Leads Generation: Best Ideas and Strategies for Real Estate Lead Generation

As the market becomes more and more complex with new tech gadgets, new mobile marketing apps, and digital platforms being create seemingly daily, one can be confusing to know how and where to generate leads that converts. It’s understandable you may be stress up and confusion with deciding what you should incorporate into your real estate business marketing lead generation strategy. Adding to hundreds of different marketing strategies and campaigns for which you can implement to attract, capture, nurture, and close your new prospects to this rapidly growing list of tools and widgets, and you can go from overwhelmed to being completely overcome with stress and confusion.


This is the most reason why it’s important to take a step back from your real estate marketing strategy time to time to remember the core, must-implement lead generation strategies to focus on regularly.

Below is a series of 21 top lead generation ideas and strategies you may start with today to overturn the tables:


1.  Facebook Leads

You can create, capture, nurture, and convert leads on Facebook. With social media becoming more populate and Facebook being the champion, leveraging the power of Facebook to generate leads can prove worthy. Remember the rule here is engagement. Capture your audiences with strong captivating content and let them get engaged. The more they are engaged, the more they will be prompted to share which will interns generates more leads to your website.


2.  Create a Home Valuation Website or App

Home valuation websites like the name implies is a simple design website that helps to inform how much a home is worth. It offers sellers and buyers a free valuation in exchange for their contact information. This will drive you more leads as it simplify and makes easy the real estate business transaction.


3.  Optimize Your Real Estate Website

SEO Optimization will generate you more lead and increases your search engines rankings if you can render it more search engines friendly. This ensures that, your real estate business website appears in the first pages each time a visitor enter a keyword in the search engine (Google, Bings, Yahoo…) that is link to your real estate sector. 


4.  Direct Email Marketing

This is one of the most reliable leads generation strategies. This is because it’s has the highest conversion rates. This enables you to connect directly with your clients and generate more leads. Emails are send to specific targeted clients who at one time, shows interest in your real estate business and drop his contact.


5.  Branded IOS and Android Apps

In addition to your website, creating a free branded IOS and Android App will provide you with more leads. With the rapid increase of smartphones, most people today use their phones for all their transactions. Therefore having a free branded app is a great way to meet your target audience. Once a client download your app from Google Play Store or iTunes, you can automatically or manually send them “push notifications” for new offers like price reductions, new listings, or anything else they’ll like. Since the notification message shows up in their notification area, there is a higher chance for them to see it compared to email marketing.

If you don’t know coding, there are platforms like App Institute that provide you with quick and easy steps to design and build your own app. The good news here is that, these platforms are free or you may be required to pay a minimal for maintenance.  


6.  Referrals Leads

This is the term uses to describe a systematic approach businesses undertake to incentivize people to tell others about their products or services.

Referrals come with truths, credibility and strong portfolio. This is essentially why referrals from other agents, former clients, friends and family have the highest conversion rate compared to all other leads generation strategies.

You can also implement a referral program or campaign by which you award scores (that has financial value) on each referral. The scores can also be used to gain price reduction on transactions. This way, you will be exponentially developing new leads with high closing rates. Designing and implementing specific affiliate programs, partner programs and customer referral programs are meant to offer the instant credibility of existing customers to grow a customer base.


7.  Networking

Networking with other real estate owners or people from different professional background has a high potential to generate quality leads for your real estate business. At a networking conference, you may have the opportunity to talk to many prospects one on one, share strategies or even create relationships that may go a long way to boast your business leads. Leads generated from networking are of high conversion rate since you have the opportunity to build trust, confidence and portfolio.


8.  Posting on Ecommerce Websites

You can also generate solid leads from most ecommerce websites like Craigslist and Amazon. As visitors view your posts listing on these websites, there become familiar to your products. This together with customers reviews, will enables them search for your website which in many cases will end with them closing a deal. 


9.  Remarketing or Retargeting

Remarketing or retargeting is a marketing strategy whereby your brand or ads are shown to your website visitors after they leave your website. This is done with the use of cookies base technology to identify visitors to your website. It has the power to re-inform or redirect these visitors back to your website. The cookie provides for targeted advertisements to appear in those users’ subsequent web searches and interactions For instance, a visitor who leaves your website and then log into Facebook, the banner ad they see on Facebook will be for your real estate.

Remarketing is an effective and efficient conversion tool due to the fact that it repeatedly gets your brand to audiences that are already interested in your product or service. 


