Looking for a Life Partner? Tips to finding just the right one

An intimate relationship between two people is often referred to by the term life partner. In a more precise manner, the term life partner refers to a strong bond in which the two individuals involved in the relationship actually commit themselves to continue the relationship for the whole of their life time. Generally a life partner may be someone of the same sex or the opposite sex. Present day use of the term life partner is mostly applied to same sex relationships. Moving around the world it is easily noticed that most life partners do cohabit together.  There exist a legal recognition in countries like the United States, France, Norway and Germany for life partners committed in living the rest of their lives together. Most life partners of the same sex do live together without any formal legal recognition or could just choose forming a civil union depending on the present laws governing the jurisdiction where the life partners are residing. In some jurisdiction in the world there exist freedom for same sex life partners to legally wed whereas in some it is strictly not accepted. Commonly partners in a heterosexual relationship are referred to as Husbands and Wives, they do form a life partner relationship.

Qualities you need to find in someone before committing into a life partner relationship

Before thinking of getting in to a life partner relationship or getting in to a relationship of different life partners, it is of primary importance to consider the following points.


To take very serious is trust, this is because it is the foundation of any life partner relationship without which the relationship has no foundation and is likely to fail at any time. So before getting into a life partner relationship, accept to give total confidence and trust in your partner for this is the only way for the relation to go through smoothly.


In relationships having to do with life partners, it is of great necessity that happiness flows in the relation so that it can be fully enjoyed by all. Talking of happiness here we are referring to a life partner who is ready and does genuinely appreciate the good times passing with you. So before stepping in to any life partner relationship, make sure you do genuinely appreciate passing good time with your partner and your partner does genuinely appreciate passing good times with you.

Clear communication

Before engaging into a life partner relationship make sure you and your partner can actually pick up a proper and clear communication at any time when need arises. Actually it is a good and clear communication that leads to trust in any life partner relationship. From old times to present date, communication has been and would always remain the key to resolution of any problem or misunderstanding in a life partner relationship. Due to all these good values which communication does bring, it is of great importance assuring a clear communication before engagement and during life partner relationships.


One of the principles which keeps life partners moving in their relationships is self-discipline which is having complete positive control over your life and the things you do. So before engaging in to a life partner relationship ensure that you are well disciplined in all domains of life. If possible see on engaging a life partner relationship with someone who is well disciplined.

Ability to see good in things

One of the qualities bringing happiness in a life partner relationship is the ability to see good in things happening around. An example could be the happiness brought to your life partner when you appreciate the way they are dressed, the way they cook, the way they sing, their presence with you. These are just few out of the so many things one can actually appreciate all round in a life partner relationship.


A good life partner relationship is never stagnant. In a successful life partner relationship, there is always strive to move forward for new experience. One of the things to maintain a life partner relationship is the longing for what has been planned to do next so as to maintain the relationship moving.


Not only in a life partner relationship is respect solicited but it is for all domains of life due to its powerful ability to maintain peace and eliminate conflicts. Anyone wishing to move in to a life partner relationship should start by developing self-respect after which they can see on getting a partner with same qualities. By so doing the amounts of conflicts and misunderstandings in the relationship are greatly reduced.


Before engaging in to any life partner relationship see on to it that your ego has been eliminated for a little bit of humility has never killed anyone. But has led many to success. If possible see on getting a life partner who is humble as this would lead to a reduction of conflicts and trouble in the relationship thus it shall be well enjoyed to the fullest.


For a life partner relationship to last, both partners have to be realistic in all the situations that present themselves at hand there by knowing what to do and when to be done. So it is essential being realistic and looking for a partner who is realistic for a life partner relationship to last.

Sense of humour

Before moving into a life partner relationship first start by cultivating the habit of having quick but slow to give in to anger there by searching a partner with same qualities.


Before engaging in to a life partner relationship, do so with someone with goals for anyone with no goals eventually has no passions which means they have no excitement. For it is not normal for any human being to lack a form of excitement, it could be sports or some other activity.


When it comes to love, lying is never good in any way neither is it beneficial but does bring more trouble than good. In a life partner relation it is important for both partners to remain upfront in all.

