7 Ways to Stop Overthinking Problems

A lot of us tend to overthink problems whenever we encounter them. We focus a lot on analyzing then reanalyzing the situation instead of just focusing in life and find solutions to problems. Whenever you try to overthink your current situation, it is actually a waste of time. The time spent thinking is actually just procrastination. Here are 7 ways to stop overthinking problems and become more of a realist by actively solving problems instead of just relying on thoughts.

1. Ask for support from friends but don’t rant about it

It is irritating to listen to people who just vent out their frustrations without actually working on a solution that will solve their respective problems. People who are doing this are just trying to attract attention in order to get sympathy from other people. Getting sympathy is not really a bad thing but the manner of how were you able to get sympathy from people is what matters most. If people sympathized with you after you posted a long rant in social media is just classless. You might as well confide to your friends and family in a private manner and their sympathy will be the most sincere out there.

2. Learn to forgive and forget

There are instances when a problem of yours is brought upon by a third party and this would often lead to anger or a huge disappointment towards that person/s. The feeling of anger and disappointment is a major stress factor most especially when it is suppressed. As long as you keep that negative feeling then there is a great chance that the problem would endlessly bother you. This is why it is important to learn to forgive people for whatever wrong they have done unto you. This is a great human virtue that once embodied by a person will help them easily stop overthinking issues.

 3. Have an effective distraction

There is that time of the day wherein the time for rumination would kick in. Take note of this time and insert an activity that will keep you busy for the time being. This is an effective way for you to avoid thinking of your problems and it would be much better if you pick an activity that will make you productive as well or otherwise it would just be a different form of wasting time. The act of avoiding problems overthinking should not be perceived as a way of escaping the problem but instead a method to discourage overthinking and promote acting up on a solution.

4. Listen to other people’s advice and take cue from other people’s approach

No problem in this world is so unique that you are the only one that has ever encountered it. This is why you should not just shoulder all of the stress by overthinking because you can also try listening to other people’s advice most especially the ones who were able to encounter the same problem or something close to it. Learn from them instead of contemplating on your own. There would be a lot of time saved this way.

5. Overthinking does not accomplish anything so better get moving

When you achieve something, you never look back at it on how were you able to think of it but rather on how were you able to pull it off. A thought is just a figment of a person’s imagination until action is done then that’s when there would be what we call as progress. This is why we should spend more time doing something for our problems rather than waste hours thinking over it.

6. Become a person of action and not just ideas

The reason why there are so many thoughts that cloud your brain is because some of them are simply ideas that are just waiting to happen. If you try to get rid of these ideas then you are able to save some space inside your brain. Whenever you overthink problems, you think of ways and possibilities that could happen out of the problem and all of these are also thoughts. The only way to get rid of these thoughts is by being a doer and not just a thinker. If you put all of these ideas and thoughts into action then the problems or issued get solved in one way or another. The ideas are also brought into life and they finally left your brains as they materialize.

7. There are things that are out of your control

You cannot control everything that goes on in this world and you must accept this as a fact. The reason why some people overthink is because they are afraid of failures or struggles. They tend to overthink the situation or issue so that the result would fall to their advantage. However, there are factors that are beyond our control and we should learn to acknowledge the risks that we make out of our decisions and actions. Simply put, just think of your decisions and actions then deal with the results. If they end up as a negative one for you then consider it as a learning experience in order to do much better next time around.

This is actually easier said than done but it is completely a mind over matter concept. Once you put a conscious effort in avoiding overthinking problems and issues in life then it becomes natural for you sooner or later. This may not happen overnight and you may tend to suffer setbacks by overthinking every once in a while but as long as you are dead serious on stopping the habit then it will eventually come. You may in fact end up as a better person once you get rid of the overthinking habit as your thoughts become well-processed and you would not have to suffer stress from dealing with too many thoughts inside your head. Once you achieve your goal, thinking without overdoing it would already come as natural as it gets.


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