What you can do to Live in Harmony with your Neighbors

 What a world we could have been living in by now, a world without war or fighting is a world of calmness, a world without conflict is a world of peace, a world without corruption is a world of justice, a world without theft is a world of self-control, a world without scams is a world of dignity, a world without blackouts is a world of miracles, a world of charity, a world of blessings, a world all positives, a world of wisdom.

In our world today, we are all surrounded by people we called our neighbors. The people close to where we live are all our neighbors. Also, there are different types of neighbors which do not include those living close to us. Sometime we move up to a certain place for a short period of time were we get new neighbors. For example walking to the beach and lie under the sun then, you realized you forgot to bring along your sun balm and next to you sat a gentle man with a sun balm. So what next- heh! Please can you help me with your sun balm? And of course that is your next neighbor. But he may only be for a few moments while over there until you got to make him a friend. Another illustration is in classrooms or schools in general. Moving from one desk to another or one class to another we keep having different neighbors. Whatever the case is, neighbors are the closest people to us and in some cases we can also refer to our friends at certain moments as our neighbors must especially during the presence around us. It will really be difficult in this world to live in a place where you have no neighbors. We really need neighbors just as we really need friends. There is just no way to do better without them. Our neighbors are part of our families if we construct positive relationships with them. In short I should say our neighbors should mean everything to us just as we always say our good friends and other family members mean everything to us.

But it suffices to say that, one can never or hardly have positive neighbors towards them if they do not decide on building positive relationships with them. To live in harmony with your neighbors, there are a lot of procedures to follow just as we do in order to live in harmony with our wives or husbands. The truth is said that peace is the reigning power over here on earth. Yeah I mean, without peace then certainly no freedom. Without peace our internal and external qualities are all mere qualities. We shall discuss this in the later sections of this article. Someone may ask but what is peace, what is harmony, what is life, what is love and so on and so forth. We shall all look at these terms with regards to living as one with your neighbors.

Quotes about Peace

There world is full of many wise people nowadays who are always ready to think and bring out solutions. Most of them do so by laying down some quotes about peace. Quotes about peace are wise words from wise men and women. Quotes of peace are therefore solutions to certain problems in thought certain people do not consider it to be like that but that is the truth. Peacefulness makes a man feels calm, thinks wise, and tries to bring out any solution from what so ever he/she has thought of as a problem. We can all see that most of the successful people in the world such as church personnel, billionaires and millionaires, Philosophers and historian as well as ancient scientists and many more people have all pen down quotes about peace. This means peace is the governing power of freedom which man cannot do without it here on earth. Also it is important to note that, many people generally give their quotes about peace base on the perspectives and their degree of success. What I mean here is that considering Church personnel, he/she will quote on peace with respect to God, a millionaire or billionaire might do so with respect to his financial success or abilities, the same is said of a scientist- with regards to his experiments.

Here are some quotes about peace;

  • How Beautiful it is to be alive
  • The best way to win the devil is to always laugh at him.
  • Peace is merely not a distant goal that we should seek but it is the means through which we arrive at that goal.
  • Learning to live in peace is learning to live the life of God.
  • Peace can neither be attained through violence nor conflicts but can be attained through Understanding.
  • Peace is a reward
  • Peace is a its own reward (Mahatma Gandhi
  • When the power to love over comes the love of power, the world we know peace (Jimi Hendrix)
  • Peace can only be achieved by understanding that being kept by force (Albert Einstein)
  • It surely is possible to live in peace (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • To attain peace, you have to take every step wisely
  • No matter how effective is brute force, it will and can never subdue mankind’s passion for freedom
  • For minute you are annoy, your mind waste up sixty seconds for being in peace
  • When you steal, you are stealing someone’s peace that won’t work for you.
  • To find peace of mind, you need to listen to what your heart says.
  • The revolving instrument cannot be made to revolve it it is not first brought at rest.
  • Knocking at the door of peace is an automatic process of being rewarded.
  • Being in peace with people without demonstration is no peace.
  • He who desire to live in peace is neither master nor a slave.

Peace and Harmony

Many people have failed it here. Yes I mean many have failed it when it comes to understanding what peace is. Such people are not different from non-thinkers. You will hear stuffs from them like live me in peace I don’t want noise, I don’t want to be in trouble so just live me in peace and so on and so forth. Yeah they have failed it all for that is neither peace nor harmony. Peace does not necessarily means staying or living without troubles, noise, and or where you won’t have an encounter with hard work. Peace means being wise and being wise means you have complete self-control over from your mind and heart as a whole. Peace is the same as living in all sorts of troubles, strenuous environments, as well as noisy environments but yet you remain calm. This is exactly what peace is-being in a calm mode. Being a calm mode makes one to foresee solutions to the problems around him/her. Consider for example two people were assigned to draw a picture of peace for a queen to make her choice. The first person painted a picture of a calm lake with the beautiful mountains and bushes surrounding it, it a light blue sky that gave it a perfect effect to catch attentions. The second person painted a mountainous environment with foaming waterfall and a bright sky pouring out rain from above. On one such mountain, he painted a little bright bush and at the middle of the tree sat a mother bird with her offspring in her beautifully nested home.

The question here is which do you think the Queen should choose as the real picture of peace?

People will see that the first picture should be the winner because everything seems calm in the picture. Actually a wise Queen will choose the second one. Do you know why? Because no matter all the noise from the water fall, rain and strenuous environment full of mountains and bushes, still sat calmly the mother bird and her offspring.

Harmony on the other hand is a sub section of peace. This means that without peace, there will be no harmony. Harmony can easily be described as a situation where people are peaceful and agree with each other. Harmony can be categorized into two namely;

  • Racial harmony; which involves good feelings between different races.
  • Domestic harmony; which is that concern with good feelings in the family or home.

