How to start a Successful Business in ONLY 6 STEPS


The downward reccession of the world's economy is not favoring anybody. If you’re among the few who have been served a layoff notice, there’s no doubt thatvyou might be facing difficulties searching for a job. This may just be the right moment to start a successfull business. While the situation for large business may be tight, smaller businesses are better able to withstand market uncertainties and weather downturns.

The best way to achieve your goals and objective is starting an online business, working for yourself, founding your own business. Working for you got plenty of advantages compared to job hunting. You determine your own hours of work, where you set up your office and also you keep all the profits.

Take this to mind; starting an online business doesn’t imply spending thousands of dollars on setup costs. There are far more cheaper alternatives therefore don’t get suckered into spending huge sum of money on services you really don’t need. With as little as $100 or no money you can start a successful business online (check on How to Start your own online business with NO Money on

If that which is important to you at moment is starting an online business that allows you to live on your terms, you’re on the right page. I will walk you through from business ideas to best business planning and from execution to profitability in this one in a million article. (These are things no one will tell!!)

I want you to understand how to start your own online business or having an online business is not a guarantee to 100 percent success but it is a step in the right direction. You have to freedom to choose projects with respect to your knowledge and expertise skills make money while on vacation, travel whenever you want and buy that fantastic can or house you have always been your dream.

It may take years, hard work, determination and commitment to obtain real success or even longer period to test and perfect your strategies of starting an online business and growing it. Real success is not cheap and there is no short cut to get there…  

That said and done, let me show you the road, strategies, the exact systems, and tactics to real success. READY?

Let’s get the steps on how to start your own online business.

Step 1:  Business Plan

This is a road map document well written to direct the implementation of your business strategies. Successful businesses have a successful business plan. Small businesses can get by with a half-dozen sheets of nicely drafted business plan while large companies can have plans with hundreds of pages. The best practics is to keep it skort and simple because you will need to refer to it more often (monthly) or at least quarterly. Leave a column for putting in monthly reports on sales/manufacturing; this will enable you to track performance as you follow the plan.


A business plan is the first milestone your business most accomplished, and it should gear at answering the following questions:

  • What are the ideas that are most profitable?
  • Will people actually pay?
  • How is your product different?
  • How do you bring in traffic and buyers?
  • How can you set your business on autopilot, to enable it runs on systems instead of on my limited time?


Step 2:   Solve the Right Problem

Here is the trick most people fail to do. First try to find a need and next try to solve that need. It is true that there is always a need of something but what is the percentage of people with that need? The higher the demand (needs) the higher the probability that you will sale.  

Note that, nobody will ever give you money to solve your problems but they’ll love and happily pay you if you help them solve theirs. By focusing on your customers, you’ll immediately stand out (differentiated) in a sea of online businesses that are only looking out for themselves.

What happen if you say; you’re really good at helping friends and relatives with their relationship problems? Instead of just helping people 1-on-1, you may want to help thousands of people. Or you love helping people get in shape and now you want to help as many people as possible get fit.

It’s a huge psychological shift. Once you’ve identified something, you need to know what idea people will pay for, how to sell it without being sleazy and how much to charge.

Only after you have identified these that you starts figuring out how to start your own online business or what kind of online business you want.

To boost your likelihood of success, start with a market. The trick is to find a set of people who are searching for a solution to a common problem, but not finding many results. The internet is a good place for this research:

  • Visit online forums to verify what questions people ask and what problems they're trying to solve.
  • Do keywords research to find keywords that many people are searching, but for which not many sites are competing.
  • Verify other websites that are trying to solve the same problem, (they are your potential competitors), visit their sites and take note of what they're doing to fill the demand. You can use the information to provide a product for a market that already exists but doing it better than the competition.


Step 3: Design and build your website.

There's nothing more off-putting than a poorly designed website, and it often times kills credibility. After you've gotten your market and product, and you've drafted your selling process, then you're ready for your small-business website design. Some important points to keep in mind for your website design:

  • Use one or two plain fonts on a white background.
  • Provide clear navigation links, simple and the same style on every page.
  • Avoid too much use of graphics, audio or video (they make your website slow and therefore not customers friendly). Only use them if they enhance your message.
  • Provide an opt-in offer so you can collect e-mail addresses. This is a great way to follow up with your customers and subscribers by providing them with good offer or similar product to the one they already purchase or offering them discounted price on next purchase.
  • Make it easy to buy; there should be no more than two clicks between potential customer and checkout.
  • Make your website design customers friendly, it is your online storefront.
  • Monetize your website.The most important part of any website monetization strategy is traffic generation. Your website could have the best content in the world but if nobody knows about it won’t generate traffic and you will be unable to make money. The more traffic your site generates, the more the finance it generate to its creator. Therefore, most website owners take more time figuring out new and better ways to drive more traffic than any other activity related to their website.


