Key Traits that Health and Safety advisors Need to have.

By jack

The job of a health and safety advisor is vital to various industries. They are the people that make sure everything in a business is up to code on health and safety policies. The advisor's job is to identify the various risks, analyse the cause of the risk and how to fix it, and then to enforce and train the staff and customer on how to solve the problem or maintain stable conditions if the risk cannot be completely eliminated. 

1. Communication Skills

The whole job of a health and safety advisor revolves around communicating with customer and staff. Therefore, it is important to have a good grip on verbal and written communication.

2. Negotiation and Persuasion Skills

If something goes wrong on a work site that you oversee, the job also comes with the duty of enforcing safety practices and regulations.

3. Leadership abilities

This job will require solo work to be done. This means that it is important to be able to work alone without much direction or instruction.  Being able to work without someone micro-managing everything. Other needed leadership skills are initiative. Initiative is especially necessary when it comes to both staff and customers. It is important to do things that should be done, without someone asking you to or telling you to.

4. Organisational skills

Being organised is important because you need to know where everything is and how to access all your resources and equipment.

You should keep a clean and neat work space and keep detailed and organised records. Your notes and records should be dated and explained in detail. Someone should be able to quickly read over your records and know exactly what happened without having to actually be there. It is also important that everything has its own special place and some sort of categorisation such as, alphabetical order.

You should be able to handle having multiple projects going on at the same time without getting anything mixed up or confused.

5. Problem – solving and critical thinking skills

Not only do you have to identify and analyse risk factors and hazards, but you also have the task of coming up with resolutions in accordance with the laws set by the government. Problem solving abilities are good to have when your job consists of identifying and solving problems every day.

6. Observational and Investigative abilities

The identifying and anaylsing portion of the job requires some investigating of the various work sites. It would be an advantage to have the ability to pay attention to details and observe your surroundings.

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