How to Create Viral Contents: Best 15 Strategies

As marketers look for better ways to make a huge presence in the market today, it’s hard for them to thinks of any strategy that has the potential to make that bold mark in the face of all without thinking of Virality or Viral Content or Viral Marketing. The goal of most marketers is to ensure their quality content get seen by most people if not all across all social networks. Their target is to have millions of people to find the content that they spent a lot of time creating. But what do they actually want? How can one create contents that have a high share rate?


The mistake that most of these marketers made is to believe that a single piece of viral content can help them achieve tremendous results across the social networks. This is not always true; you’ve to be consistence to stamp or achieved that result.


While it’s true that there are many strategies to generate leads that converts, creating viral contents or contents that get contagious is one of the most cost effective and cost efficient means to generating quality leads.


The benefits that come with viral marketing are numerous including the rapid generation of leads that converts, high traffic generation to your website and most of all the wide brand awareness.


What is Virality or Viral Content?

Virality is drawn from the word Virus. In this context we mean having the characteristics of a virus. A virus is said to be a very contagious microorganism that rapidly multiply in the host system. Thus, the word “viral” in relation to a piece of online content implies circulating rapidly and widely from one web user to another by individual sharing with friends and love ones. To create unique quality contents that are intended to be seen by as many people as possible by being shared across social networks which enables it to spread like a virus, one need to think of content writing best practices.

If the goals and objectives of your marketing campaigns are to achieve virality or to create a content that go viral, you have to first of all, diligently craft your content creator strategy with much attention paid to the details. To a great extent, the quality of the work that you do will determine how far your content gets shared and get spread across social networks.

Achieving that high quality unique viral content marketing may not be an easy task to everyone especially when you’re a newbies or just starting out. This is obtained by time and experience and perfected by being consistence.

While it is true that not all the contents you write may go viral, the probability of having a content that goes viral from ten carefully crafted contents is high. Looking at this statistics, the prospect of creating less content and driving more traffic is very attractive.

You therefore need to know how to create content that have the possibility of going viral. A lot of factors come into play here, but one of the biggest challenges for many content marketers is the need for a shift in mind-set towards quality valuable content.

For example, if you’re creating video or visual content, you need to invest in good equipment and sharpen your video editing skills as well.

How to Create Viral Contents

Below is a list of 15 best proven strategies you can implement to your content crafting with very high potential to get viral.


1.  Current Events

Among the many topics you may be writing about, contents drawn from current events have a higher chance of going viral. Note only does it affect the state of affairs at the moment; it’s something everyone would want to know more. For example, while many people may love to read about the events that leads Donald Trump in the White House (US election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016); very few will care to read about the US election between Bill Clinton and G. W. Bush in 2000.

Thus if a content must go viral, if must be correct and up to date.


2.  Evoke High-Arousal Emotion

Many research studies have proven that content that evokes an emotional reaction is more likely to go viral. Such emotions include suspense, awe, sadness, wonder, anxiety, and humor). When people share positive or negative posts, they are not sharing stories but the emotional impact they had. In general, “positive contents are more viral than negative content.”

Visual or video contents are more effective in evoking arousal emotion, yet other content types like well written thought pieces or clever list posts can also bring worth and wonder to social media platforms.


3.   Positive message

Great content may be share for many reasons such as to motivate others, to inspired friends. Contents that stimulate positive feelings tends to perform better than those that stimulate negative feelings, thus generating higher click to tweet rate.


4.   Write irresistible headlines

Headlines are the gateway to a story and a great means to capture your reader’s curiosity and convince them to keep on reading. Headlines can give a story a smashing success or render it a total flop, even though its content is fantastic. You can have a grip at your reader’s attention with powerful headlines that;

  • The purpose is clearly and concisely stated
  • Use intriguing adjectives
  • Ease the story and communicate the value

In other words, tell your readers upfront that you’ll be providing a lot in your story they could benefit with less effort.


5.  Be Controversial

Controversial contents are also among those that drive more popularity and received more share. The secret here is to take a clear position and making unabashed statements gives the reader the chance to take a side, and share what resonates with them. Make sure to include stories, adjectives and metaphors. When readers come across this, they will like to make their view point on the matter and share it with their network. Thus helps your content to spread rapidly.

Not everyone sharing such post do so because they agreed with the message, some who disagreed with the platform undoubtedly shared it on their social network because they had a different view point or kind of emotional reaction.


6.   Write Quality Content

The goal and objective of every viral content writer is to tell a good story and tell it well. This has the power to quickly engulf your reader in the story’s and why he has to keep reading and later share. Visitors quickly abandon stories with weak content and poor writing.

