Cyber Crime On The Rise With Online Dating Apps

By Anand

Cyberspace has been helping millions of us to be able to perform many different things seamlessly. On the flip side, we should consider a fact that; the scammers have started to make many innumerable cyber crimes. It has become a hard thing for us to keep the system in a more secure and safe way. There have been efforts made by the security systems to keep the information confidential and not accessible in any manner.

People have started to use the online dating apps to be able to find their potential partners. There are a few users who are using these apps just to be able to fool the people and fetch their information. These apps are accessible to everyone, but unfortunately, there are a few hundreds of profiles on the app which are fake and not real.

They are users who are falling prey to these kinds of scammers, there are many who have lost a lot of money. The fakers on the app are well versed in having a great conversation and gain the trust of the person from the other end. Unfortunately, in one particular case, the user happened to send money for a business deal. There was a request made to really the safety deposit made, but it was not real, in fact, the person was robbed by the Cyber criminals.

This is just one case, it is not only about the money, and there are many different cases when we consider the fact of cybercrime. At present, it has become a common thing to have the scams happening on online, on a regular basis. There are a few users, who provide false information about themselves, just to get the attention of the person.

It is not only the online dating websites, through which the genuine users are getting betrayed. There are other means too, through which there are millions of people who are getting betrayed. It is not only in one particular country, where this is happening, there are many different countries where this is happening and they are affected by huge amounts of loss.

With the scammers rising in numbers, unfortunately even the genuine ones are getting scrutinized. There was another person who happens to lose the money by making an online payment for a trip. But, ended up to find out that the firm which offered the trip was not a legitimate one, instead it was a scam. When we come across these kinds of situations, we have no clue on how to handle it. There is a question which gets raised, where did the whole thing go wrong?

There are multiple factors, which will make the person vulnerable to give away their personal information. When we consider an online dating app, we share information to become friends or go a step further and get hitched. The conversation which they have seems to be so real and authentic that it is hard to have any kind of doubt in the first place.

People have mastered the skills to fool people easily and the people who are vulnerable are the main targets for them to start with. There are another set of people who are considered to be main targets to make a huge amount of money. It is the people who shop things over the internet, they provide their credit card information and this is where the information is getting leaked to the hands which are not safe and leads to a huge loss for the individual.

It is not only one person who is getting involved in this complete scam, there is a whole group out there who are performing this scams seamlessly. This makes the whole scenario unsafe for anyone to use the particular medium. The world is getting digitized and it is obvious that most of them are using the online websites. There are millions of transactions happening on the internet every day and it even possesses the risk of financial information getting leaked.

A recent survey in the UK stated that there were around 4000 people who were found to be a hoax for the year 2016. These figures are the ones which we know and aware of, but there are lot more which are not aware of. On an average, the loss which a Londoner faces is around 10, 000 pounds and it apparently a huge number. On the whole, the Londoners have lost around 39 million pounds. It is important that an immediate action is taken against the cyber criminals and bring the down the cyber crime rate drastically. 

There are many Londoners who have lost thousands and thousands of pounds because they got in a relationship with people from different countries. They ended up sending money to their potential partners to help them out in the time of crisis. But, they have got themselves involved so deep that it became really hard for them to get out of it.

It is obvious that after losing so much money, they will not be able to get out easily; instead, they will make sure that they receive the money back which they have spent on someone who didn’t seem to be perfect enough. These scammers are so good in persuading people into something really emotional and it has become an easy game for them to get the money they want to have.

Online dating websites have become a big boon to these scammers and fakers to coerce money. They play tricks on the users who are using it for genuine purpose and easily collect the information required. From there it is a complete mess and a roller coaster for the person who gets involved and the person deliberately keeps trying to get off.

There are people who are in search of a partner to give their life a second chance. But, unfortunately, they end up with people who just betray them and leave them stranded with debts to recover. This is absolutely is not a good thing for anyone who has already been through a rough patch in their past. They end up losing all the trust and hope which they had and in the end dread with the consequences they had to cope up with.

A lot of things need to be considered when we are sharing information over the internet, especially online dating websites. When going through a profile, if we find something not be right on the profile. It is better that it is reported to the site, so the account will be verified. Another factor which will keep us safe is, doing a background check on the person. Try to get the information as much as possible, genuine people who want to get into a relationship would not hesitate.

There is a particular trick which the scammers apply, building the trust and making you emotionally comfortable. The moment they realize that we are emotionally attached to the person and would do anything for them. That is when they start to pester of helping them out of their financial crisis. This is when we need to step back and possibly get away from them as soon as possible. It will help us to keep ourselves safe and secure, before getting cheated on or betrayed by any means.

Dating through online sources is a norm and there is nothing wrong in finding the right match. There are certain things which we need to follow when we are searching for someone to get hitched with. Check for the authentic information, proof checks the picture of the person and never give personal information no matter what. Even they were able to build a great amount trust in you, unless and until you are not sure with the fact that everything is genuine and not false. Do not go over the board and always keep in check with the information which you are sharing over the internet.


Author Bio:

Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.

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