Growing your Wealth from Nothing to Something

The world today is a world with many big minded people. There are a lot of people who have been dreaming of becoming successful in life and there are still many who still dream of it. Of course it is a rule that everyone wants to succeed and help their families as well as the world at large but on the other hand, not everyone nears that level or dare to be there. To acquire wealth and be successful all depends on our perceptions of the world and the things around us. This is the major route to success. Many people have failed to understand what really wealth is. Some even try to refer to it as being income.

Also, many parents have been putting all efforts to teach their children how to become some type of successful man with most of them doing so in a wrong way. This is why we say that it takes a wrong mind to fail others. I don’t mean that parents are determined to fail their kids but they think they are actually on the right side while teaching their kids about this matter rather than getting qualified personnel to help their kids out. The thing is, many parents think that going to school, graduating with good grades, getting a job, saving some money maybe as retirement income, building a house as well as building a car or some valuable goods is success. Absolutely they are wrong. There is a saying “mind your own Business”. To mind your own business is a big talk that requires big thinkers. Anyone who really minds his own business will absolutely become wealthy and successful.

In short, to be successful, really need to do more and all these is usually done when you start minding your own business. I hope my steps below help you out to be as successful as you have dreamed of.

Become Rich

To become rich is a complex process. As earlier explained above, to become rich requires that one minds his own business. What I mean is that working for someone as an employee whether you are paid hundreds of thousand dollars per year does not mean you are certainly rich because tomorrow after retiring and wasting all your save money, you will regret it. This means that to become rich is all about minding your own business. But what actually do I mean by this?-someone may ask that. I mean you have to learn to work for yourself by starting your own business. Of course I don’t mean you should drop your current job in order to work for yourself. But I rather mean you should use your current job as a means to launch your own business. Therefore, to become rich, you have to work for someone and also allow time to work for yourself until you become successful. It is like to say you have to work for money and allow money work for you or else to become rich means something different that you just mess up with.

Let’s get to look at a list of the top richest people in the world as of date.

The Richest people in the world

The world today is a world with many rich men some of which are billionaires. In the world, success stories are usually reported in terms of financial abilities of success. The richest people in the world today were ones financially weak. The richest people in the world are those who had put in hard work and toiled to get where they are today. With growing financial policies, development and technology, many people today are billionaires. This means that to be considered one of the richest people in the world, you have to choose the best way to be at the top. Below is a list of the top ten richest people in the world as of date. Note that these top ten richest people in the world are worth between $86 to $42 Billion.

  • Bill Gate
  • Amancio Ortega
  • Warren Buffet
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Charles Koch
  • David Koch
  • Carlos Slim
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Larry Ellison
  • Ingvar Kamprad

How to Become Rich

We have already seen above the most important step on how to become rich. What matters now is that many people won’t still be able to trace out what the next step on how to become rich should be after which they have started minding their own business. Many writers and Entrepreneurs have been sharing tips on how to become rich with their audience with many still failing to understand them. Hope it will be well clarified here.

Becoming rich is something everyone wants but only few people do know what it takes to become. To become rich is a combined process which requires skills, patience as well as luck to achieve the success. As earlier said, to become rich is not easy, but with a bit of skills in decision making as well as perseverance, it is definitely possible. I don’t mean it could be possible, rather I mean it is possible.

To become rich is easier if you follow my easy tips which follow from here.

  • Invest in the stock market; it is a vital role towards success to invest money in bond, stocks as well as other investments that could provide you with enough interest in return as such you covering you up after your retirement. Take for example, in case where you have $1000000 and you invest it in a business with a return rate or return on investment of say 8%, then for sure that’s $80000 per year, guest what it may be in ten year time. It is important to note that a vital role to becoming successful as an investor is to avoid being enticed by other traders who could tell you that it is vital and easier to make money quick by buying and selling stocks every day. Yes of course that would make you rich but only in a short period because such an investment method is not different from gambling. And hope you know what is the end product of every gambling business- making lose. Instead, it is essential to invest in the long run. Choose solid stocks with excellent fundamentals as well as in some good companies who have got hopes for future growth. As far as you invest wisely, just let the investment weather itself and at the end, you could realize your investment got some ups.
  • You need to save money for Retirement; learn to keep saving money, it really helps a lot. Many people don’t consider saving money for retirement in an appropriate way and some even think they may never retire. Also it is very essential to consider taking advantage of tax differed retirement plans such as 401Ks as such it may help you save enough and faster for retirement.
  • Take on investing in Real Estate; a good way to build wealth is to invest in some kind of stable assets such as lands to undergo potential development or rental properties. This type of investment is vital in a steadily growing environment or area. Many other investment have been seen to have no guarantee compared to real estate where many people have been doing really well over time. As such many real estate investments are likely to appreciate or increase over time. Take for example, an apartment in Manhattan is thought by many people to increase in value over a short time period of about five years.
  • Give it your Time; many people do work for money and forget giving their own business their time. It will be a great deal if you can invest your time into your own business. Certainly some don’t do that, they just love resting after leaving coming back from work as such things get the opposite turn. Everyone who is determined for being rich must learn to invest his/her time in his/her personal business. It is just a big step forward to learn to live like no one else today so that you can also live like no one else tomorrow for sure.
  • Learn to avoid buying goods that could easily depreciate in value; some people just want to be owner of big cars for example as such they don’t put in concern to the price of buying a car. Consider you bought a car for $60000 US dollars, that car may likely depreciate in value just over a fourth to five years period as you use it which indicates that you bought it at a wrong price. This therefore means you need a better financial decision when buying a car.
  • Avoid spending money on odd or stupid stuffs; we all know it is not easy to make a living but it is priceless to spend on stupid stuffs considered black hole such as casino, bars, expensive drinks and foods in restaurants, booking for first class tickets, as well as stuffs like surgery. If you really mean to be rich, avoid all these.
  • Learn to remain rich; as said earlier, it is hard to become rich but once you are rich, it would be even harder to remain rich because of the ups and downs in the world markets. Just learn to save the extra when you investments are up so as to use it when the investments are down.