As explained in a recent Harvard Business review, contents should clearly accomplish at least one of the following tasks. What something means, how to do something, explain what happened, or surprise the reader.


7.  Readability

Viral contents are readable. What is the point creating contents that cannot be read or whose message is not clear or that convey no message? While crafting your content, the first and key point to note is your language and grammatical styles.  It’s not just about the information, of course, the information is vital but what is the point if you fail to communicate or fully convey that information to your reader? Your content may have the most ground breaking information, but if it’s not readable it is useless.

If your goal is to increase the likelihood of your content going viral across different social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), break down complex ideas or information into bits, incorporating numerals, infographics, visual contents and/or images. Make sure your points are easily digestible and people will be more inclined to share your content.

How do great viral content writers simplify content and make it easier to read and share? They generally, frequent the use of numerals in their headlines and infographics, images and/or visual in content.  That’s not by chance nor accident!  Studies have revealed that list, numbers, infographics, images and visual contents; generates more clicks and engagement, encouraging people to share on their social network.

You can run your content through a readability test. To appeal to a greater audience, your content should have a reading-comprehension level of a ninth-grader. If your score is too high, you can bring it down by using common and familiar words rather than academic and complex vocabulary. Also watch the amount of words you use per sentence.


8.   Be Practical & brief

The acronym KISS (keep it short and simple) is just as relevant in creating content. Bear in mind that making your content simple does not mean simplifying your content. Valuable, educational, and practical contents are more likely to be shared. Studies on viral contents noted that people enjoy sharing practically useful content for plenty reasons; self-development, to help others, social exchange (to generate reciprocity) etc. 

This is why "how-to" articles continue to perform better, and infographics have become much more popular today. Creating practical contents give your readers clear strategies they can immediately apply.

Also, try to make your points faster and keep the reader interested. Experience has shown that; the sweet best posts are two or three sentences on Google+ and Facebook, 100 characters on Twitter,” and 500 to 1,000 words for created contents.


9.  Trustworthy and Credibility

This is common sense. People will share content from trusted sources that have credibility. Trust can be built within content by adding testimonies, and citing statistics and sources. While backing stories up with additional sources gives credibility, personal stories are a great way to build a connection with people.


10.   Go visual

Visual or video contents increase engagement. Studies have revealed that having at least one image or infographic in a social network (Facebook or Twitter) post leads to an average of twice as many shares compared to a post without visual contents. Total views of contents or article published with a relevant picture or infographic, increases by approximately 90% compared to articles without an image in the same category. 


11.   Be Consistence with Your Posts.

The more you post, the greater your likelihood at going viral. Most successful bloggers says they posts 10 to 15 times per day. Not every post go viral, but that the larger the volume of stories, the greater the possibility of one taking off. And don’t stop once your work is out there. Promote it actively on social media, repeatedly at different times and on different days to capture different visitors.


12.   Play nice with others

Give credit where it’s due by linking to website you source your articles. Links direct traffic back to the source as an act of gratitude; increase your visibility and popularity with bloggers and websites and enabling readers to learn more from the source.


13.   Study your statistics

Check out how your stories compete against each other. What works best and why? Pay particular attention to the stories that flopped and think about tweaks that could have made them better. Finally, look at those that are getting more popular, the headline, context, subject and the style. You should use your findings to better you next posts.


14.   Publish your content during peak hours.

What and when you post are very important considerations. Research reviled that the best time and days for your posts to be shared are 11 a.m. ET and on Mondays and Tuesdays and the average blog gets the most traffic around 11 a.m. ET. With regard to email marketing campaigns, consumer promotion emails are best dish out between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET

Weekends are also a popular time for posting. A good strategy is to publish on Mondays and/or Tuesdays, and then promote your piece again over the weekend.


15.   Give the reader a practical takeaway

After writing a compelling content with an irresistible headline, read over it and ensure it includes practical, actionable takeaways. A key component of contagious content is getting readers to share the content with their friends and followers. And since everyone from scientists to journalists, farmers to marketers, high school students to your aunt on Facebook are crafting their online experience, readers or visitors are more likely to share material that they find useful and make them look good.


No matter your business sector, going viral and driving traffic is important. The number one goal or milestone to every marketer is to get the product to as many people as possible. But creating a viral content is unpredictable, nature of content marketing is unstable and social media algorithms are changing.

However, with all the uncertainties, there are still consistent rules for marketing your contents online or on social media. Element of human psychology and behaviour are very predictable and can be leverage to create quality contents. 

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