Things You Need to Know About State of the Art Search

Things You Need to Know About State of the Art Search

State of the art search is a comprehensive search that will illustrate the latest state of affairs and summarizes the recent prior art in a specific field of sub-technology or technology. It will help the owner to assess the research and development activities and simplify the decision-making process across the segment. As it relates to further their commercial and research developments. Usually, two types of inventors find state-of-the-art search beneficial. One who is searching for ways to enter into the new field and one who is required to fine-tune or alter their research or commerce direction.

A state-of-the-art search can save both plenties of capital and time for the inventor as it offers an extensive work view that is already within the segment in the question. To know why and how certain technologies will evolve and which problems and their solutions are already present. It will assist in more efficient allocation of the resource and reduce the unprofitable moves.

Definition of Invention

In an invention, at least one segment of the technology should be completely new. The idea might be an extension of the existing technologies, and you can combine it with the new one that will become a novel technology.

Definition of state of the art search

Everything disclosed to the public, including the non-patent and patent literature, is a state-of-the-art search. It is also a synonym for the prior art search and includes any evidence to show your invention is already known to the world. The search does not require being present commercially or physically available. The existing product in the state-of-the-art search is the most noticeable form of the prior art. It helps to take decisions in the invention patentability decision concerning inventive and novelty steps. A state-of-the-art patent search is also known as the collection search. If you want to know more about the prior art of a specific patent, you should too start searching for competing art.

Difference Between State of the Art Search and Patent Landscape

Legal patent searching providers might implement these terms interchangeably. Both the searches help guide the strategies and offer the patent owners a competitive edge over other players in the market. Both include a broad scope with a comprehensive search and review of all the non-patent and patent literature in the invention chosen sector. The primary difference between the state of the art search and a patent landscape is in the level of detail and depth.

A patent landscape is usually a deeper examination of the state of the art search that will include trend visual representations in related technology and literature. The patent searching companies or firms customize the state-of-the-art search reports based on the needs of the customer. For example, if the search includes a large massive number of references, you can get all the results together with a detailed analysis. The report can be in a spreadsheet or in any other format for your future preferences.

How will a Patent finally look like?

The patent should consist of bibliographic information like the proprietor, inventor, technological class, and filing date. There will be an abstract of about 150 words as a searching aid for the other patent applications. The patent description should consist of a summary of the state-of-the-art search, the problem that the discovery will solve, and an explanation of at least one way for executing the invention. The patent should also include the claims for defining the patent protection extent. You also need to include the drawing that will illustrate the description and claims of the patent.

How to carry out the State of the Art Search

Now let us take a quick look into how to execute the state of the art search for the patent owner.

1. Finding out the correct keywords

You require spending some time thinking about the correct search terms which will best describe your discovery. You will need some basic knowledge about this. You can also extend the patent scope by including the synonym of the keywords. Try to search for new technological terms like telemedicine for remote patent monitoring in their own homes. Sometimes the owner of the previously issued patents does not want other inventors to find their patents.

2. Product Searching

You require identifying what is already present in the market that is already relevant to your concept, idea, technology, design, or product through the state-of-the-art search patent. Also, check out the patents that might handle the same problem you are targeting to solve. Obsolete products or technologies might be prior art searches, so check for the current and historical information sources. Several products might be in the manufacturing process but are still not available in the market.

So, search for the industry journals, new and exhibition websites, and trade shows for them. You can also search offline in the books, printed catalogs, shops, and periodicals. Try to communicate with people with related experience. It might include suppliers and retailers and retired people from the relevant careers.

3. State of the Art Patent Searching

State-of-the-art patent searching is far more significant compared to product searching. Although there are many products in the market which do not include patents, they are heavily outnumbered by the ideas successfully patented. But they have never reached the market. State of the art patent searching also includes two skills. They are finding every document related to your discovery and interpreting the importance of the finding of the patent search. In most cases, it is better to ask for a professional to search on your behalf.


For many years, innovative corporations and the finest IP firms have relied on the state of the art search results to help the owner make confident business, legal, and research decisions. An efficient state-of-the-art search will deliver a broad picture, identifying the background and general art for a specific technology.

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