Creating wealth

As I earlier explained, wealth does not mainly signify money, because you can also have a wealth of misery.

 Here are some ways to create wealth.

  • The first and most important step in creating wealth is to always put in mind to have a means of support to whatever thing you endeavor to achieve in your life. There is a saying that your success depends on others. This means you can never succeed alone until you ask for a helping hand. Support helps one feels being on track whenever things are tough.
  • The second most essential thing is to get to know what you really love in life (something with great value in your life) then rush for it. Not forgetting that value is another way to say wealth as such people are to determine to own it. As such the best solution is to choose wisely the best wealth for you.
  • Learn to admire and honor the wealth you already got in your live. You don’t have to worry about the amount of money you have in the bank. Just stay focused on your honorable wealth. Also learn to create a baseline which could help you to progress in creating wealth. What I mean is that for your wealth to manifest objectively, you have to first of all be rich subjectively. Surely that is not understood. Take an illustration; you work $400 per day as a middle class person while on the other hand, you spend even more than what you earn per day maybe to say $500, with your sense of humor that you are doing so on things you are not really in need of but you also really want them, for sure you will always be poor no matter how much money you make. This is a very important step in creating wealth.
  • The last step in creating wealth is to create synergy with every system of wealth in your life so as to achieve even more. Never forget that wealth cannot be achieved by your mental thoughts or intelligence alone. It requires physical health too. So you will need to keep both your physical and mental health as well as relationships together to achieve more wealth.

Building Wealth

Building wealth is exactly where we aim at in this article. Building wealth is the exact meaning of the title of this article which says “Grow your Wealth from Nothing to Something”.

Normally, there is no much difference between building wealth and how to become rich but actually there are certain things you need to build in wealth before you can. Building wealth is really cheap if you can set aside you daily needs or do so in some other way. People have been fooled in the world about taking seminars on how to build their wealth which for instance, building wealth is as cheap as pricing a food item in the market.  The secret is that there are no secrets to building wealth.

To growth or build your wealth from nothing to something, follow the tips below;

  • Start early; starting very early helps you enough. Consider for example two employees named A and B. Employee A starts saving $200 every month while he is just 23 years old and his money grows by 7% a year. And employee B started saving at age of 33years but the same amount of $200 and same growth rate of 7%. Consider they both decide to retire at 64years, so at that age certainly employee A is up. And that is what I mean by start saving early on.
  • A saving guru you should be; being a perfect saving guru will really be the start of your road to success. The steps to take on here are; learn to wake up and make a budget, setting away every paycheck you may make, learn to take advantage of some free money because money is not one of those things you could get for free, try hard to start saving money early, stay away from credit as well as debit cards, save refunds for your tax as well learn to change your mode of savings.
  • Learn to actively build your worth; this is possible by; talking to some certified planners, followed by deciding on yourself if you think like starting to invest, avoiding day to day trading, as well as considering investing in some foreign markets or even emerging markets,
  • Learn to be a great/smart consumer; you can do so by; living within your financial strength/means, avoid buying expensive and useless stuffs, hunger shouldn’t push you for grocery shopping and most importantly, just do a scale of reference, better decide bringing your launch to work rather than come spend excess on launch at work and by so doing, you are indeed a perfect consumer.
  • Learn improve your skills so as to build more wealth; if you discover that you have got lesser skills to building your wealth, then you can certainly learn more skills so as to be able to do so. Also keep continuous networking with your peers in order to stay focused. Engage in supporting community cooperation. Lastly, the end result is how to use your money. Any wise step on how to use money is a way forth and any wrong step is a way down.





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