How Social Media Can Help Make Your Event a Success


Social media is a powerful influencer. A sure-shot way of making your product a success is to make it viral on social media. When people see the buzz being generated around a product, their curiosity increases and they themselves are compelled to try it out.

The same principle applies when it coming to convincing attendees to come to your events. Social media becomes the perfect tool for generating the right buzz to make your events a great success. Generate the right buzz about your event through social media platforms.


Don’t be intimidated

When it comes to building a social media strategy for an event, organizers are spoilt for choice as there are so many social media platforms out there. But managing so many social networks can also become intimidating and overwhelming, especially considering how all of them disseminate information through a variety of mediums. So the easiest thing for organizers to do is to start small. Just choose those platforms which connect with your target audience, as they will help you the most in promoting your event.

Another thing people worry about while promoting their events on social media is about the number of followers. What you need to know is this – you don’t really need thousands of followers for making your social media strategy effective, you just need a selective audience of attendees or potential attendees. Social media not only help you to acheive the best ausience but also, you can create different segments of audience to target like you can target specific compnies or a specific industry that you want to attract or a specific group of audience. This will not only benefit you to crop more and more qualified registrant for your events but also reduct the cost of your event. 


A Tool to Spread Information

Nowadays everyone has an account on at least one social media platform, and the fear of missing out makes them check their accounts every single day. This user behavior makes social media THE place to advertise.

You can leverage this behavior to promote your event. Create an event page listing on Facebook that will keep sending attendees news about your event on their feed. Facebook also has tools like targeted newsfeed ads, which you can use to send to a selected audience for inviting them to your events.

You can also remarket your events on social media platforms. Most people rarely register the first time they visit the event page, in which case remarketing become very useful to target those who have visited your page but not taken any action. With Facebook, you can send out notifications to attendees urging them to RSVP on your event page. With the help of social media platform, it is possible to increase the reach of audience and attract more registrant for your event. Also, social media is a right channel to adevertise about your event and our software will help you to acheive all this without any hicupps. 


Interact and Engage

Social media has proven to be an extremely useful tool when it comes to customer engagement. Event organizers can use social media to interact with their attendees, ensuring that the hype around their event does not fizz out. Through social networking platforms, they can also take feedback from attendees before, during and after the event, which will help improve the overall event experience. For events that occur periodically, organizers can use social media to engage with their target audience all year round. On social media platform it is easy to interact and engage with your registrant. Also, this is the right channel to cascade the information to your selected audience. 


Visual Stimulation

Social media does not just include Facebook or Twitter posts. Organizers can make use of photo and video sharing sites to upload pictures and videos of either the event or the behind-the-scenes action. They can also live-stream snippets of the event or post photos of speakers along with quotes. These pictures and videos can then further be shared on Facebook or Twitter. Organizers can also use Instagram to create short 15 second video invitations for attendees.


A Beginner’s Guide to Hashtags

If you are promoting your event through Twitter, then be sure to create ONE unique event specific hashtag. Your hashtag has to be small as tweets allow for only 140 characters and a longer hashtag would mean you’ll have restricted space for tweeting about your event. Make sure your hashtags are original and easy to remember. Also, if your event is recurring, make sure you create a hashtag that can be used again and again. Some specialized sites are available where you can check whether your hashtag has been used by another organization or at another event.


Lure them with Prizes

Another way to lure attendees to your event is by hosting contests on social media. The promise of a prize will encourage attendee engagement and also make them promote your event on social media. Make sure you give away prizes that are related to your industry or event, or which can help improve the event experience for attendees.


Incorporate it EVERYWHERE

Be sure to use social media WHEREVER POSSIBLE, be it during the registration process or presentations. This includes everything from putting the event hashtag on the bottom of every slide during presentations, printing social media handles on attendee name badges, and including social sharing buttons on your blogs and email signatures. 


The Right Frequency

The frequency of your posts should depend upon which social media platform you are using and how engaged your audience is. Pay attention to your audience’s reactions and post your content accordingly. Ensure that you don’t spam your followers with excessive content, as this may turn them off. Increase your post frequency as the date for your event gets closer. Similarly, gradually decrease the number of posts after the event, but don’t stop posting altogether. 



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Amrutha is a content writer at an event technology company. She mainly writes about event industry trends and how technology can make life easier for event planners.


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