Planning a Vacation to The US/Canada or Just Looking for Something Nearby?

Your vacation period is close and you're excited. You can't wait to make that trip you have been thinking all year long. As you count the days, suddenly frustration jumps in. You have hardly thought about what you are going to do. Yes, you would like to go shopping, go to some fine dining place, visit a museum or some prominent city areas.

As D-day closes in, you realize not only do you know little about the city, but you do not yet have a plan or a to do list, A good city guide might make things easier.

Finding a good city guide is equally frustrating. For most of them, you can hardly use to plan your trip from miles away. You will either have to download some app. Oh yeah, do you know which to download let a lone how to download it. Your phone does not have the right software for it. This exciting travel vacation could suddenly become a frustrating adventure for most people.

You need to know about local news, what's happening at your travel destination, the weather condition, night events you may want to go to. Tried a search engine? Of course you did. Clicked your way to boredom yet until you realize, nothing couldn't be so incoherent. Sooner or later you may find something close to what you need, in a way that fits your travel needs. Some city guides are good and some are as good as they are static. Did you ever wish a city guide could speak in real time or wonder if the guide is making a mockery of your geography 101? Well, the good news is, you can now put all these frustrations away.

Fonolive, a web based tool for travellers, literally provides you with an "all you need" with only a single press of your "enter" key. A single entry for a country and city destination and voila!! It's that simple. The hassle is gone and you spend much less time planning to travel and more time having fun with your trip. It offers a unique and comprehensive city guide for major North American cities, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and the list goes on.

Fonolive tools also offers a search tool tailored for travellers. You can find what you need on the go and get nearby searches for restaurants, shops, touristic attractions, and much more. The list is endless.

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