Flow Meter Selection Process Depends on Few Important Factors

Flow Meter Selection Process Depends on Few Important Factors

Flow measurement is a crucial aspect in a wide range of plant processes. Users liking tools to meter the flow of fluid or gas methods must view many facts to find an optimal solution. Experience has given vital variations between flow meter technologies. Each kind of tool has its benefits and limitations for industrial devices. Since flowmeters are integrated devices that measure different flow quantities by different technologies. Here we will discuss the important factors of flow meters.

Some of the crucial criteria in flowmeter choice involve:

  1. Process media. Many flow meters are intended to work best in other liquids and under various working states. That is why it is essential to know the conditions fixed to each style of tool. Fluids are precisely arranged as either fluids or gases. The most vital variation between these two types of fluid lines is their related compressibility, i.e., and gases can be reduced much faster than fluids. Any change that includes vital pressure changes is generally accompanied by much more significant mass density changes in gas than in a liquid.
  2. Kind of measurement. Industrial flow analyses fall under one of two classes: volumetric or mass. Volumetric flow rate is the amount of fluid passing over a given volume per unit of time. Mass flow rate is the change of mass per time. It can be estimated from the fluid or gas mass, speed, and cross-sectional area of flow. Volumetric measuring tools, like variable area meters or turbine flow meters. It cannot distinguish between temperature or pressure differences. Mass flow measurement would need different sensors for these parameters. And a flow computer to pay for changes in these method forms. Thermal mass flow meters are essentially indifferent to changes in temperature or mass.
  3. Flow rate information. A significant phase of the flowmeter range is choosing whether flow rate data should be constant or totalized. A flow rate has to do with a gas or fluid mass moving through a pipe or channel within a given or regular period. A stable constant flow analysis system comprises a main flow tool, flow sensor, electronics, flow recorder, and totalizer.
  4. Desired precision. Accurate flow speed can be the distinction between on-spec quality and useless products. Flowmeter precision is defined in the interest of actual reading (AR), rate of calibrated span (CS), or rate of full-scale (FS) units. It is usually affirmed at the lowest, average, and highest flow rates. A precise knowledge of these terms is required for a meter’s display to be fair over its entire area.
  5. Liquid properties. Users should make sure that the chosen flow meter is fitted with the liquid and cases they are working with. Many plant systems hold firm or erosive fluids. That move below aerated, pulsating, growing, or reverse-flow times. Thick and rough parts can jam or damage interior meter sections. It limits accuracy and finishing in various downtime and servicing.


Picking the right flow analysis solution can have a notable impression on operational and business execution. For this reason, companies expecting a flow meter getting should discuss with a trained instrumentation supplier in the first steps of a project. The energy spent getting about basic flow analysis methods, and available meter benefits will assure a strong form once the kit is fitted.

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