10 Best Ways to Make Online Contents Go Viral

Yes, contents really get contagious online. Some get share millions of time in less than a week. What really make such content go viral? How can you create a contagious (viral) content? How can you apply these insights directly to your articles? What makes content practical? And how can you activate high arousal emotions?

If you are online with these questions in mind, relax your mind, take a site and read this article to the end. Your thirst shall be quench at the end of this article. My humble advice for you is to put them as you will discover and your site will observe a massive turn around.   

Positive uplifting content generally gets shared. This is due to the large number of unhappy people in the world, and while they have different reasons for being unhappy, contents that are uplifting and inspirational helps people get out of their rut… even if it’s only for a few seconds.

However, if you’re looking to generate traffic for business, you’re better off focusing on practically useful content strategy that activates huge arousal emotions.

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Targeting keywords and phrases that people search most often

The best way to target these keywords or phrases is just to stay up to date with the latest news and trends. You can also do keyword search that will help you get the word(s) people are competing for at the moment. This helps to keep you a brace with good topics for your contents and also helps your website in Google ranking and gives you better search engine optimization.

Being controversial in your approach

Try creating controversy contents. This always results in interesting and diverse comments on the subject matter. You will agree with me that I can make $10,000 appear in your bank account. As shocking and untrue as this may sound, it is a thought provoking information that challenges people’s way of thinking. This will attract people in an unusual way that it would otherwise be a fairly straightforward piece of content or topic people have seen many times.

You can also accomplish this by using thought provoking images that carry controversial content such as “Don’t do to others what you won’t wish them do to you” such controversial images are too hard to be ignore.

Keeping a close Eye on the latest news and trends

This can be done by setting up Google Alert on the topics relating to your niche. This ensures that you get email notification each time something relating to your topic of choice become available or is posted online. Furthermore, you can conduct a thorough Google search for news relating to your niche.

Creating Unique quality content (content marketing strategy)

Creating unique quality content (create viral content) is the best to get it across all platforms. The quality and uniqueness makes it interesting to your audience and they find interest in sharing it with friends, colleagues and family. You can conduct plagiarism check or even visit online validator to help you with getting a unique content. This also helps your content to easily pop up in search engines each time a visitor search for contents in your niche. This can at times prove to be a difficult task but if you know what you are doing, it is much easier than you can ever imagine.

Creating viral headlines (viral topics)

This is something most people failed to copy. Creating headlines that enticed the audience. For example, take a look at the following headlines and tell me which one you are more likely to click through to verify its content?

10 easy steps to make a content go viral

How to viralize contents

Sure you like me will be more inclined to the first title. Titles like the first do not only enticed the audience it also make your content unique, easily reachable to search engines and easily sharable on social media

Using images

Using images is a fantastic strategy to viralize your content. Have you ever heard of the phrase or statement “a picture is worth a thousand words”? While this may not only be true, the reality of the statement lies in the ability for humans to process visual information 600 000 times faster compare to normal plain text. The advice is to use images as often as you can without deflecting your content and images that are related to your content are the best to implement. 

Images usually convey important messages and the different is basically related to their color, background and activity. Images are just better than plain text in their color than text which is always black and white.

Multiple content on related topics

Why would you ever want to do this? The reason is simple; it drastically increases the time visitors spend on your website. This helps in your website search engines and ranking as Google always keep track of the time people spend on your site. Creating multiple quality and unique content will also work this magic, generate more clicks and stand a better chance of your content being share.

Using infographic

This is one of the most effective and efficient ways of creating quality contents. The availability of free infographics makes this type not only easy but also worth millions of clicks. So if you are yet to start using infographics on your website, you can start now. You can search for these infograhics by simply going to your Google search and type “…infographic embed” (try to search it within your niche or your content sector).

Compare these two scenarios…

2) Text…


Top five ways to get Pregnant over 40

1)      Eat Hormone regulated foods

2)      Perform self-massage and reflexology

3)      & 4)Meditation, visualization and stress reduction

5) Healthy weight (light exercise only)


Which of these two scenario capture your attention and keeps you reading and reflecting? It doesn’t take a genius to see that the infographic best convey the message to your visitors and keep them on you site longer and will always come back to read more and share.

Evoking emotions within content

Before now, I have talk much already on how to evoke emotions using images and being controversial. Contents that evoke emotion be it negative, anger, happiness, joy, or even having positive spin, it have more potential to be share.

Making your content easily sharable

The key to online marketing or viral marketing is for your content to get to as many people as possible (the more your content gets to people, the higher is the probability that you will hit a target interesting customer). To achieve this, your content should go viral (try implementing all strategies outlined here) which can be easily achieved by rendering your content sharable. Add the share button to your post and strategically positioning them. Make your share button visible enough and well link to social media of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

Lastly, don’t forget to ask your visitors to share your content. They should be reminded to do so. Most often than not, they forget this option. Simple messages at the end such as; Please share!!! Or If you find this content interesting, like and share it with friends, will do the wonders.


The Place of Content in the Future of Marketing

The Internet has democratized the relationship between consumers and brands. The one-too-many approach of outbound marketing is no longer effective, and consumers are now demanding a higher level of engagement and value-add from the brands they become loyal. For those who adapt to this new strategy, the opportunities are great.

With the creation of compelling and related content brands can create value and build loyalty with today's audiences while also introducing them to their product or service in a way that doesn't feel intrusive or manipulative. Content marketing also benefits from the networking effects of the social media, allowing highly shareable content and messages to go contagiously viral at rapid speed amongst key consumer groups. Display and other outbound marketing techniques are continuously losing efficacy and ad blockers and other consumer tools for eliminating intrusive or abusive ads are spreading, content marketing continue to increase in value as one of the only sustainable methods or strategy for penetrating large markets quickly while simultaneously building brand loyalty, affinity, and product or service familiarity.

A key and essential component of contagious content is getting readers to share your content with their friends and followers. And since everyone from professors to journalists and marketers to high school students, farmers to your aunt on Facebook is crafting their online brand, visitore are more likely to share material that they find useful and make them look good. Demonstrate the value of your content, make it controversial, arouse emotions, add info graphics, images, and watch your numbers soar.


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