Try Brick Pointing New York To Make An Old Wall Look New

Brick pointing is very important for renovating and repairing old houses. It is the method of applying mortar on the brick joints that are either newly laid or that needs reworking. If the bricks are new, then the method helps in strengthening the structure from becoming weather beaten. But if it is old then the mortars are put for the purpose of repairing the structure. The aging mix usually cracks and disintegrates, so it is removed with the help of a sharp tool and replaced with new mortar of the same composition or something that is similar to the original.

What you need to know

Sometimes an entire wall or an entire structure has to be worked upon because it is difficult to point out the particular defective places and also many of the adjacent places may need repair. The mortar is usually packed in thin layers and applied with the help of a sharp tool to give a smooth and concave look. There is another method called tuck pointing where the process is the same except that the refined pointing is used for decorating a wall rather than repair. The job is simple enough, but it has to be done with care and caution.

Use the right equipment

The right kind of tools can make a lot of difference in the outcome of the pointing. Theycan help you avoid any damage to the brick or the appearance of the wall.  The mix has to be of the right kind to give a seamless appearance to Brick pointing New York. The horizontal joints have to be scraped out by at least ¾ inches for the pointing to be deep and effective. Using electric grinders should be avoided because unless you have a trained hand the brick is likely to be seriously disfigured.

Removing the old putting

Once you have carefully removed the mortar from the horizontal sides, it is time for the vertical joints. Try not to hit the edges of the bricks below or above so that they don’t get disfigured. A sharp painter’s tool can be used for the purpose. All the debris has to be cleared away with a stiff brush before beginning brick pointing queens ny. You also need to check if the blade of the trowel to be used for putting the mortar fits the joint. If it does not, then you will have to shape its end.

Fill in with mortar

Before starting you will need to wet the wall thoroughly so that water starts dripping from it. You will have to wait for a day before filling the joints with mortar to allow the moisture to be soaked in so that the drying and filling take place nicely. You can mist the brick a second time before filling the joints with it. It helps the mortar to stay in place and fill in better. Be sure to eliminate any of the voids while filling the spaces with mortar. A lot of water needs to be used so that the mortar dries gradually and does not crack easily.

Brush and clean

Once the initial voids have been filled with the mix, it is necessary to fill the heads of the joints so that it gives a smooth finish to the wall. Don’t forget to scrape away excess mortar so that it does not cake up and make the wall look ugly. Once the mix appears firm to touch, it is time to give it a final brush. Brush it diagonally so as to remove any of the dried mortar crumbs that may hang on the wall. Never brush it along the lines of the mortar because that may bring out the mix and ruin the work.

Let it dry

You will have to sponge the mortar residue carefully away from the brick surfaces. Try to protect it from rain, sun, and wind for the next three days so that it can dry properly. You will need to mist the walls and the mortar regularly so that it does not dry up fast enough to cause cracks quickly. The process is easy enough, and anyone with the right tools can do it to save a wall from getting damaged.    

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