is needed. You can notice nice investment property deals around your neighbourhood, so you need just to be attentive and ready for the investment.

Below is an investment guide which is destined to take any investor through his or her investment processes with success. To cut things short simply go through the investment guide and at the end apply the concepts from coming from the investment guide which has been proven to work for so many.

Your savings rate

As you begin your investments, the amount you save is the most important factor. Retirement researchers came up with the fact that your personal investment returns for the first 8 years of investing generally counts for just less than 1% of your final outcome at the end. In different words, your early returns will have nothing to do with what you will end up with should in case you persevere in the business and keep growing it. A reason why you should spend the first decade of your investment life worrying very little about your returns but saving rate.

What you invest in

Still under a good investment guide, what you invest in does count a lot. This is true because research has shown that 90% of your investment return you often receive depends greatly on the kind of things you did invest in pretty than specific investment choices you made.

How you diversify

Investment people like to through around the word diversification, but is diversification the solution to your success in investments? Nevertheless diversification is very important as it is the only way to decrease all your investment risks without decreasing your expected returns in any way at all.

Sticking tight to your plan

As time passes by might be due to one or two reasons, you would be tempted to change your initial investment strategy. That is when the market is booming, you aim at being more aggressive but when it is down you aim at moving out of the market. But all this should be avoided no matter what kind of craziness is happening around you. Simply stay focus on what you were out to accomplish paying less importance to all what is noising around. Stay focus and keep your mind clear and do not allow the news of the day upset your mind for whatever reason.


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