Cosmetic Dentist Helena For A Winning Smile

Teeth are perhaps the most neglected part of your face. However, they are important for speech and digestion. They form a vital feature and most of the people will remember you for the winning smile you have. Yellow teeth or an irregular bite can be one problem that has kept you from smiling your natural broad smile. The early process of teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry included procedures that were painful and required major alteration. With the help of modern technology, you can get a complete solution that does not carry the pain and discomfort of the old days.

The bond of resin

There are many problems that arise with dental structure and one of them is gaps in smile and chipping. One of the ways to solve irregularities in a smile is bonding. It is one of the most affordable ways that does not involve invasive procedures. The process uses composite resin to fill the gaps. The dentist will etch the concerned teeth and with the help of a special liquid will create crevices. It allows the resin to bond perfectly with your teeth. They last long and when face wear and tear can be replaced with ease. They are used to lengthen a short tooth or complete a chipped tooth.

A strong structure

Porcelain onlays are another way to fill the gaps. They look identical to your tooth and provide long lasting solutions. These structures are known as partial crowns and are made up of composite material that consist parts of gold in it. It is one of the popular methods of Cosmetic dentist Helena that fills gaps created by excessive tooth decay or a trauma that causes teeth to break partially. The process includes creating molds that will fit accurately with your actual structure. The process, therefore, requires two sittings. The place where the cementing will take place is washed and cleaned thoroughly so that there are no impurities between the cementing.

Filling the decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common issues that many people face. Early detection can save you from the root canal or final extraction. Composite fillings are one of the most comprehensive ways to cure the damage done by decay. There are various types of fillings available in the market and consulting dentists for the best suited to you will provide you with a fair idea. They are used in Cosmetic dentist Helena for quite a long time now. The specialist will numb your teeth and remove the decay. A hole is drilled to place the filling for molars. There will be a little sensitivity for the first few days but will go away with time.

A crown to hide damage

There are times when your tooth is damaged beyond the reach of fillings or resins. Porcelain crowns come to your rescue in such situations. Procedures like root canal involve removing most of the teeth. Caps cover the entire teeth so that the area gets covered and looks natural. It is fit for highly damaged or broken tooth. Mold preparation requires two sittings and meanwhile you wait for the structure to be installed, dentist place a temporary structure that will last you a week or two while the custom mold is prepared in the laboratory.

The dental bridge

Apart from a broken tooth or a missing part, there is another issue that can bother you a lot and that is a missing tooth. Dental bridges are made of porcelain and are fused into metal for strength. They are permanent and are not easily replaced. They are a good option to maintain the original shape of your face. A bridge covers the missing teeth and is supported by two adjacent teeth that act as an anchor. Though the process is there for many years, it is one of the most popular options available till now. It restores normal speech and chewing capability.

A sparkling smile

Teeth whitening are carried by porcelain veneers that provide the best solution for the problem of staining. They are laminated thin layers over your original structure. There can be certain bite correcting procedures that come up before you go for these veneers. They are one of the most prominent procedures that people take for white teeth. The veneer is made from a mold that resembles your original teeth to provide best solutions and strengthens the structure.

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