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Facebook undoubtedly is one of the biggest platform of Social Media. Almost 80% of the world’s population is active on facebook including big brands & companies. The communication posts posted on brands’ facebook page helps the brand to reach its maximum target audience & increase its brands visibility. The designed posts help to grab people attention at a glance. But the popularly growing face book video is more eye catchy & hook the viewers attention. You can see increasing numbers of attractive videos in your news feed & the number of likes & comments on it are enormous. The auto play feature of face book depicts that people wants to see interesting videos on their timelines. Also face book videos get more organic reach as people are more likely to share eye catchy videos with their friends & on their timeline.

Lets see how to get more engagement & traffic with your face book videos.

1) Inspire Viewers: It is often observed that viewers like inspirational & useful content more than sales messages. It is the same in terms of videos, people like & share inspirational videos more than sales messages. So always try to give something inspiring to your viewers as it is what they want from you. It’s easy to create such videos, you just have to give a motivating message using some inspiring images or quotes with a light music in background & there you are in the heart of your viewers.

2) Educate Or Give Information to your Audience: Audience like videos which give them some useful information it can be easy tips or some useful content which is beneficial for your audience.  Remember your audience engages with your videos if its content gives them some useful information in an interesting way. They are interested in what they want to know not in what you want to share. Eg: Ginger hotel brand

3) Be Entertaining: People go on facebook for fun & to see interesting updates. So try to make your facebook videos quirky & interesting so that your target audience don’t think of avoiding it. This doesn’t means that your video showcase something out of topic, with no connection to your business. Try to make videos of behind the scenes interviews at your company or you can make cartoon character videos which convey your business story. This will help to fulfill your purpose of engaging your target audience while entertaining them.

4) Add featured videos to your timeline: Featured Videos are in the process of evolving fully on facebook. Featured videos are posted above the about us section and are more prominent. The featured video section can be used to showcase the important videos of your company or the most recent video of your company. Facebook itself enables the featured video for your page & once it becomes available on your facebook page you can see Add featured video button in videos tab

5) Create Playlists:  the new thing which you can do in Videos tab is adding playlists in your videos in the tab. Adding videos as playlists in your videos tab helps to showcase all your important videos at a particular place & helps the people to have access to all videos at one place at the same time.

6) Use watch video call to action buttons : Facebook  has a feature of call to action button which appears on the coverphoto of your FB page. The call to action button  helps to take the viewers on the video on your website. This helps to draw traffic of your fb page to your website.  The call to action video can have any name such as Watch Video & the cover photo of fb should give illustration about what the video is all about so that people urge to see the video.

7) Boost Video Views with an ad : If your video is outstanding than people will share it & you will get more organic reach. But if you boost your video as facebook ad your video will get maximum reach & you will achieve the desired results. Consider boosting your video & reaching maximum target audience

8) Embed FB videos in blog post: Facebook videos have an option of embed video where you embed your video in your blog or posts & your video plays in the blog posts while people can see the likes & interaction on the directly on the post . This will help you to know what the views of people about your video are & whether it is fulfilling it purpose.


Facebook Video Tips

To make your facebook video effective follow some steps:

1) The length of your video should be short. It should be not more than 2-3 minutes as message conveyed quickly in short grasp people attention

2) Your video should look professional & chic so that people find it worth watching. Do accurate editing & use light lighting in your video to give it perfect look 7 feel

3) Have effective moments in first 2-3 seconds this will help you to attract the attention of people who use auto play feature in facebook. As the first impression is the last impression

 So the fact can’t be neglected that facebook videos in the new trend on facebook. According to Facebook people are posting 75% more videos on facebook this year as compared to the previous year. Also according to the report brands are now uploading more videos to facebook as compared to you tube.

So a brand can have an effective strategy to use facebook videos for more organic reach & can increase the engagement on its page. Brands can post facebook videos to generate  interest of their viewers in their brand & to drive traffic to their website. As you know, people are interested only in that content which entertain them at the same time have a strong meaningful message in it.  We at EQ Solutions market you Digitally. We help you plan Social Media Promotions, by creating excellent Social Media Marketing Strategies.


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