Why Egyptian Islamists Do Not Want Elbaradei

By Denise
Negotiations are continuing this Sunday in Cairo for the post of Prime Minister which could accrue to Mohamed ElBaradei. the day should be marked by new manifestations of pro and anti-Morsi.

Egypt, which the post of transitional Prime Minister could accrue to Mohamed ElBaradei, must be theatre Sunday of mass protests between pro and anti-Morsi, notably in Cairo where the army is deployed in force to try to prevent new clashes.

The choice of Mohamed ElBaradei, announced the previous evening by the official agency Mena and several political and military sources finally struck to the reserves of the party Salafi al-Nour Islamic partner to a coalition mainly composed of parties and secular movements.

The press was convened to the Presidency in the evening in anticipation of an announcement.But the acting president Adly Mansour, appointed by the military in the wake of the overthrow Wednesday, July 3 of president Mohamed Morsi, has let know that it had not taken final decision even if the choice of Mr. ElBaradei remained in its "most logical" eyes.
The Islamists accuse him of being too worldly

Former Director of the International Energy Agency IAEA and Nobel Peace Prize in 2005, Mr. ElBaradei, 71, had been chosen by the secular opposition to be his 'voice' in the post-Morsi transition that opens.

His appointment at the head of the Government would provide to the transition, which is taking place under a "roadmap" drawn up by the army, the guarantor of a personality internationally known, farms democratic convictions.

It may on the other hand pointing the Islamists from all sides, whether they are or supporters of Mohamed Morsi, who accuse him particularly to be more popular in the salons of Cairo and the Egyptian campaigns. "Mr. ElBaradei is a personality tehnocratique, who is not able to stop the cleavage that prevails in the street," said a senior official of al-Nour, Nader Baqqar told AFP.
Further protests expected

Whatever it is, the next head of Government will have a heavy mission. He will inherit a country on the edge of bankruptcy, whose political divisions translates into deadly clashes, and will also have to prepare for legislative and presidential elections at a yet undetermined date.

Sunday should also be marked by new rallies of the two camps, who intend to keep the pressure of the street for or against the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi. The anti-Morsi include gather in their usual on Tahrir square in the city centre, while the camp of former president already for several days the outskirts of Cairo University, in the District of Giza and a large square in front of a mosque in Nasr City, a suburb of the capital.

In the Northern Sinai near the town of El Arish, a pipeline carrying gas to the Jordan has been the target of a bomb attack early Sunday morning, for the first time since almost a year, said witnesses told AFP. This attack is added to the outbreak of violence that has already killed 37 Friday, including several police officers and a soldier in the Sinai.

Since their beginning June 26, the clashes were more than 80 deaths in the country. The Islamists, who denounced a "military coup d'Etat" and the establishment of a "police state" have promised to stay in the streets until the return of Mohamed Morsi, first president elected democratically in the country.
Morsi detained by the army

An influential preacher Youssef al-Qaradaoui, mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood which is from Mr. Morsi, said "null and void" his dismissal in a fatwa.US president Barack Obama "reiterated that the United States do (...) "support any (...) particular Egyptian group" in the country more divided than ever.

In this tense context, Adly Mansour took Saturday from talks with the Army Chief, general Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, new strongman of the country, as well as with Mr. ElBaradei and representatives of Tamarrod, the movement which was launched June 30 popular protests against the Islamist president prior to his testimony.

After having ousted the Islamist president arguing that it was not able to resolve the crisis politics, the army and the new authorities have launched a campaign targeting the Muslim brothers.Mohamed Morsi, accused by his critics of power, is owned by the army, and the Guide supreme Mohamed Badie is the subject, with eight other leaders of the brotherhood, of a charge of "incitement to murder". The number two of the brotherhood, Khairat al-Chater, was arrested.
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