How can Women Managers be More Successful?

The world is coming to a period where female are trying so hard to dominate positions once dominated by men. And one of these positions is a Manager. A manager is the forefront to any business or company just as the director is. A manger is responsible for implementing all the daily activities as well as feedbacks of each employee in the company. Recently, women are the most likely to be managers of any company most especially as the age. This can mainly be explained by how women perceive the situations around them. It is worth noting a good sense of perseverance is worth millions. Men on their part don’t have this sense of perseverance as such they turn to give up things so early on. Women perceive even better as they age (usually between their 40’s and 50’s)

One very important fact women perceive is that, in the world today, women are usually less considered in many activities as positions as such when any one of them gets to that position, she will think of working as hard as twice or thrice as male managers do so as to be looked upon as one of a kind.  We can all see that working under a male manger requires many hours of serious hard work which is not the same as with female mangers. Female employees would rather prefer female bosses in many cases but this also got it disadvantages (see woman boss below). While being engaged, working under a male boss can be very burdensome.

To sum up this introduction, it is essential to understand that women managers are really good career managers than men. And we all know the better person always attracts the better stuffs. To continue, we are going to look at a few topics why women managers are the most successful.

Women Management

Women management is a very essential process in the work place. Women management is similar to career management as it seeks to bring in an upward movement in success rate. Women management is a supervisory process which requires either female or male bosses. No matter what ever the job is, as far as it requires supervisory principles you will always be provided with the best way to manage yourself as a woman. I will illustrate this with an example; consider you are a model. You should already know that being a model (female model) we all need female bosses or even male boss with female behavior as actions to supervise you so that in the case of choosing your cloths of choice for the show, he/she won’t insist on giving you a different choice of which you don’t like. By so doing, he/she is carrying out his/her managerial duties rightly while allowing you to manage your career too. This is exactly what women management is about.

For women management to be considered a success, each and every woman whether as the manager or employee, is required to be able to control herself in and out of the workplace or school, make decisions on where to work, be able to control the type of education you had need to advance yourself, be able to control the path through which she goes or enters, as well as how high she wants to go. Looking at this, it can be said that women management is an important factor as career management is because it highlights the various processes each and every women manger or even male managers and husbands or parents should consider for the for the successful management of women.

Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is a vital process in our economies today because it is a steam or work force driving process. Effective leadership can therefore be considered as the engine of every company, business, associations or what so ever that requires planning. The world has argued with some great sayings like “great leaders are not made but they are rather born”. Of course great leaders are naturally born but this should not deceive you that great leaders are not made. It follows that many people were born being gifted with some extraordinary talents or abilities. But this does not signify you who are born not being gifted cannot make yourself to be one of the best in the world. The solution to this is based upon one’s perception of his/her surrounding with regards to the real world. It is likewise worth to note that even a naturally born hero will need to exercise himself to be at the level to be called a true hero. In the same way even a “no naturally born person” will also need to exercise to get to the top but with a greater precision than a naturally born hero. The main thing to worry about is never to compare your leadership qualities with another because effective leadership or leadership qualities differ much.

To be considered an effective leader with effective leadership skills, one need some qualities the tips below will illustrate these qualities.

  • Try assessing yourself;  this is one of the first step to becoming an effective leader because every leader must know his/her short comings as well as take stocks of his/her personal strength. You can ask yourself certain questions in order to know your area of strength and weakness. Some of which include questions like what you really love to do, what you are really good at, how you can achieve that, as well as what you hate doing or what your area of weakness is. By identifying your area of weakness and improving on it either through learning, hiring someone to work for your area of weakness.
  •  High degree of perception; many effective leaders are usually highly perceived by their employees, colleagues or in some sense, their peers. Yes of course for those who have been working with you for over three months would have got a clue about your behavior. Effective leaders are always seen as being positive. You can also notice what they perceive of you through questions like; why do my team members react around me so normally, why do my team members keep talking whenever I enter the room no matter my being their boss and so on. The answer is very clear that it is because you are an effective leader. They feel at peace and harmony  being with you.
  • Capable of responding to the group’s or colleague’s needs; every perceptive leader will be able to know the needs of his colleagues or team and be able to satisfy them. The thing is some people actually value effectiveness and trust on creativity while some other do so in communication abilities. As such to build a team will be easier if you can trace out what the values and goals your team players are in need of from you as their leader as well as you knowing their own values and goals.
  • Knowing the purpose of your organization; every effective leader must know the purpose of his/her organization as well as all necessary strategies which have been agreed in order to achieve the goals of the organization. As an effective leader, it is vital to know in full all that could be said both in and out of your organization. You must also know the rules of each player in helping your organization achieve its goals.

Female Leaders

Nowadays, with emergence in women empowerment and some other associations which promote women development as well as encouraging women to go to school, it is not surprising to see female leaders today. Female leaders today have pass through a serious of trial and errors to be at what they are today. The majority of these female leaders are millionaires and a few of them are billionaires. Some may ask what actually these female leaders possess that gave them the possibilities to become so successful. The answer is, there is no difference between their success from those of men, it all depends on one’s perceptions and beside female leaders perceive better than men when they are around their 40’s and 50’s. Female leaders are widely spread in areas such as in design, fashion, entertainment as well as sciences and politics.

