Why schools should start teaching Entrepreneurship

Business stems from an idea, but that doesn't necessarily show us the whole picture. Developing a business and taking it forward towards success, requires the brain of a mastermind. When we talk about entrepreneurs names such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Fred Smith comes to our minds instantly. One common thread between all three of those names is their entrepreneurship thinking which pushed their innovative ideas towards the path of success.

An entrepreneur is not merely a business owner; he is the one who changes the face of business. Creativity, risk-taking and constantly evolving ideas are its three most important aspects. They are the spinal cord of business, making it stand or falling apart depends upon their decisions. Students of current generation aspire to become a future business tycoon or the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. The question is, from when can a student start learning about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship?

The more time and dedication an individual puts into or spends on a subject, the more he or she will learn about it. Entrepreneurship needs to be studied from an earlier age to have a broader knowledge of the techniques and strategies required to foster a successful business. College's and diploma courses offer too short time frames to learn about the subject. Schools provide an ideal period in which students can understand the basics of Entrepreneurship and explore its other components.

Most schools and institutions do not teach Entrepreneurship, which makes it further necessary to frame the right curriculum structure. This will make sure that the student learns about the entire subject at a gradual pace. Proper examples and stories of personalities who found entrepreneurial success should be included in the content to inspire the kids. The basics of entrepreneurship and its components should also be divided into chapters for the child to study.

Why should schools teach Entrepreneurship?

It nurtures various unorthodox talents and skills which cannot be fostered through any other subject groups. Entrepreneurship encourages students to think outside of the box and create new and innovative ideas. It provides equal opportunities to every kid, irrespective of their socio-economic background. Following are the reasons why Entrepreneurship should be taught at each and every school:-

ü  It helps to identify what is the problem before jumping into solving the problem.

ü  It helps students understand that failure is part of the growth process.

ü  It helps a child create his or her own path in life.

ü  It promotes social equality.

Students acquire the following skills at a young age when Entrepreneurship is taught at school level:-

  • Running after success

Entrepreneurship inspires everyone to achieve something in life. Even if a kid opts to change his career choice, later on, it will leave an impact on that individual. They will become much hungrier to find success from an early age.

  • Patience

Planning, organizing and setting up a business is not a one day process. It takes years for some to find any glory as an entrepreneur. One has to remain patient in life to find their biggest opportunity. Learning this subject from a school level provides a better understanding of an individual about the importance of staying patient.

  • Adapting to failures

If entrepreneurship is introduced in schools, it will teach students from a young age that this is no smooth ride. There will be many hurdles and roadblocks along the way both professionally and personally. Entrepreneurship helps develop the skill of adapting and overcoming bad phases.


It should be up to the parents and teachers to analyze the interest a child has towards a field. Lack of interest in a particular subject, especially entrepreneurship, can never prosper into any kind of success in today’s competitive age. Having entrepreneurship as a subject in schools helps aspiring students to know the fundamentals of the subject, which can be a huge advantage later on in their careers.

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