Never Ignore Warning Signs of Cancer

Cancer treatment is found to be more successful when the disease is diagnosed in early stages. Both men & women should therefore watch out for these warning signs of cancer & get it tested as soon as possible.

Signs of Cancer in Both men & Women

  • Appetite Loss – Cancer triggers loss of appetite by changing the metabolism of the body which is used for turning food into energy. Stomach, colon, pancreatic & ovarian cancers can also put pressure on stomach & make patients feel full.
  • Blood in Stools – Some cancers can bleed. Therefore, when there is red in poop, there is bleeding somewhere in the GI tract, including intestines, stomach or esophagus. Bright red means that bleeding is around rectum while dark red means it is coming from somewhere higher up. However, blood in stool should be checked out.
  • Blood in Urine – This could be warning signs of cancer problems within the urinary tract. Bladder or kidney cancer may be the cause of this symptom, but this can also occur due to infection, kidney disease or kidney stone.
  • Cough Which Refuses to Go – Although flu & cold can also make the patient hack, it is also a potential symptom of lung cancer. Associated red flag symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, hoarseness, weight loss, & chest pain. When these symptoms persist, especially among smokers, it is time to see a doctor.
  • Extreme Fatigue – This is one of the most common sign of cancer which is however not a normal type of tiredness. This is a type of exhaustion which will not go away. Moreover, changing activity level & getting more sleep will also not be useful.
  • Persistent Fever – This is usually a sign of an infection, but some cancers like liver cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia & lymphoma can cause persisting fever which often rise & fall during the day.
  • Lump in Neck – This could also be a sign of infection or an early warning of larynx (voice box), thyroid, throat or mouth cancer. Moreover, cancerous lumps do not hurt. However, it is best to see a doctor if it does not go away.
  • Night Sweats – This is a sign of cancer but can also be due to infection or because of menopause in middle-aged women.
  • Skin Changes – These can be growths on skin looking different or sores which fail to heal. It is time to see a dermatologist when spots like scabs or crusts do not heal, are bigger than pencil eraser, having oddly shaped borders, change color and/or get bigger or thicker.  
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes – Although lumps developing on side of neck can be an infection or strep throat, some can be due to cancers like leukemia or lymphoma which swell up the lymph nodes. Breast cancer can also cause swelling of lymph nodes under arms which will not go away even after a weeks’ time.
  • Troublesome Swallowing – It can be very hard to swallow for people having cancer of the esophagus especially when this feeling instead of getting better goes worse.

Specific Signs of Cancer in Men

Pink, red or brown tinge can also be due to many other reasons, but can also be a sign of cancer involving the bladder or prostate gland. Lump in testicle which is without pain can also be a sign of cancer. Pain during urination or orgasm can also be a sign of cancer of the prostate gland which is specific to men.

Specific Signs of Cancer in Women

Changes or lumps in breast can be cancerous or non cancerous tumors. Women should also look out for redness or scaling of skin over breasts, lumps under arms, changes in nipple, breast pain or fluid which is not milk leaking from nipples. Other specific signs of cancer specifically concerning women are bleeding between periods or after menopause. When this happens, it can be a sign of cancer involving the endometrial or cervix. It is therefore a sensible idea for women to check it up with a gynecologist in case they have any unusual bleeding from vagina. 


Cancer treatment in India is an excellent idea for international patients looking for good quality of affordable medical procedures beyond their homeland. While the quality of healthcare including cancer treatment in India is at par with the best in the world, cost of healthcare solutions can be a pleasant surprise. Many medical procedures in India including cancer treatments are just a fraction of what similar procedures would cost in developed western countries like the United Kingdom, Canada or United States. Many doctors in India have initially trained & experienced for decades in these countries before returning to their homeland. They are therefore adept in handling latest technologies & well aware of the emerging trends. 

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