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It has been truly said that being alert while studying not just reduces stress but also contributes to the academic outcomes of the students.

If you find out that your students are stressed, they are not alone. Amongst many students, only 20 percent are the ones who are working on standard work practices and rest 80 percent are stressed over their studies.

Affecting the toddlers
It is astonishing to note that even the preschoolers are having more academic pressure than that of the middle class students; they are spending more time on their work assignments than playing outdoors and spending time on music or art and craft. As compared to the students of 1990s, today’s generation is more stressed and concerned for their studies due to the striking competitive world. Early childhood stress can lead to various changes in the functioning of brain further resulting in memory problems and difficulties in learning etc.

Role of Mindfulness
It is that form of meditation that helps the students to focus on particular tasks, reduce their mental stress and contribute to their academic performance. A number of schools are working on teaching how to apply mindfulness in study routine and one of those schools is Presidium. They believe that the child must study with keen focus, even if he is playing he must focus on his game and nowhere else. This is one of reasons that Presidium is known as the best nursery school in Faridabad.

What study says?
According to a survey conducted in a middle school, educational stress is a major problem for students. 85 percent students have a stressful impression when they talk about studies. It was astonishing when found that the kids were not more than 12 years of age. Stress is quite normal these days but in the age group of 10-12 years old it is not normal.
This is why the concept of Mindfulness was introduced in schools and today numerous schools are working on it.

Stress reducing activities
In order to address this major problem, the curriculum of Presidium added a number of stress-reducing activities. The students were introduced to the yoga sessions, youth parliament, MUN sessions etc. These are a few interesting yet knowledgeable activities where students interact with each other. Showing the students various videos on mindfulness largely helps to handle the anxiety and stress that they experience.
This not only enhances their learning skills but also helps them reduce stress. Teachers at Presidium understand that classroom teaching all the time can make education boring so they introduced such concepts.

Improves academic performance
Working on the child’s physiological and psychological enhancement, mindfulness also works for the improvement of the child’s academic performance. It is a proven great tool for learning and is used by a number of teachers. When it is time for learning, neocortex and prefrontal cortex must be in line. These parts of the brain would never work fine until the students are calm, relaxed and have worked on some healthy mindful activities.
When compared to the ones who didn’t practice mindfulness; the ones who did show better results when practiced mindfulness in the daily activities. It helped improving grades in school and also prove effective at maintaining healthy relationships with their family.

Offering such an advantage, it becomes an essential choice for today’s generation. Curriculum activities that include mindfulness added with kindness like gratitude and empathy work more healthily towards the benefit of a child’s academic performance. Added as a great advantage towards the academics, it also affects the child’s personal life by allowing them to be more humble and kind with their family and relatives.

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