You can count on them

In a life partner relationship dependability is very crucial as there is nothing as sour as a life partner relationship which both partners can’t count on each other.

Strong will

A strong will is necessary from both partners in a life partner relationship so that their love can stand the rough seas and winds trying to destabilise them.


Patience is of great importance in a life partner relationship, so both partners should construct patience as all good things take enough time to blossom. As goes the saying Rome was never build overnight.

On choosing a life partner or preparing to choose a future life partner make sure you choose base on something that would last. Remember that beauty does goes with age, to cut things short when choosing a life partner, choose not basing self on physical appearance but from the interior qualities like character.

Steps on finding your right life partner or future life partner

Relationships Autopsy

A little chunk is been taken from the heart and spirit by every failed relationship. So many people develop it as a sad song, will I ever meet a right partner to love. It is of great importance for any one in such a situation and seeks to meet the right partner to look back and see what did work and did not work in their past relationships. These relationship autopsy would actually prepare you to better plan and if correction is needed or not so as to meet a future life partner. For anyone would want to know what they do wrong and often receive great pain inflictions from so as to adjust. But be careful not to allow the relationships autopsy influence you negatively. It is recommended when preparing to meet your future life partner or in finding your right life partner to carry out a serious autopsy from your most three significant past relationships if you have had that many otherwise do with the few you have. During the autopsy, actually bring out in a point form what happened for each relationship in a few paragraphs, that is what worked, what did not work or what went wrong. Not to forget is the main role you played, was it a victim, accomplice, controller or doormat. After which you take time, sit back and compare all the points thereby bringing modifications and changes in your life where you find need so as to better prepare for maintaining a better relationship with your future life partner.

Five essential elements defining a right life partner

In preparing to meet not just a future life partner but a right life partner, it is essential bearing the following points in mind. Which are points characterising a right life partner.

  • A future life partner should possess a good sense of humour.
  • A future life partner should be intelligent and smart in action and thinking.
  • A future life partner should be kind-hearted and fair in action.
  • A future life partner should be sensitive to your feelings and that of others found around.
  • A future life partner should possess integrity.

At least the above sample list of common choices can help anyone find a right life partner. Of great importance is knowing what really matters to you in a right life partner as this would help you notice them. Unless you know the quality and personality of the right life partner you are looking, you would not see them. Here we don’t mean their hair colour or their eye colour neither a huge list containing the elements you are searching in the ideal woman or man. Always remember it is very easy to get fooled by someone’s appearance, so take care in making your choices.

List five characters that are totally unacceptable to you coming from a life partner

In other to find a right life partner, it is essential to make a list of not too many restrictions but just about five which you can’t tolerate in a life partner as this would help you find the right life partner. If this is not done earlier, it might be realised too late leading to another heart break or failure of the relationship. The following is a sample list which some partners in no way can tolerate from their partners.

  • The right life partner, I desire shouldn’t be a smoker nor a substance abuser which could possibly include alcohol and drugs.
  • The right life partner I am in search of should not be someone who does not take care of self-personal hygiene.
  •  The right life partner I am in search of should not be someone who does not like children or animals.
  • The right life partner I am in search of should not be someone selfish or someone self-centred.
  • The right life partner I am in search of should not be someone who is noisy.

Be careful as having more than might probably lead you to an unacceptable state and make it difficult for you to find someone fitting them. So play around with all what you can’t accept from a life partner so they all reduce to a number of five.

Biblical principles on choosing a right life partner

  • Set your heart on growing in intimacy with Jesus Christ and because he knows your heart desires and desires the best for you, he would obviously find for you a right life partner.
  • Put your trust in God because he knows the plans he has for you, that he knew before you were conceived. So just trust in him, have confidence in him and allow him lead to you your right partner by asking him through prayers.
  •  Study the Holy Scriptures together with the Christian standards for marriage and when you are ready, just ask him with faith and he would certainly provide.
  • It is of good importance to learn and understand certain differences about people, these differences could be their culture, temperament, personality, dislikes and likes.
  • Observe as you learn from old Christian successful marriages and if possible ask for advice.
  • Last but not the least is to wait on God’s appropriate time, for when his time comes even the darkness of the night can’t stop him from seeing you.



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