How to increase traffic to your business by blogging

Are you using blogging platforms to increase your online presence? With many free online platforms today, gaining a following online has become a lot easier. No online platform establishes a more authoritative presence compared to a well written article that articulates exactly what your business offerening is. A blog or a well written article immediately indicates professionalism and seriousness.

            The vast nature of the web makes blogging appear to be some farfetched concept to some starters and they see it as just a waste of time.      The theory is that if you are an information marketer – or, if you publish information to establish your expertise in a niche industry or field – blogging should be part of your publishing arsenal to help increase traffic to your business.

            A business blog is a platform from which to seek out ventures, lobby, network, and influence sales. It’s a way to circumvent traditional media and analysts. And blogging can be done instantly at anytime and of course in real time, at a fraction of the cost of using traditional channels.

            Blogs may not generate direct cash flow or provide an immediate ROI, but they are typically seen as a medium to raise awareness on a product offering in order to gain a competitive edge against competitors and also to increase visits to a business.

            Most unsuccesful bblogs typicallly fall into one of the following. They are a mix of rambling facts without a coherent marketing message, streams-of-consciousness here and there about a particular topic of interest to the author, but largely ignore detailed and reliable facts a user might be looking for.

            Most blogs are usually an author’s journal or diary. This material is certainly irrelevant to anyone looking for hard facts, but unless you are some celebrity, then your 150 twitter characters should always suffice as a detailed enough fact. For someone who is unknown in an industry, it is hard to imagine your blog reaching more than a dozen people a day if there isn't enough meat on it. That will not be enough to raise a significant traffic to your business that will bring an admirable ROI.

           Well written blogs with a density of meaningful and related words also attract significant traffic from search engines.

           Having a blog where users can subscribe to new entries does help to attract more online traffic. Users get notified of a new article and would be interested in reading your post. Subscription also helps to get and retain your users.  If a reader has to go out and proactively look for a published item on your blog, users might be turned away if your postings are irregular and unscheduled as they no way of knowing when a new post gets added.

            One big advantage of blogs is that they help pull traffic to your business site. “Search engines like content and since blogs generate lots of text content, search engines will bring you the juice. What is also key is getting your content appear in the top 10 and that is easy to get if you publish new and original content often.

            With blogs, anyone can create content and have it live in an instant. And that’s another one of my complaints with blogs in particular and the Web in general: the ease with which people can post and disseminate content. “The best thing about the Web is that anyone can publish on it; the worst thing about the Web is that anyone can publish on it,” a computer magazine columnist once observed.

            The problem is that there is already too much content, and we don’t want or need more. Analysis, wisdom, insight, advice, strategies, ideas – yes. But raw information, data, or content – no. And from what I can see, blogs serve up almost none of the former, and tons of the later.

            Blogs are, by virtue of being a form of online diary, like diaries: rambling, incoherent, and more suited for private thoughts than public consumption.      

            Even bulletin boards are interactive, so they have value by virtue of shared opinions, dialogue, and engaging conversation which may be listened to openly and publicly.

            Although most blogs seem to be the private idiosyncratic musings of an individual, without censure or editing of any kind, that should not prevent you from running a blog and getting word about your business out there.

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