When It's Time To Replace Your Water Line

By Tom

It's a wonder that no matter how much water comprises 60-70% of the human body, we're just wired to need more. True enough, we have to replenish the water we lose daily through our bodily functions. But more than the amount we take in, it's just our human nature to include clean and fresh water in our lives.

The quality of water that enters our home is imperative to our humanity. Even if there's water available from various natural resources, we depend on the ones we derive from our water pipes the most. We use our bathtubs and showers, toilet fittings, faucets and sinks, and hot water tanks to our convenience.

This reality that no matter we succumb ourselves to the beauty of the beach, lakes, and seas, living without water pipelines would be tough. In turn, we now realize how and why the plumbing industry had prospered over the years - our pipe maintenance. 


Back ToTaking Care Of Our Water Pipes

If you are used to having fresh water available to you at any time, you have to make sure that you sustain your home's pipeline. Somewhere along the road, it will wear and tear. Because signs and symptoms may take weeks, months or years before they appear, there is a higher risk of damage when we delay tuning this plumbing system up. Hence, we've come up with some hints on whether or not your water line needs some rescuing.

1. Nope, It's Not Your Spray Tan.

There's discoloration in your tap water, and for sure, you're not happy. Any signs of dirt and impurities in your water source should matter because contaminants can cause diseases and allergies you wouldn't want your family to get. If this happens only when your hot water tank is on and not when you're consuming cold water, you may call a plumber to check your water heating system. For everything else, call Pete the Plumber to fix those old, corroded pipes.

2. No Pressure!

A drop in water pressure can affect your household terribly and cause more damage than you can imagine. Do not waste time, because you may be wasting water all along. You may do some troubleshooting by checking whether the low water pressure happens all throughout the house or just in an isolated area, or whether it happens on mixed, cold or hot valves. 

Hopefully, you know where your Pressure Reducing Valve is. Turning this valve clockwise tightens its screw and increases water pressure. Turning it counterclockwise will loosen the screw and decrease the water pressure. Try adjusting this valve and see if changes happen. Otherwise, call an expert Calgary plumber to fix the issue right away. 


3. Skyrocketing Water Bill

If all of a sudden your water bill increased and stay on that level without you changing your usage, you may have to call Calgary plumbing experts to check things any underlying cause, such as a leakage or low efficiency.  



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