Below is a list of some of the female leaders of all time;

  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Angela Merkel
  • Julia Gillard
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Benazir Bhutto
  • Empress Theodora
  • Queen Ang Mey
  • Anna Brockway
  • Melody McCloskey
  • Rachel Rutherford
  • Julia Hartz
  • Catherine Power
  • Queen Amina of Zoria
  • Empress Anna Ivanova



Managerial Positions

There are countless managerial positions nowadays that many young guys and girls have been dreaming of occupying one. If you are one of those youngsters who dream of achieving a managerial position, then surely you are well aware of the competition out there awaiting you. Even though the number of managerial positions that are available around the world is huge, it cannot counter balance the huge number of management and economics students who enroll or graduate per year from around the year. For one such managerial position, it requires that before one obtains that position by interview, he/she must be very talented, or be well prepared due to the competitive nature of the interviews to get to that managerial position. Some of the managerial positions we include; general manager, sales manager, Leader, Project manager, human resource manager, product manager, Engineering manager, supervisory manager and so on.

Qualities of a Good Manager

The work places today are a place with different sets of people from different backgrounds and ethnic groups. It is not surprising that some of these people still have their old and poor quality which does not suit the company or business. Beside it is important to note that the manger is the forefront of every company as such he/she must have certain qualities which suit the company’s reputations. Every manager is required to have good qualities which can push the company forth and nothing less than that. There are a lot of qualities of a good manager but only a few of them will be discussed here. Also the qualities of a good manger can be categorized into Personal, communication as well as business and relationship qualities or characteristics.

Personal qualities of a good manager

There are a lot of items which one can use to improve his/herself which in turn can alter his/her interaction with other positive.  A manger with good personal qualities is worth noting to many people which in turn influences them to follow him or her. Some of the personal characteristics or qualities include; self-motivated dependability or reliability, integrity, flexible, optimistic as well as calmness and confidence.

Business qualities of a good manager

In most cases, no matter whether you may be able to make a deal as a professional deal maker or not, being familiar with your business or company principles and practices can be very helpful because it suffices that each manger even before getting to the level of a professional deal maker should have to me level of business acumen. Some of the qualities of a good manger with respect to his/her business are; knowledge of the business or industry, know when delegation is required, being organized, understands basic money management principles, knowing how your business hierarchy works as well as legal implications such as proper firing and hiring practices, sexual harassment in work place.

Communication qualities of a good manager

It is a responsibility for every manager to communicate effectively. As a manager, you need to develop these qualities as parts of your efforts in order to manage your business successfully. Some of these qualities to develop include; speaking in public (public speaking), written communication, active listener, well-structured feedbacks, be specific when giving instructions as well as being a good presentation organizer.

Relationship qualities of a good manager

A good manager knows that relationship is what drives a business to the top. As a manger, you will have to build a lot of relations such as building a relationship between you and your subordinates, you and your team or those working under you; you are those working above you and so on and so forth. Some of the qualities of a good manager with respect to relationship include; providing customer services, being a good mediator, a team player, as well as being respectful and collaborative.

Woman Boss

Woman boss are females at high or prestigious positions in their various jobs or careers. Woman boss just like man boss are not really different. They mainly turn to be different in areas where a better perspective is required for their business or company. Woman boss can be a director, manager, supervisor, dean, chief executive officer, minister, governor and many others. But the woman boss we shall be dealing here with is a woman manger. Although woman boss is good than man boss, it is not surprising that being a female employee under a woman boss can be as bad as a bad nightmare. This is so because to become a woman boss, you will need to work your guts out all day long- let me say as twice or thrice as man boss does just to get to that position. As such a woman boss will require each and every female employee under her to do the same as she did which might not sound possible or good to some of the females as most of them are engage and so require less work in the office so as to be able to help their husbands and families back home on household chores. A woman boss is not a type of boss for a female worker to mess with thinking she is your sister, your mum or there is some family hood to get to the next level through her without working. No I bet you won’t succeed to get there, the queen bee is on the throne, you have to march through the same competition she march as men do before you can get there.

But where we aim at is “How Can Women Managers be More Successful?”

There is only one answer to this question which is “Effective”. Women managers are more successful because of their effective and hard work (taking on initiatives and there after driving results) in their business or companies. Their effectiveness in the work place can be better illustrated accordingly as follows below;

Women are Better Communicators than Men; Women turn to listen more than men do which is one of the big ups in managing employees and customers in today’s world. This is so because men rather love taking actions rather than being discussion oriented as women do. The truth is men prefer to communicate through activities which in most cases are a short coming because every worker will like to give a point of view which to him will be in need of a positive feedback and so too do customers want emphasis on their problems.

Women are better builders of the community; women mangers give many the rights to know what to do at the right time as such making them more consensus leaders. This is not true with men; men just want to keep directing each and every one on what to do or not to do. As such we can see how authoritarian managers (men) are being replaced by more collaborative and well connected managers (women) because she leads by collaborative building rather than through a forceful competition.

Women have Tough business ethics; women managers are able to run their business most especially the small business with fairness than men do while pursuing their goals. This is because running a small business or some kind of small business requires strong ethical values or else one may be pushed askew their own ethical values. In this case only moral ethical codes can be a solution to this and mostly women possess this strong value.

Women have more patience; women have more patience than men do with their workers or employees. As such women are less likely to make quick decisions, or make conclusions as well as take actions too early in their businesses or on their employees. We all know it takes time to grow in size as such the better your patience the more likely you will obtain your success.

Women are better passion activator; they sit and watch your 43 facial muscles just to see how your emotions work. Of course women managers are better on how to activate their employee’s passions. As we all know, passion is loyalty builder, it’s a source of motivation to the employees who in turn may be too passionate about your company and so too your services as well as your products.



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