What makes a person a reasonable candidate for LDN

What makes a person a reasonable candidate for LDN

What is precisely Low Dose Naltrexone? How does this medication work?

LDN functions by increasing endorphins, the chemicals produced by the brain and adrenal glands, which reduce pain. It modifies the body's immune response and improves the sense of wellness. Studies have revealed that LDN, when taken before sleeping, attaches to opioid receptors, momentarily blocking the attachment of endorphins. This sends signals to the body to boost the production of endorphins, which improves the activity of macrophages, stem cells, and different immune cells. This directs researchers to conclude that LDN might play a significant role in supporting the body fight disease.

In lower doses, naltrexone binds to the brain’s endorphin receptors, and this effect lasts for almost six hours before it wears off. There is a broad range of various conditions that can be managed using low-dose naltrexone.

These are only some of the most prevalent types of diseases that can be treated using low-dose naltrexone. Several other conditions might also benefit from naltrexone in moderate doses. You can communicate with your doctor about your medical problems to decide whether low-dose naltrexone can make your life better.



How would you know that you are a good candidate for Low Dose Naltrexone?

Patients undergoing mental health issues, inflammation, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and different problems might benefit from using low-dose naltrexone. But this does not imply that everyone experiencing these conditions can be a suitable candidate for LDN.

For instance, patients coping with hepatitis and liver failure do not prove to be good candidates for low-dose naltrexone therapy. People taking Wellbutrin, hydrocodone, Suboxone, morphine, ibuprofen, Cymbalta, or Methadone might also not be suitable candidates for LDN because of the high risk of interactions associated with these medicines.

Low-dose naltrexone can just be used if your doctor prescribes it. So if you are curious about learning more regarding you are candidacy for LDN therapy, you can talk to your physician or contact Harbor Compounding Pharmacy to communicate your needs.



How does a person taking LDN therapy feels like?

One of the major advantages of low-dose naltrexone is that it enhances the production of endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones that are responsible for the feel-good response of the body. As the body produces increased levels of endorphins, the mood and overall quality of life improve.

When you feel healthy, you might notice that signs of depression and stress decrease. Overall, low-dose naltrexone makes you feel well on a day-to-day basis.


Role of compounding pharmacies in providing Low Dose Naltrexone

The FDA has not yet approved the use of low-dose naltrexone for any condition other than drug addiction, including opioid abuse and alcoholism. However, in lower doses, this medicine could benefit patients undergoing many complex medical conditions.

Because LDN is not approved by FDA for off-label treatments, the only way to take naltrexone in lower doses is by getting your prescription filled by a compounding pharmacy such as Harbor Compounding Pharmacy. Compounding pharmacies work uniquely from standard pharmacies. They develop or compound drugs intended to meet your particular needs.

For instance, if your doctor prescribed you 2mg of low-dose naltrexone, services of a compounding pharmacy would be needed to create that particular dose of the medication, as naltrexone is usually available in 50 mg tablets only. Also, if you are incapable of taking tablets orally, different options may be provided to you.

Harbor Compounding Pharmacy will able to compound your LDN into eye drops, sublingual drops, topical lotions, creams, or even liquid dosage forms. The price can range, depending on the dosage form of your low-dose naltrexone. You can chat with your compounding pharmacist to decide which one form of administration suits you the best.



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