Cosmetic Dentistry: 5 Common Procedures and It’s Benefits

If you are ever dreaming of Hollywood-inspired smile, have you ever thought how to achieve that? Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street is compulsory for fulfilling long desire. Only they are experienced to accompany you to attain an impressive, sparkling and beautiful smile by determining your dental needs.

Sometimes, the dentist can throw you with a number of cosmetic dentistry options to choose from for the beautification of your smile. What will you do then for coming up with an apt choice? Read on this blog to gain basic knowledge about some common cosmetic dentistry solutions for making the decision at least for your smile.   

  1. Tooth bleaching

For rapid transformation, tooth bleaching acquires the eyeball of lots of people worldwide. But, it is outstanding for the people who just deem for slight brightening of the teeth and those who don’t expect much from these artificial dental procedures. Due to its cost-efficacious, one can easily undergo it either at home or at the dental clinic.

In spite of your choice, undergoing the treatment at dental clinic is always wise and advisable. This is so; because sometimes OTC (over-the-counter) bleaching agents fail to attain the satisfactory level of the people who have opted for it.   

  1. Enamel bonding

If you have deeply chipped or stained teeth then only you are eligible to undergo dental bonding procedure. It makes use of the material of composite bonding which is much identical to that of the one used during whitish dental filling procedure.

Interestingly, the preferred material is mouldable and thereby can be reshaped into any form for fitting your teeth snugly. However, it possesses a downline too and that is its longevity. Its life-span is not as long as dental veneers which make the people to choose veneers over this procedure.

  1. Dental veneers

Veneer is regarded as the gold standard procedure in cosmetic dentistry for over decades. It involves the usage of thin porcelain shell for covering the teeth surface. But preparatory steps are equipped with it, which have to be followed for obtaining the benefits in its best possible way.

At first the enamel will be filled gently for taking an impression which is to be sent to the dental lab lately for the creation of custom-made veneers. Initially temporary veneer is provided to the patients until the permanent one becomes ready to serve you. Apart from dealing with partially-fractured or chipped teeth, veneer is excellent to tackle the darkly-stained teeth that won’t get removed by bleaching too.

  1. Invisalign braces

Most of the people have a wrong conception that brace is only for treating the dental problems in kids. Over time it has been proven incorrect with the inception of adult braces i.e., Invisalign.

Soon, a large number of people have chosen to correct their smile issue with braces and surprisingly onlookers can’t trace them into your mouth as well. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it eradicates the painful misalignment correction procedure and it seems to be a worthy investment to restore your attractive smile.  

  1. Enamel abrasion

It is another method for the removal of discolouration using micro-abrasion machinery loaded with fine pumice to treat the teeth surface stains. It proves to be highly effective in dealing with the superficial stains resulted from consumption of coffee, soda, wine and tobacco products.

However, it will fail terribly if you try it out for treating intrinsic stains or the one that seeped into the teeth already. Consultation with the cosmetic dentist is always recommended to determine the best procedure for removal of the stains assessing its type.   

Get the best cosmetic dentistry at Smile Works Dental

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