Eliot Spitzer Makes a Comeback to Politics

By Harrison
Eliot Spitzer, who resigned as Governor of New York after five years in the midst of a scandal of prostitution, is re - entering political life, with a race for the whole city of controller Office, and hope that voters have forgiven him his previous fault.

In an interview, Mr. Spitzer, a Democrat, said he believes he could make a big impact in the role, and asked New Yorkers to give him a second chance.

"I'm hopeful there will be forgiveness, I ask you to do this", at - he said in an interview Sunday evening telephone. ''

Re-entry comes at a time where the politicians - as representative Mark Sanford of South Carolina and the Mayor of New York Anthony D. Weiner competitor - showed that disapproval of the public, in particular on sexual misconduct, may be ephemeral, and voters seem open to those who seek forgiveness and redemption.

Mr. Spitzer, an aggressive watchdog on Wall Street when he served as attorney general, wants to overhaul the Office sometimes overlooked in a more activist here, given the power of the controller exercises on the city pension funds and the expenditure of the city.

«The metaphor is what I did with the Office of the Attorney general,"he said Sunday night. «»It is ripe for use larger and more exciting to the jurisdiction of the Agency."

The son of a wealthy real estate developer, Mr. Spitzer intends to pay for his campaign on his own fortune, forgoing public financing of the city system.

Mr. Spitzer has little time to lose: to make the ballot primary in September, the candidates for a position in any city - the Mayor, the public defender and controller - must collect a minimum of 3,750 signatures of voters registered their party by Thursday.

With the recognition of the name of Mr. Spitzer and three million Democrats in the city, this should not be difficult to fill, but it plans to flood the streets and supermarkets with some 100 pickers from signature starting Monday.

«I'll be on the street corner,"he said."»We will be through the city."

The entrance of Mr. Spitzer promised to shake the competition of a controller which, until now, was considered an all-but-certain victory for Scott M. Stringer, the Manhattan borough president.

Mr. Spitzer resigned as Governor on March 17, 2008, after the New York Times reported that he had attended a high range prostitution ring called Emperors Club VIP.
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