10.     Paid Advertising

Paid search also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the most effective and most common type of online advertising. PPC advertising enables businesses to bid on relevant terms and phrases (known as keywords which form the basis for PPC advertising) that may allow text-based internet ads to be displayed to users each time they try specific search with the keyword into search engines


11.     Call Tracking

This is also one of the most valuable sources of leads generation to most advertisers. For this reason, most advertisers and digital marketing agencies have chosen to track phone calls generated from online advertising campaigns. Many advertisers and digital marketing agencies are now focusing on paid search and paid social networking platform that has an integrated phone call tracking service.  

Although new in the advertising sector, Pay-per call internet ads are becoming more popular. It’s one of the fastest means of getting prospective clients close deals. Instead of directing customers to your website where they may be requested to fill forms, ask their questions and wait for an email, pay-per-call internet ads bridge this long procedure by simply directing them to a customer service management


12.    Optimize you Landing Pages

This is usually the first page an individual is taken to after clicking on your ads from another site. Therefore it’s vital for this page to not just be captivating; it should also features major or key aspects of your business leads. It’s should have enough information to ease the visitors journey down to closing a purchase. A small tweaks to your real estate landing pages can have a huge impact on the number of leads who sign up for your services.


13.    Direct Door to Door Marketing Using Hangers

This may be an old marketing strategy but believe me, when implemented correctly in your real estate marketing; it has a high chance of closing deals. Another benefit of door to door campaigns using hangers is that your leads are guaranteed to see your massage unlike direct emails. They will have to take your hanger off their door to get inside.


14.   Buy Leads

There are many websites where you can hop in and buy leads like Market Leader. Leads from these websites are extremely sought after and sold out in many different countries. Market Leader also generates buyer leads.

The downside to buy leads is that these leads are strange to your business. While they may have opted in to another website, they didn’t opt into your website. There sending messages or calling them may be found as intrusive.


15.   Motivated Divorcing Sellers

Some divorce settlements forces people to sell their homes. Therefore knowing people undergoing divorce process can help you generate quality leads. They are plenty methods to go about this, from scouring court records for divorce or quitclaim deeds, making friends with divorce attorneys,  to targeted ad campaigns.


16.    Hire a Local or Virtual Inbound Sales Agent (ISA)

Hiring a dedicated on site or virtual inbound sales agent, who does nothing other than to prospect leads on commission can be of really great benefit to your business leads.


17.    Automate the Lead Process

Automating your leads process to develop repeat customers and referrals is vital for your real estate business leads. This helps you to keep track and managing your leads via emails and calendar reminders. This is one fatal mistake most business owners or real estate agents do, which cost them heavy losses on their sales and revenue. Remember that communication is the key to every business-customer relationship. Hence you must have a means to get back to your leads and since the list maybe huge to be able to get to them manually, automation becomes necessary.


18.    Generate Leads Using LinkedIn and Twitter

These are other great social media as well as networking platforms you can leverage to generate new leads to your real estate business. Leveraging their power to host many audiences at any given time and their effectiveness in networking, you can drive large number of leads back to your website.


19.     Using Live Charts

Engaging visitors or customers with live chat on your website have the potential to generate some leads. Note that, there will always be leads or individuals who visit your website but never fill out your lead capture forms, text, emails or call. Most of the time, they’ll have questions or doubts they would love to get answers. Having a live chat or forum integrated in your website is of high benefit here. The only secret is to provide answers as soon as possible which can also help convert some of these visitors to valuable leads. . Monitoring and answering live chat queries is the perfect job for your inbound sales agent or Virtual Assistance.


20.    Offer free Advice

You can promote yourself and hence your business leads online by giving free advice on internet forum. While many buyers and sellers visit internet forums like City Data for advice, you can make yourself feature in such forums as a problem shooter by helping them with free the needed advice. On the other hand, you name will become popular and many will love to verify your services. Because you have built trust and confidence as an honest expert in them, they will love to visit your website. Also, you expand your sphere of influence and sharpen your problem solving skills.


21.   Local Press Coverage

By generate more local press coverage for more leads and local exposure may be just what is needed to break new boundaries. This has a good potential to reaching local clients and hence generate leads for your real estate business. These locals press coverage can be achieved by distributing flyers, door to door campaigns, paid local radio and TV sluts or local newspapers.


At this point, you can be sure to have gained a lot of information on how to effectively generate leads with high converting ratio for your online real estate business. I advise you to try most of these strategies in combination for better results. For any one of your advertising campaigns to be more effective and for you to have the most out of your limited resources (budget and time), you should try at least 5 of these listed strategies. The secret is never to give-off on your engagement, new leads needs to be nurture to maturity.

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