How to Reduce your Vehicle's Fuel Consumption

The vast bulk in emerging economies have been projected to face a near tripling of the number of cars on the planet Earth from 2010 to 2050. With such an expected increase in the number of vehicles as well as car fuel consumption, it is of great importance to bring in the different ways of improving on fuel economy. Fuel economy is important because the amount of fuel consumed by carsis a worldwide challenging phenomena.Car owners are seeking for ways of reducing the car’s fuel consumption. Up to present day, the price of car fuel continues to rise whereas many car drivers are making serious researches on how to reduce the amount of money they spend at all times in filling their gas tanks. When looking for ways of reducing your car fuel consumption, you have to base self on changing the way you drive and also controlling some mechanics in your car.

Major tips to reduce fuel consumption

There exist so many different techniques today which drivers can take on so as to reduce fuel consumption, improve gas mileage thereby saving money.

  • One of the tips to reduce fuel consumption has to do with you re-evaluating all the routes that you often take and choosing the one which would consume less fuel. After re-evaluating the routes, it is wise to take on a route which has less hills, fewer traffic lights as well as traffic congestion even if it is longer. This is because taking a shorter route with hills, many traffic lights as well as traffic congestion will lead to a high fuel consumption.
  • So many drivers just so often neglect to carry out regular car maintenance neither do they properly maintain it the right way. Your vehicle’s mile per gallon rating can be affected significantly when you do not conduct routine maintenance. Refer to the owner’s manual on the frequency of changing your oil filter as well. Do not only keep your tires properly inflated but well aligned so as to reduce fuel consumption.
  • In order to reduce fuel consumption it is advisable to drive manual cars because the cars with stick shift do allow the driver to have greater control over the car’s fuel efficiency.
  • To be noted is the fact that when you are pulling a trailer behind your vehicle, you actually reduce it fuel efficiency as well as when you are storing luggage on top of your vehicle.
  • In order to reduce your car fuel consumption drive below the speed limit especially when you are driving on the interstate highway.
  • Another way of reducing your car’s fuel consumption is to make a reduction in the amount of time you actually spend on the road, if possible stay away from traffics jams.
  • It is advisable for neighbours who often drive on the same road every day to see on coming together so as to start a carpool. This is one of the best ways to conserve fuel as only one vehicle will be on the road. By so doing money is saved in a considerable manner as you shall no longer spend on transportation. If you  should succeed in making arrangements with your neighbours, see on picking out a driver every day or one person drives for a whole week and then passes on to the next. This is a good way of saving fuel consumption thereby reducing the amount of money spend on fuel. Carpools can as well be set up so as to carry the kids to school as well as bring them back home every day.
  • Much car fuel is burnt when you start driving from a slowdown than when you start from a complete stop so instead of slowing down so often on the road for one or more reasons it is best to stop and do whatever you wish before taking off when you are ready. Whenever you come into contact with red lights as well as stop signs it is best to actually stop the car than slowing down to wait. The stopping would greatly help you reduce fuel consumption. And by so doing by the end of the day you have not only saved fuel but have reduced the way you do spend your money. You should not also idle too long, as this would lead to high fuel consumption.

Tips to reduce fuel consumption continues

In tune

There is an improvement on gas mileage by up to 4% by simply getting a tune-up for the first time in years. Fuel economy can be improved by as much as 40% by changing the oxygen sensor should in case the check engine light is staying on.

Take the long way home

The shortest route may be the worst for fuel economy if it does possess hills whereas the alternative is flat. The truth is that the penalty for over climbing hills can not be compensated by the time for going downhill and as a result the flat route can be 20% better in terms of fuel economy even if it seems long. So going the shortest route and climbing hills will lead to a higher fuel consumption.

The road less travelled by

It is a clear fact that congestion leads to higher fuel consumption. So if there is an alternative route which can be taken even if it seems a little longer then it is preferable than having to subject the car to congestion thus burning out much fuel.

The weight

Whenever just 100pounds is added to your car’s weight in the trunk, fuel economy does drags by two percent. Adding weight easily affects small vehicles in a dramatical way as it leads to higher fuel consumption. Nevertheless the weight itself can be on you.

