Dr. Daniel Imperato - Papal Knight Award Vatican City Secretary of State

Dr. Fr. Daniel J.P. Imperato is a responsible global citizen and has done many things to help aid this world to become a better place. He is the recipient of the Papal Knight award with honors from the Vatican. 

Dr. Daniel Imperato has spent time in Rome. In the office of archbishop of the military and vicar of Rome, in Vatican City. He has hands-on experience and knowledge inside the Holy See. And about Italian politics and business affairs. His relationship with Opus Dei, with the apostolic world, and the nuncio Apostolic are laudable.

Mr. Imperato has worked in Israel. He also has a strong connection with the countries within the Arab League and has undergone strategic studies of the region. His relationships in Asia Pacific and India are top-notch. Dr. Imperato’s association with African countries and most of South America is commendable. 

Dr. Daniel J.P. Imperato

Daniel Imperato was a US Presidential candidate in the year 2008. No mission or challenge is too big for him. 

Here is a shortlist of awards and honors Dr. Imperato has received over time.

Awards & Honours

  • Papal Knight Vatican City State - Secretary of State 
  • Knight of Malta - Coptic Order, Grand Cross, Von Hapsburg, Austria & Alexandria Egypt
  • Grand Priorate, USA & Canada
  • Foreign Affairs Humanities - Inter-Religious Dialogue
  • Knight & Friar Orden Bonaria, Madrid, Spain
  • Orden Bonaria, Argentina
  • Orden Bonaria, USA
  • Minister Common Treasury, Orden Bonaria
  • United Nations Representative, Orden Bonaria, NYC
  • Latin American Christian Association, NYC
  • African Center Foundation HIV/AIDS, Board Member - NYC & Lagos, Nigeria
  • New York State Regional Police Chaplain, NYC
  • Licenced Real Estate SalesPerson
  • Former Licensed Mortgage Banker

What is the order of Papal Knight?

The Pontifical orders of knighthood or Papal orders of knighthood are orders of knighthood bestowed in the name of the Pope of the Catholic Church. As the head authority of the Holy See and sovereign of the Vatican City State.

Papal orders of knighthood generally refer to the five equestrian orders of the Holy See. They are directly awarded by the Supreme Pontiff. Here is a list of five orders bestowed upon the worthy.

  • Supreme Order of Christ
  • Order of the Golden Spur
  • Order of Pius IX
  • Order of Saint Gregory the Great
  • Order of Saint Sylvester

Global Exposure Beyond Compare

Dr. Daniel Imperato has built personal relationships around the world in the spheres of business, politics, and religion. He has over 35 years of global business planning and development experience as well. 

Daniel Imperato is a senior strategic thinker and an experienced business advisor. His skills pay by self-increasing revenue and market capitalizations. His diverse mastery and extensive experience across a wide range of products and services make him an exceptionally valuable asset to organizations looking to expand.

Mr. Imperato has introduced several wealthy nationals to rich, well-established foreigners worldwide. With his invaluable experience, he can catapult businesses to a global marketplace.

Chairman & CEO Octobotic Corporation

Dr. Daniel J Imperato is the chairman & CEO of Octobotic Corporation. He is the founding father of AliveAdvisor, a global advisory services company providing businesses to expand worldwide. The company is focused on moving your business to the next level of development.

The founders of AliveAdvisor are humanitarians who are knowledgeable global businessmen, pro se litigators, independent political constitutionalists, and professional speakers. They have the experience and perspective to help your business launch, secure funding, and achieve revenue growth.

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