Advantages of CBSE over State Boards

Advantages of CBSE over State Boards

CBSE tops the most popular boards in India, affiliating best International Schools in NIBM. The course and curriculum is focused on the overall development of the students.  

The Indian education system is categorized according to a few mainboards. State and CBSE boards top the list. All the states in the nation have their board. The state boards' curriculum is primarily focused on the culture, history, and language of the state. 

On the contrary, CBSE is a national board. It includes educational content and advanced teaching methodologies that are in the national interest. For this reason, all major International Schools in NIBM are CBSE affiliated. Both CBSE and state boards are worth considering, but certainly, the former has the edge over the latter. Read on to learn the reasons behind it.  


CBSE is focused on the overall development of students


CBSE's education material is designed to help learners develop reasoning and analytical skills and abilities. The course and curriculum are so designed that it helps develop traits of choice-making through objective questions. The board doesn't put too much pressure on the learners. Instead, it facilitates them with high-end practical and theoretical education. 


A fair system of marking 


Marks may not tell the exact picture of the child's performance, but they are one of the biggest factors to map the students' skills and capabilities. Also, marks play a crucial role in higher studies when students seek admission to a college or university. CBSE board exams are comparatively tougher as the board follows a strict and controlled evaluation process. 


CBSE prepares students for higher studies


Today, most students who start preparing early for their higher studies and CBSE schools help such aspirants perform better in exams like AIIMS, IIT-JEE, and others. For this reason, the admission process of top CBSE schools is tough. Only the deserving can fair in the exams, which generates healthy competition among the students. 


Focus on a conceptual study of subjects 

One of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of the CBSE board is promoting conceptualized understanding among the students. Unlike the State board, the CBSE board's curriculum is so designed that the students are made to understand the concept and not memorize or mug it up. It helps the students in scoring good marks in each subject while attaining subjective knowledge.


Flexibility in choosing subjects 

The flexibility offered by the CBSE board can't be matched with that of the State boards. Students of Standard VIII to XII are allowed to pick subjects of their choice and interest. Plus, they also have the option of picking the language of study. Students can pick a combination of their choice. However, the customization limits vary from one institute to another. 


Final Word 


The students' judgment criteria and preferences in terms of board and school selection depend on the preference of the individuals and their career aspirations. Be sure to find the best International Schools in NIBM to get the highest value education. They are more focused on the overall development of students by facilitating them with matchless courses and curriculum.

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Advantages of CBSE over State Boards, Advantages of CBSE over State Boards,

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