Working Principle of Hydraulic Flow Control Valve

Flow control valves control the flow rate and pressure of liquid fluids or gases by a pipeline. Flow control valves are required for optimizing system execution, depending on a flow way or port with an unsteady flow area. Here is a glance at the role of hydraulic flow control valves, the several kinds, and parts, how they run, and some primary considerations in selecting the proper hydraulic flow control valve for precise use.

The Role of Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

A flow control valve points to control the flow rate in a particular part of a hydraulic circuit. In hydraulic systems, they control the flow rate to motors and cylinders. Thereby preventing the rate of those elements.

Hydraulic flow control valves also analyze the rate of energy variation at a given force. This is based on the physics theory circling work, strength, and energy.

The energy transfer must be similar to the actual work done. Because the actuator rate defines the flow rate of energy transfer, speed is the flow rate. Directional control valves work a distinct goal, guiding the energy transfer system to a suitable location at the usual time. Still, some pressure and flow rate control may be executed using directional control valves, as they can restrict the flow rate of liquid.

How Hydraulic Flow Control Valves Work

There is a type of flow control valve device, with most meant for precise uses. Therefore, knowing how hydraulic flow control valves work is vital in choosing the right valve for service. The most basic kinds of liquid or gas flow control valves hold: 

  • Ball
  • Diaphragm
  • Needle
  • Butterfly
  • Plug

The most accessible flow control valves have an opening that begins or stops to boost or slow down the flow rate. Ball valves are among the easiest choices. It holds a ball connected to a handle. The ball has a hole in the center, and when the handle is twisted, the hole is arranged with valve openings to enable the flow. To shut off the flow, the grip is used to turn the space vertical to the valve openings, which prevents the flow.

Other valve types perform likewise with some device for either allowing or checking the flow. A butterfly valve, for example, has an inner metal plate connected to a turning tool. The plate opens or closes when the device is applied. Needle valves, which are amid the clearer valve choices, have a flexible needle and a valve stem that limits or lets liquid flow. The hand can be set to block the flow of fluid effectively, let the free flow of fluid, or partly stop the flow to differing degrees, letting for vaster and more direct control over the flow rate.

Many management choices vary from simple to sophisticated when it gets to hydraulic circuits, including hybrids that couple hydraulic valve actuation with complex electronic controls. These choices involve:

  • Orifices
  • Flow controls
  • Bypass flow controls
  • Demand-compensated flow regulators
  • Pressure-compensated, variable flow valves
  • Pressure- and temperature-compensated, variable flow valves
  • Superiority valves
  • Deceleration valves
  • Flow dividers
  • Rotary flow dividers
  • Equivalent flow-control valves
  • Pressure-compensated equivalent flow-control valves
  • Proportional flow-logic valves

Orifices serve the most naive hydraulic flow control valve option, in which an orifice is put in line with a pump, either as a fixed orifice or a calibrated needle. Preventing the orifice ends in a reduction or obstructed flow.


Therefore, this is how the hydraulic flow control works under the specific principle. Here you will get the best flow control devices that will precisely regulate the flow of liquid fluid. Thus, get these control valves from us and enjoy our services. 

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