The soya bean nutritional facts

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In evidence the consumption of soy foods this our days is actually increasing on a world wide scale due to their approved health benefits by all. However this does not mean the consumption of soy foods is free from demerits. Some major qualitative soybean nutrition components are proteins, lipids, minerals and some vitamins while the major quantitative soybean nutrition components are carbohydrates. In general the soy foods are all good sources of dietary fibres, vitamin B-Complex, omega-3 fatty acids together with calcium. All the amino acids found in the soya beans composition of proteins does complements that of cereals. Soya beans protein digestibility is generally eased by processing.

The soy bean with the scientific name Glycine max, in an undoubted manner did originate probably from China. In the past, the main products from soya beans where oil and meal together with a series of fermented and non-fermented soy foods. Although soya beans was used as food in the past, its present day consumption is not really as great as one would actually expect it to be as even its home town china does not consume it in very great quantities. All over china consumption by each person in every form is just 15kg to 20kg per year. Up to date this figure has not changed much as china in the past by 2005 did imported most of their requirements from the US. US and Brazil are respectively the first and second greatest producers of soya beans in the world possessing an output of 73 million metric tons that is 33% and 42 metric tons that is 28% still respectively. About 80% of the US soya bean crop are genetically modified. Egypt is actually the largest producer of soya beans in African as they produce about 180 000 tonnes annually. In the US actual consumption is about 110kg per person solely due to the use of soya beans as animal feed.

Soya beans can be substituted for meat and at times even for milk. Soya beans is a crop which is capable of reducing significantly malnutrition. Not to forget is the fact that soya beans is a high value animal feed. Soya beans is actually adapted to temperate zones. Soya beans is referred to as a day length sensitive crop. This is actually because the length of the daylight is the principle factor that does affects the amount of the vegetative growth before flowering can dare begin. A reason why large plants generally bear more seeds in number. In most parts of the tropics, soya beans is actually a hot weather crop suitable for the year round growth. Temperatures of at least 15 degrees Celsius for germination together with temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius for the crop’s growth. Soya beans needs at least moderate soil moisture to germinate and at the same time soya beans does suffers much when the soil is water logged.

When it comes to soybean nutrition, soybeans are actually good and reliable sources of proteins, lipids together with other nutrients which are of great importance to the body. Still on the soybean nutrition, all the soy protein derived products can eventually be used as good substitutes for most of the animal products. This is because soy unlike other beans does offer a complete and excellent protein profile. Soy bean nutrition is recommended because it does contains all the amino acids necessary for an excellent growth. More to that soybean nutrition is good because the amino acids it does gives the body cannot be synthesised by the body on its own. Process soy protein products which can actually take the place of animal based foods which all contain the necessary and complete proteins but in addition more fats. These fats always are not required in much quantities by the body as too much instead brings the body harm.

The protein content of soybean nutrition

The reason why soya beans protein is valued in a particular way is because it possesses an amino acid composition which eventually complements that of cereals. Another interesting soybean nutrition fact is their limiting content of sulphur amino acids which are not very solicited in animals.

Soybean lipids

Lots of calories are been provided by soya beans oil which is rich in essential fatty acids together with vitamins A and E. To be noted is the fact soya beans oil does provides insignificant amounts in vitamin D and K.

Soybean carbohydrates

The carbohydrate contents of soybeans contains just little hexose together with starch and are largely polysaccharides and with few oligosaccharides. Carbohydrates general do make up an amount of 35% of the soybean. About 50% of the soybean carbohydrates are just non-structural in nature thus including: very low molecular sugars in weight, very small amounts of starch together with few oligosaccharides. The remaining half contains polysaccharides that that possess a considerable amount of pectic polysaccharides in nature.

Soybean minerals

There exist an ash content of about 5% in dry soybean which seems small but quiet considerable. Soybean has the following as major sources of minerals: carbonates, phosphates and sulphates. Potassium is always found in soya beans in the highest concentrations, which is then followed by phosphorous, magnesium, sulphur, calcium, chloride and sodium respectively. Soybean also contain some minor minerals which are silicon, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum chromium, fluoride, selenium, chromium, cobalt, lead, arsenic, iodine and mercury. Like most of the other components, minerals in soybeans are also influenced by their varieties, growing seasons and growth location.

Soybean vitamins

The water soluble vitamins found in soybeans mainly include the following: riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, folic acid and pantothenic acid. Generally vitamin C is present just in minute quantities in mature beans whereas in immature and germinated beans it is present in considerable quantities. In soybeans the main oil soluble vitamin include vitamin A and E which are respectively retinol and tocopherol. In soybeans vitamin B does exist as the pro vitamin beta carotene which acts just like vitamin C which has a negligible content in mature beans.