Idle thoughts

Up to a half gallon of fuel is being used by an hour of idling. As a result of this, if you hope sitting for more than one minute, just turn the engine off for fuel economy. Since it does not take a lot of fuel restarting the engine but takes just the amount spend for a few seconds of idling. A good way of fuel economy is avoiding idling because idling actually gets zero miles per gallon. Letting your vehicle idle just for 10seconds uses more gas than that needed to switch off the vehicle and restart it. Never start your car unless you are ready to take off just immediately after starting as this helps in fuel economy and reduce the level of fuel consumption. Remember keeping winter engine warm up to about one minute. This is because the engine easily warms up while the car is operating and even after stopping remains warm.

The following steps will increase fuel efficiency thereby helping you get the most out of all your gas purchases. If you should just try tracking your gas mileage with each and every fill up, at the end you will be surprise seeing how much you could possibly save.

Keep tires properly inflated

Having to drive on four under inflated tires can eventually decrease your gas mileage by 3/10 percent for each and every one pound per square inch drop in the pressure level. In addition proper inflated tires are much safer and do last longer there by assisting to save fuel. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s recommended pressure for your car’s tires which can be found on the driver’s manual as well as on the driver’s side door.

Use recommended grade of motor oil

By using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil, you can eventually improve your gas mileage by 1 to 2%. And this will actually assist in reducing the fuel consumption level of the motor.

Drive sensibly

Aggressive driving which include phenomena like speeding, rapid acceleration and braking does wastes gas. For this can actually lower your gas mileage by 33% at high way speeds and by 5% when around town. So in order to save fuel, aggressive driving should be avoided.

Observe the speed limits

Each vehicle does reach its optimal fuel economy at its own specific speed, gas mileage in a general manner often decreases rapidly at speeds which are above 50mph. So in other to save fuelit is better to use a cruise control to help maintain a constant speed and gear.

Remove excess weight and drag

One of the ways used to save fuel is avoiding the keeping of unnecessary things inside your vehicle and on top of your vehicle. A well loaded roof rack can actually decrease your fuel economy by 5%. Always do your best to move along with little to no additional weights on your vehicle as this would help save fuel.

Consolidate trips

Consolidating trips is a good way to save fuel as combining errands all into just a single trip does saves you time and money. The fact is that several short trips which are taken all from a cold start can actually use twice as much in terms of fuel quantity as would a longer multiple trip which does covers the same distance while keeping the engine warm. See on making a little planning as this would prevent you spending time in retracing your road thereby by spending much fuel.

Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle

A fuel efficient vehicle is of great importance when it comes to fuel economy. In fact the most important decision you would make when buying a vehicle in terms of fuel economy is based on whether it is fuel efficient or not. In order to reduce the amount of money spent on fuel it is important to buy a fuel efficient vehicle.

Don’t drive in the rush hour

There exist few worse places to spend time than to stock in a traffic jam. Travelling in traffic is a very expensive way of travelling. At all times you do stop and restart in the traffic, your car needs first gear as well as a huge amount of fuel to start moving again. For second gear is not much better neither. The best way to handle this is not to travel during rush hours as this would obviously lead to a higher fuel consumption level through traffic jams. Nevertheless, you can try to save some little amounts of fuel by studying the traffic and travelling slowly but in a steady manner. This is better in fuel economy than accelerating and then stopping or having to brake. A hybrid car is much more suitable for you if travelling at rush hours is inevitable. This is because hybrid cars are constructed in a way as to use just little fuel in town as compared to a normal petrol or diesel car.

Don’t push down the accelerator too far

So many people may be surprised by this. But it does not just have to do with which gear you are in. You can actually be in a high gear but still travelling at a sensible and reasonable speed. But if you are pushing down the accelerator a long way so as just to avoid changing in to another gear then there is a higher fuel consumption.

Turn the air conditioning off

It is pretty good allowing the air conditioner on all round the year due to its added advantages of regulating not only the temperature in the vehicle but also stopping windows from misting up in winter. But it should be noted that it does uses quiet a little bit of fuel. Therefore, it is advisable to turn it off the air conditioning when it’s not really hot. 

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