How TENS Units Help Get Rid of Labor Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a magical feeling a woman can ever experience. It is true that pregnancy brings joy, but it also brings anxiety, fear, nervousness, and labor pain.

Psychological support from family helps expecting moms stay happy, but what about labor pain? 

When it comes to controlling labor pains, would-be moms have many options. However, many pregnant women are not aware of natural or drug-free alternatives. If you wish to have natural childbirth but are anxious about dealing with labor pains, try TENS units.

This post further explains how TENS unit helps you control labor pain. Read on!

NOTE: Consulting with your doctor or medical expert is crucial before undergoing any pain management.

What is TENS Unit?

TENS expands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, a hand-held electrotherapy device that has been around for years and proved its effectiveness for natural pain relief including labor pains.

For pregnant women, it is a viable option to get rid of labor pain at later stages of pregnancy and early phases of labor. TENS units relieve pain by generating controllable low-voltage electric current. According to the theory, electrical stimulations by TENS devices increase the production of endorphins to offer the body with natural painkillers.

Talking about the effectiveness of TENS unit in treating labor pains, a UK consumer choice magazine, Which? conducted a survey in March 2014. The survey revealed that 68% of women said TENS provided effective or very effective pain relief.  

TENS devices usually come wired and wireless. TENS units with wires operate on electricity, while wireless TENS machines are battery-powered.

Now, let’s check out the benefits.

Benefits of Using TENS Unit

  • No side-effects because TENS Units are safe to use.
  • TENS provides non-invasive pail relief.
  • No restrictions on your body movement during usage.
  • No need to go anywhere else, use it to treat your labor pain by yourself at your home.

When to Use TENS Unit?

Use of TENS unit from the very beginning of labor pain yields effective results. Whenever you feel regular contractions or backaches, use a TENS device to get relief. Many midwives do not recommend using TENS if you have established labor.

Further, you may require to take off the TENS pads in case your baby’s heart has to be monitored electronically because TENS pads could disturb the signals to the monitoring machine. However, never start using TENS without consulting your doctor.

Let’s see how to use TENS unit to control labor pains.

How to Use TENS Unit?

Make sure the pins are connected to get the constant power supply in case you are using wired TENS machine. If you are using wireless TENS device, make sure it is fully charged.

  • Clean the areas of skin by rubbing recommended alcohol, and let it dry to get better grip of pads.
  • Place two of the pads on both sides of your spine with the tops at bra-strap level.
  • Place the other two lower down at the level of the dimples on your lower back.
  • Switch on the TENS unit and control signal strength as per your comfort.
  • To get better relief, use boost button at the peak of each contraction.
  • Do remember to turn off the boost button when contraction has over.
  • Moving around in the course of labor aids you to feel in control and makes TENS more effective.
  • Do not use when in the shower.
  • Avoid using while sleeping.
  • Do not place electrodes on the broken or irritated skin.
  • Women with metallic implants should avoid using TENS unit.
  • Do not use when driving a car.
  • Avoid using before the 37th week of your pregnancy unless recommended by your doctor.
  • Keep TENS device off before applying or removing the electrodes.

Precautions When Using TENS Unit

Over to You

TESN units, without a doubt, produce effective results if used properly. Besides, it is crucial to follow what you doctor or health expert says.

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