Resourceful Tips to Get Right Student Accommodation in Australia

With the influx of thousands of students pursuing their educationin Australia, the universities, colleges and other education institutions face difficult times in arranging accommodation for their students (especially for the ones moving from overseas).


Most of theAustralian universities provide limited accommodation to their students (most of them only provide student housing to around 8-15% of their student population). Colleges do not provide any accommodation of their own. The lack of service makes finding Student Rental Apartments Australia    difficult and time consuming job.

Another issue facing people looking for student housing in Australia is related to the lack of communication links to the service providers. For example: more and more purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) facilities are available to international students. However students are not aware of these. This makes finding accommodation a major cause of concern for students before they leave their home country.  Students are therefore also in risk of getting approached by non- genuine providers and being victims of scams.


Education institutions are aware of the situation and are being pro-active in finding solutions to the current problems. They are starting to open up to alternative solutions available in the market. Working together is the best approach to try and maximize the studentspositive experience and wellbeing whilst in Australia.

Opening communication channels and informing students of the reality of the market is the best approach as this manages expectations and lets them know the challenges ahead.


This is why steps need to be taken in order to ensure that bookings are confirmed with registered genuine accommodation providers.


Below are some tips that students need to take into account when searching forstudent accommodation in Australia:

  • People are often surprised just how expensive Australia can be especially the major cities. Do some research to see how housing costs in Australia compare to your current city.
  • Some places appear cheaper than others. Keep in mind whether the rent includes utility bills, furniture and/or food.
  • If the price is too good to be true, and appears to be a careful!
  • Be flexible in the location of your room (public transport in most Australian cities works well). The further you live from the city centre the cheaper the rent may be.

Be willing to share! Many  Student housing Melbourne  in Australia are looking out to share flats and houses. Availability of these will depend on the length of your stay.


Some of the primary benefits of getting shared student accommodation in Australia:

  • Share the utility costs (electricity, gas and internet bills).
  • It is very likely to be furnished (less expenses for you).
  • You will live in a multicultural environment.
  • Get a choice of room (single, double and twin-share) that works with your budget.
  • Availability of house managers in case of emergencies (or if you forgot your keys and got locked out)
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