Harmony is similar to peace in that when there is peace there is harmony and where peace exist harmony also exist. On the other hand, peace and harmony differ in that without peace, then no harmony because harmony is a sub section of peace. People can never be in harmony without internal or external peace.

 Living in Harmony

Living in Harmony seems to be a complex and even difficult situation in our world today. Many people have made living in harmony to be an unrecognized situation because of the so called background. Some claim they are too rich to live in harmony with their poor neighbors, others claim their neighbors are noisy and they cannot afford to live in harmony with them. Some may even say I can’t live in harmony with all these ugly people. What a world to be ashamed of, a world of no respect for God’s creatures, a world of too much pride, a world of blindness. To live in harmony is to make the best of your world, to make the best of God’s creatures, to make the best out of friendship and neighborhood, to make the best out of your relationship with peace. As earlier explained, you can never live in harmony without living in peace. There to live in harmony is to let you calm and ready for every positive step. To live in harmony is all that matters to God when it comes to being in a close relation with one’s family and neighbors.


World Peace

World peace is sometimes called peace on earth. World peace is statement which describes our world to be in state of peace, happiness and freedom. Being in a state of freedom, happiness and peace means that we are free from violence,  nations and people can easily and freely corporate either with respect to a system of governance or voluntarily. World peace is a system to eliminate all forms of hostility amongst humans and their environment. World peace is usually establish either through religious means or secular organizations which can address or lay emphasis on human rights, medicine, the various types of engineering and education, as well as diplomacy and technology in order to stop all forms of violence and fighting.

Peaceful Life

Nowadays, many people have failed to live or lead a peaceful life. All as result of pride, corruption, conflicts’ injustice, malice and so on and so forth. A peaceful life is a life where all the aforementioned terms are considered null, a life dictated by the presence of God. A peaceful life is a life of peace, justice, freedom, self-control, harmony, comfort and all that could pertain in it. It is important to note that one can never conclude if he/she lives in an environment without neighbors, friends, troubles, noise, and even hard work as many rich men and women do today. To live a peaceful life requires inner calmness. Living in a calm manner is the real dictator of your heart. Being calm while thinking, tells you both the answer and the solution. A peaceful life is no jealousy, no greediness, no theft, no pride, not being rude and so on.

If you have ever thought of living a peaceful life and you don’t know how to carry on, then the tips that follow on “How to live in harmony with your neighbors” is your solution.

The first step to living in harmony with your neighbors requires internal peace. What I mean is peace of ones’ own mind. Remember charity and peace starts at home. Without peace of mind, you will surely ruin the external peace you try to establish with your neighbors. If you realize that you are not at peace within yourself, here are some tips to help you;

  • You should take time and be silent; by doing so while meditating mindfully; you can surely change your thoughts or foresee solutions to your worrying mind.
  • Learn to get rid of certain stuffs; because it could be pride or the desire for certain things in life that are putting your mind in a worrying state.
  • Learn to create space for yourself; I mean a space where you can just shut the door behind you and get a relaxing space to breath and think smoothly without any interruption from stressors or outsiders.
  • Organize yourself and timing; by doing so you avoid excessive wastage of time which maybe giving yourself wrong answers to your problems.
  • Learn to be rational; by asking yourself certain questions like “are my worries really realistic?”
  • Learn to exercise; because it reduces the body’s stress hormones and makes it feels good.
  • Learn to trust yourself; the greatest mistake is when you don’t trust yourself. If you feel that you are in the wrong path, you can take it over, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your little man (heart speak to you).

After which you get rid of your worries, then you are indeed ready to learn to live in harmony with your neighbors. One may ask; how is that possible?

All humans need to communicate with one another either constantly or on day to day basis. Not forgetting that the quality of ones’ life is much more dependent on his/her relationship with others as such without good relationships, peace becomes challenging to find.

 In order to attain peace and harmony with your neighbors, you also need to be at peace with your family. Your home is everything to you; the place where you can find bliss and rest. Living in a home where every member of the family is in harmony with one another is a vital tool to living in harmony with your neighbors. 

To live in harmony with our neighbors we need to treat them with kindness as well as gentleness. This is so because learning to coexist together is learning to avoid living a life of isolation. Some may ask how this is possible. The tips below will help in that case.

  • Befriend your neighbors; just a single hello followed by introducing yourself after a knock on their door indicates how good and friendly you can be to them.
  • Learn to keep the sound or volume down; many neighbors hate this. They can’t afford to consider you a good neighbor if you keep partying at night in your apartment, or hammering a nail that causes a lot of noise, or playing and even position you TV or radio speakers towards them.
  • You can also ensure that your living space is safe; being secured is worth a thousand thoughts. Learn to keep common areas around you and your neighbors free from obstructions, air conditions should be properly mounted, avoid throwing litters outside your windows to the surroundings.
  • Learn to be accountable with your actions as a perfect home owner; what I mean is that if you have even done anything that seems seem wrong to your neighbors such as a major disturbance or you accidentally destroyed their property, go on and apologize for that and in the case of destroying the property, make sure you help in the repair process financially and maybe physically too.
  • Keep  your exterior wall appealed; in case where you are just occupying a common space in a building, learn to keep the exterior clean by avoiding throwing out dirt and make sure you take out you trash only during garbage collection.
  • Avoid being a gossiper; this may be a big trait back to you if you keep gossiping about your neighbors. If you have a problem or complain against your neighbors, you can match straight to him/her and get the misunderstanding cleared off in a matured manner.
  • Be of great respect to your neighbors; this is perhaps one of the best practices that could bring about harmony to living in a shared community. It is essential to respect the space, time and views of your neighbors because all men were not brought up or taught in the same way. The more you respect your neighbors, the better you are also respected.


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