Natural Methods to Fight Overweight

Proper nutrition is necessary for good health. Poor food choices and lack of education about nutrition are the leading causes of obesity. This is made worse by lack of exercise and easy availability of cheap calorie rich fast food chains. Overweight is caused by the excess food or improper balance of the intake of food nutrients. Bodyweight is relative to body height. A person is considered overweight or obese if he has a body mass index of 30 percent. About one quarter of the world’s population is overweight. The fun associated with this is that only a relatively small fraction of this population is aware of their overweight. Better still some of the overweight persons are not aware of the consequences of overweight.

Being fat or overweight in itself is not a disease but is a base to many other diseases or ailments like high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, etc. Fat within the body is being accumulated disproportionately. While excess body fat is distributed evenly within the body, subcutaneous fat is stored within the abdomen, trunk or femoral areas. Fats storage is relative to sex and age.

 In order to reduce fat one can follow the natural methods below;

Eat less

One will have calories cut only when he is already at a moderate to high calorie level. It might still be because he underestimates the amount of calories taken. Each and every one looking to have calorie cut should make sure he is not having a low calorie level as this might bring serious negative effects in the long run. Being the ultimate approach to reduce fat, eating less often backfires when taken to extreme levels. Each and every reducing calorie in take and hence reduce fat should be aware of the fact that cutting calories beyond basal metabolic needs eventually decrease body metabolism. There exists a direct proportionality relationship between the degrees of metabolic slow down to the size of the dropdowns relative to basal metabolic rates. Not everyone agrees but it is generally agreed that first adjustment is increasing activity before decreasing calories. It has been forwarded by the conventional approach to dieting that if one is not reducing body fat after a long struggle, then he should consider decreasing their calories. Let’s not forget the best way in reducing fat is burning it than starving. So let’s be more interested in ways to burn fat and not starving it as this might have adverse body effects. Anyone would agree a reduction in calories would eventually bring a reduction in body metabolic rate. If we all agree this then why not see on eating more and eventually doing more cardio for a two fold increase in metabolic rate. Cardio often brings an increase metabolic rate. Eating more also causes an increase in metabolic rate.

Manipulating macronutrient composition of diets

Another good way of reducing fat is knowing how to manipulate the macronutrient composition of diets. Most of the conventional high carbohydrate approach is effective for so many people that is 50 to 55% carbohydrates, 30% protein and lastly 15 to 20% fat. However, a significant drop in carbohydrate and corresponding increase in protein and or fat can so often assist in reducing body weight. When one has carbohydrates decreased in the body and proteins increased in the body through the control of their diets, they thus have a decided metabolic and hormonal advantage over high carbohydrate foods.

Improving on food choice

Having an improvement brought on food choice is another good way of reducing fat. It is generally clear that forcing oneself to eat something they don’t like is not a good idea. But in life we have to make sacrifices and compromise when need arises. When it has to do with shifting body composition, one has to make decisions not basing self on taste and pleasure but on the final results. What is good is the fact that there is at least a middle ground between results and taste. In cases where the middle ground food is not bringing the required results, one should eventually see on upgrading choices to higher grades of food.

Meal times and frequency

Eating at the right time and frequency in reducing fat does plays a vital role to achieving the desired results. There is an amazing effect on one’s metabolic rate by taking frequent meals in small quantities. Under normal conditions having five or six small meals will obviously produce better results than what would be produced by two, three and four meals of the same quantity. Those who are currently taking just three meals a day should see on increasing it to four while those consuming just four daily, should see on increasing to five. Optimally all women should aim for five meals a day while men should aim for six. For those who are already eating five to six meals a day, it is improbable that adding more meals will help substantially. Having to go beyond six or seven is not recommended at all because we are expected to be awake just 16 to 18 hours a day and not more. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for the proper digestion of a meal, so this should be taken into consideration.

Increasing the duration of aerobic exercises

One of the first strategies to employ in reducing fat is increasing the duration of one’s cardio workouts. When carrying out physical exercises with one’s goal being to reduce fat, they should be doing a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise for each session. With time if this does not bring a significant result in reducing fat, one can increase 10 minutes more in a progressive manner until they finally reach 60 minutes maximum for a session of aerobic exercises. Obviously there is a diminishing rate of return for the time spent beyond 60 minutes. At such times, one is in a better position of increasing frequency so as to quickly have significant results in fat reducing. For so many people, 40 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercises per session brings maximum effects for them. Some gifted individuals do obtain quick results with just carrying out aerobic exercises for 20 to 25 minutes per session.