Step 4:   Find an Affordable Web Host

Your new business website has to reside somewhere. So how can you choose an affordable web host?

Most hosting plans for small businesses offer similar features: such as an unlimited storage space, few gigabytes to 2 terabytes of data transfer per month and support for common databases and publishing systems. They charge between $5 and $15 a month for the service, with a one- or two-year up-front payment contract.

To choose one from the dozens out there; look for reviews from users (preferably recent users), paying particular focus on how fast the host resolves problems and how frequent the service goes down. On the other hand, if you expect big influxes of traffic due to content promotions for example, you'll want to be sure that the host can handle it.

If your business is centre around blogging, you can launch it for free with a hosted service such as one from WordPress. You always have the choice to move to your own Web host later when you outgrow it or are ready for more.


Step 5: Promote Your Website

·         Use search engines optimization (SEO Optimization) to drive traffic (targeted buyers) to your site.

SEO Optimization refers to optimizing your website design (rendering it more accessible) to major search engines such as Google. A good quantity of website traffic (sometimes as much as 90%) will come from Google, and other popular search engines.

You can implement Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It is the easiest way to get traffic to a brand-new site. Pay-per-click advertising has two advantages over other traffic generating methods that wait for the traffic to come to you. First, PPC ads show up on the search pages immediately and faster, and second, PPC ads allow you to try different keywords, different position, as well as headlines, prices and selling approaches. That’s not all, you not just get immediate traffic, but you can use it to identify your best or highest-converting keywords. Thereby enabling you to multiply that keywords throughout your site, which will help your rankings in the organic search results.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy focuses on providing users with contents they find valuable, up to date (fresh) and want to share across their social networks, resulting in increased traffic and visibility. Share of contents, videos and images through social media also influence SEO Optimization efforts in that they always increase relevancy in search results within social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and search engines for example Bing and Google.

Social Media Marketing strategy is effective due to the fact that it:

  • Is cost effective and increases lead generation
  • Provides metrics that give businesses additional target marketing insight
  • brands “Humanizer”  and encourages conversions


Step 6:   Promote Other Sites (Products) for a Fee

  • Google AdSense

Google is a great place for websites owners to start earning money online from their website. The AdSense campaign is free to join and places advertisements on your site based on the content you provide.

For example, if your website about Fashion, Google AdSense will automatically place ads related to the Fashion industry on your website. You are paid a commission each time users click on these links. This is known as a pay-per-click or PPC campaign. Although the revenue you generate for each click may only be a few cents, if your website generates a large amount of traffic, these clicks quickly add up to a respectable pay check.


  • Affiliate Marketing strategy

This is when people advertise specific products on their website and receive a commission each time someone visits their page and click on the product’s link. There are many websites that allows you to give out affiliate products without directly getting into contact with the company selling the products. But as your website grows in popularity and you become more experienced, you may decide to contact major retailers directly for affiliate opportunities. Offer affiliate link, give out commission promptly and this will greatly increase your traffic and thereby your customers.

The key to effective and efficient affiliate marketing strategy is to ensure that any affiliate opportunities you offer on your website are related in some way to the content you are providing to your readers.

Internet changes so fast that one year online equals about ten years in the real world. But the principles of starting an online business and growing a successful online business don’t and haven't changed at all. If you're just about starting an online business, stick to this sequence. But if you've been online awhile, do a quick review, verify and identify if there's a step you have never come around to doing or neglecting in the first place. You can't and shouldn’t go wrong with the basics.

Regardless of the strategy or method you choose, marketing strategy effectiveness and efficiency is more dependent on how you execute.

Taken individually, the majority of the tactics we listed provide limited marketing clout. However, inbound marketing strategy aligns and integrate the heavy-hitters, SEM, SEO Optimization, social media, content marketing strategy, and earned media to provide a well-rounded, cost-effective marketing method that strengthens customer relationships, generates qualified leads and successfully builds brands.


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