Prices of Car Wash Machines in Kenya

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We know what a daunting and confusing process for buying a new car wash can be. While we certainly can’t cover all the things to know about the car wash machine in just a single post, car wash machines are available in different types and classes. They vary in sizes, features, functionality, and mode of operations, and of course Price of Car Wash Machine in Kenya. With the car wash machinethe business is expanding dramatically in Kenya. These machines can be purchased from the manufacturers and also available in local stores across the country. A new brand car wash machine in between Ksh 45,000 to Ksh 87,000. Apart from this, the used car ranged between Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 40,000 depending on the model, size, type, and condition of the machine.

Aico Car Wash Machine

Aico is a famous manufacturer of high-pressure car wash machines. This brand is setting itself in the market as the best provider of Car Wash Machine through innovation and provision of affordable and quality products. With Aico Car Wash Machine you will have to serve for a long time. These products are quite common and growing in popularity in the market in terms of price and quality. This car wash is versatile and comes with amazing features.

Benefits of Electric Car Wash Machine in Kenya

Less Noise: Electric Car Wash Machines are actually very quiet while in use. It means you can work all day without any disturbance.

Easy to Maintain: it is almost low maintenance and super easy to maintain.

Low Energy Consumption: These Electric Car Wash Machine are highly energy efficient. They produce energy without requiring too much power.

Benefits of Owning a Car Wash Machine in Kenya

A Car Wash Machine can clean much quicker and deeper than a hose pipe and uses less water. It is best to invest in a good quality machine that is able to perform the function that is needed.

Clean Tough Stains: Car Wash Machine comes with different pressure settings to handle different tasks. Tough stains with the high-pressure washer can blast off your car.

Time-Saving: It takes hardly ten minutes to clean your car at low pressure. If you know how to work with this machine it is impossible to spend more hours on your car cleaning.

Cost-effective: It uses less water to wash a car and if looked after using properly it will last five to ten years.

Easy and Convenient: It is one of the biggest perks of the car wash machine; it is easy to access and convenient.

At Car Washing Machines, we offer supreme post-purchase customer support to make sure that you may use your investment effectively. Our professionals corporate directly with the manufacturer to avail a wide range of Aico Car Wash Machine to meet your needs. Visit our website for more details at

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