The cholesterol lowering properties of soy

One of the soy benefits is its substitution for animal proteins which thus reduces in significant way the intake saturated fats and cholesterol. This leads to a reduction in the cholesterol level found in the blood thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases thus a more reason to approve soy benefits. For more than 90 years today, the cholesterol lowering effects of soy proteins as compared to animal proteins have been have gradually been recognised and accepted. Another soy benefits is the fact that daily consumption of 30g to 60g of soy proteins gradually does contribute much to the decrease in the total amount of cholesterol between 10% and 20% in individuals actually possessing a high cholesterol level.

Some other soy benefits from soy foods are provision of the body with high quality protein, healthful fats together with lots of vitamins and minerals. Other soy benefits lie on the fact that soy foods are the only unique dietary compounds which are called isoflavones which possess the ability of reducing risk of heart diseases, osteoporosis together with some specific forms of cancer.

Heart diseases

The health of the lining of the arteries might eventually be improved by isoflavones gotten from soy foods thereby reducing any heart disease risk. The proteins found in soy foods can actually lower cholesterol levels together with blood pressure in a more direct way. The soy foods all contain omega 3 fatty acid which actually brings good health to the heart. Due to most of these benefits people who consume much of soy foods have very low risk of being attacked by cardiovascular diseases.

Breast cancer

 Scientific studies up to date have shown that all soybeans diets do protect in a great way against cancer of the breast. Actually there exist a good number of different compounds present in soya beans which are all responsible for the different types of anticarcinogenic activity. There exist a very low risk for breast cancer attacking the Asian women who consume more of soy foods than the women in the western countries where very little amounts of soy foods are being consumed. In addition, still amongst the Asians women who often consume soy foods in great quantity have just a one third risk of getting breast cancer as compared still to other Asian women consuming less soy foods. Lots of evidence suggest for soy to actually have a beneficiary effect, it should be taken at very young ages or during adolescent age.

Prostate cancer

After the conducted researches, it was found that prostate cancer is less common in Asian than western countries. This low level of prostate cancer in Asian countries as compared to western countries is attributed to the consumption of large quantities of soy foods by the Asians. For men who are under treatment of prostate cancer, soy foods are of primary help in their treatment. 

Bone strengthening effects of soybeans

One of the soy benefits has to do with strengthening the bones. There exist lots of indications that soya beans does reduces the incidence of postmenopausal osteoporosis. It is advisable to often take in soybeans foods as soy benefits like bone strengthening are easily observable. High quality protein is been provided by soy foods which obviously promote bone health and act as sources of calcium absorption. Due to the fact oestrogen therapy does protect and maintain good health of old women’s bones so has been the interest in soy foods for preventing osteoporosis.

Skin aging

Consumption of much soy foods does reduce aging rate and provide a more smooth skin with little to no skin wrinkles.

Soy foods in diets of men

No matter the quantity of soy foods that men do take, it has no effect on their testosterone level. This remains true even if men should consume isoflavone supplements in any quantity. Scientist have undergone experiences for this by giving to men very large quantities of soy foods even more than that consumed by the Asians. But at the end of each and every experiment the testosterone level in these men where checked and found to possess no change. Instead Italian scientist instead proposed that consuming isoflavone is instead a treatment for low sperm concentration. Furthermore men can actually gain lots of benefits from consuming soy foods as they reduce the cholesterol level in the body.

Soy foods and women

All soy foods do have no effects on oestrogen level in women. Some scientific researchers suggest that consumption of much soy foods can eventually increase the length of the menstrual cycle by one day with absolutely no effect on ovulation. These longer cycles coming forth are actually seen as beneficial as evidence is shown that they relate to low risk of cancer affecting the breast.

Today all foods including soy foods are made up of a collection of chemicals which can bring lots of benefit to most people but can as well bring harmful effects on others when they take them in an inappropriate manner. This is the major problem mainly facing soy foods today. All the vegetarians for years were aware of the fact that soy protein rich foods are excellent alternatives to meat, poultry and the other animal derived products. For the past years that so many consumers decided to pursue healthy lives, consumption of soy foods did rise in a steadily manner. Soy food consumption which was actually limited in the past is increasing this our days due to its positive effects after consumption. With the increasing emphasis on day to day recommendations for a healthy diet, production of soya beans in industrial scales together with the sales of soya beans in industrial scales is projected to increase in times to come. Research shows that regular consumption of soya beans will greatly lower the cholesterol concentration in your blood thus freeing you from most possible heart diseases. In view of all these advantages of soy foods, it is advisable to consume it regularly.

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