Why EMR Consulting Is a Must for Every Healthcare Organization

By Brook

EMR is a technology amongst healthcare organizations which enhances document management system. However, for the implementation of the technology to be successful, healthcare organizations must undergo EMR consultation processes.

This ensures that the organizations achieve the goals they target when implementing the EMR software. Top among most of the healthcare practices targets is the prevention of the now all-too-common data breaches in healthcare.

EMR usually stores all health documentation for every patient in a particular healthcare organization, thus reducing the paperwork done in these organizations. Consequently, healthcare organizations save time, money and human resources to handle the paperwork. Healthcare organizations should seek the services of an EMR consultant before implementing any EMR system.

The primary duty of the consulting firm like True North ITG is to assist the healthcare organizations to operate the EMR software, and this leads to better understanding and utilization of the software.

As a result, managers in these organizations are able to determine whether the EMR system is too complicated for their organization or not. If the software is complex for their healthcare organizations, they can ask for customizations or upgrades on the current EMR system.

EMR consulting ensures that healthcare organizations are not caught off guard after implementing the EMR software for the first time. Because the EMR is usually connected to the internet, doctors can easily access patients’ medical records, get results directly from the labs and also get the latest updated from the medical world. EMR system also allows patients to access their medical records online, and be able to track their progress. 

Here are some of the reasons why it is a must for healthcare organizations to have EMR consulting.

Assists in EMR selection process

EMR consultants normally assist healthcare organizations with the EMR selection process. They first do an evaluation of the organization's needs and preferences and then provide them with a list of the best EMR vendors for an evaluation. This offers a smaller pool of EMR vendors, and this gives the healthcare organization the opportunity to select the best vendors.

The consultants also assist the organizations to do the evaluation process. First, they help the healthcare organizations to develop a questionnaire which helps them to evaluate the EMR vendors. These questions are designed to gather information which would assist the organizations to select the right software.

The consultants also assist in the negotiation process between the managers and the EMR vendors. Mostly, the experts assist in requesting for enhancements which meet the organization's needs or ensuring that the EMR prices are comparable to other EMR implementations.

When it comes down to it, a qualified EMR consultant usually saves health care organizations a lot of time and money which might have been wasted searching for the best vendors. It's not hard to say; the most precious commodity in healthcare organizations is time.

EMR training

EMR consultants have the best experience for a successful EMR implementation. They have the best knowledge to train the doctors about EMRs and their related technologies. This training occurs when they first meet to discuss the challenges of EMR, then during the selection process and lastly during implementation.

The consultants also have an ongoing training on how to utilize their EMR in their organization. Additionally, EMR consultants usually train hospital staff on the various technologies associated with EMR. 

Clinical process mapping

The greatest challenge a doctor faces with a new EMR is to understand how the system integrates with the current clinical processes. EMR consultant first maps out all the clinical processes to deal with this challenge. The consultants then use their experience gained from other EMR implementations to show how the EMR will integrate with the current clinical operations.

This saves the doctors the time they take to do the mapping on their own. The consultants also help the doctors to have a clear understanding of how their health care organizations will look like electronically.  However, the most important part of the mapping process is that it offers a solution for the challenges which occur with EMRs before their implementation.

Comprehensive technology support

Technical EMR consultants usually provide a complete set of technology support. This alleviates the concerns of implementing new technology. Most EMR consultants have proven track records of implementing healthcare related technologies.

This has given the experts the capability to apply the technology in an efficient, robust and profitable manner. The consultants also save the time taken by doctors to look for the perfect technology choices for their organizations. This is because the consultants' experience helps them to point out the best technology which suits the healthcare organization.

Improved clinical buy-in

Seeking the services of an EMR consultant eases fear and increases clinical buy in. Additionally, EMR consultants offer healthcare organizations they need to show a clear return on investment (ROI) resulting from the implementation of EMR.

The consultants do a comprehensive analysis to assist hospitals in reducing costs, improving patient care and increase revenues through EMR implementation. By proving the potential returns of EMR investment, it generates significant buy-in at all levels of a healthcare organization.

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