Increasing the frequency rate of aerobic exercises

If one is already carrying out long aerobic workouts exercises to reduce body fat, increasing duration above 60 minutes might as well be exhaustive physically. When one has reached this option and still thinks he is not satisfied with their results, he should see on increasing working frequency with time. It is advisable to start just with three working sessions of aerobic exercises per week. For those aiming to increase the rate of reducing fat, they should progressively add one session until they reach six to seven days a week. It is true so people believe it is excessive but this is eventually when maintained for a long time. For the purpose of reducing fats, one to twelve months of exercises can do wonders.

Increasing intensity of aerobic exercises

Anyone already doing aerobic exercises for six to seven days with each session running from 45 to 60 minutes and still wants extra improvements, still have options. One at such times can now push self to burn extra amount of calories in the same amount of time. One can just increase working intensity up to a point. For lots of people, getting up around 85% of their estimated maximal heart rate is thereby approaching the anaerobic threshold. A point at which if one should keep on pushing harder he will start losing their breath and are forced to stop or slowdown in order to recover the oxygen debt created. If one is working around 70% of their estimated heart rate then there still exist more room for an increase to be made.

Change type of aerobic exercise

Because our bodies have incredible abilities to adapt to anything we throw self into, one should vary exercises so as to break out of their routine. A solid reason on why constant variation is the best way in reducing fat. Just one change in the exercise type is a catalyst in reducing fat. Should in case one is getting best results from exercise, he should not change it for some time.

Incorporating high intensity interval training in to one’s aerobic programme

Nutrition problem accounts for up to 99% of not obtaining positive results when one does daily cardio for a long duration. If it should happen that one’s nutrition is strongly in place then he should worry not for there are still lots of exercise options available to take on. High intensity interval training is one of the exercises which is actually the practice of pushing oneself for short burst is followed with a small resting period. Generally the length of the intervals is usually one minute which can range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Such training with intervals does allow one to push pass his normal heart zone for a little period and as a consequence more calories are being burnt. One then reduces his intensity just enough to catch back normal breath, thereby repeating for the length of the session. Anyone who uses this method would obviously have a very high calorie burn in just a fairly short period of time with easily observable results. Another great advantage of interval training is the fact it increases one’s metabolic rate in a dramatic manner so that even after training the burning of calories continues.

Double cardio

It is just so clear that cardio twice a day is an extreme activity that an average person does not have time for. After all doing cardio twice a day is not a necessity but just a wonderful and effective tool one can used for a short period of time in reducing fat. So many fitness competitors and body builders do take on cardio twice a day at least two weeks before competitions after which they move back to cardio once a day. Double cardio has as benefits being the incredible boost of enormous calorie burn and the boosting of the body metabolic processes. Metabolism rate starts racing far beyond normal rate when interval training is employed. This strategy should be reserved for last resort if one is out for reducing fat. Remember never to stay on double cardio for a long time otherwise aerobic adaptation may obviously occur.

This section of the article has to do with the best ways to lose belly fat. So below we shall actually be discussing on these best ways to lose belly fat.


Sleeping for about 7 hours a night is actually one of the best ways to lose belly fat. Working late at night which leads to less sleeping hours would obviously bring one to eating more. It is a clear fact if one is tired, he produces lots of ghrelin which in turn triggers craving for sugar and other foods that bring about fat. So when evening comes after a hard day of struggle everyone wishing to lose belly fat should rather go to bed for a good sleep.

Short burst of exercises

One shall not actually get the results he/she wants after 1000 crunches have given him/her abdominal muscles having a layer of fat on them. So instead of all these crunches, as a best way to lose belly fat instead do lots of exercises that do engage multiple muscle groups thereby working one’s cardiovascular system. Getting up and walking for the whole day will also help one lose belly fat. Circuit training is considered by some people as a best way to lose belly fat. It has been found to be more effective than traditional cardio.

Remove or reduce refined grains/sugar

80% of the fight for belly fat is actually a healthy diet High consumption of sugar leads to the production of insulin directly which is the major cause of extra fat.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the making of carnitine which is a compound the body requires and uses in turning fat to body fuel. So a good consumption of fruits which contain vitamin C in great quantities is one of the best ways to lose belly fat.

Keep three hours between diner and bed time

 Avoiding late and heavy night snacks is another best way to reduce belly fat. Night snacks with little activity being done after increases blood sugar leading to increase in insulin which is the major cause of extra fat.

Drink less alcohol

Another best way to lose belly fat is drinking less alcohol as this would eventually accumulate much fat around one’s waist.

Anyone looking out to fat reduction has to take care of his/her diet a reason for the fat burning foods we are about to discuss. Chia seeds are wonderful fat burning foods to be consumed. In general anyone looking for fat burning foods should consider all that contains vitamin C which is essential in making carnitine a compound needed and actually used by the body for burning fats to body energy.

Fat loss diet is essential for anyone wishing to loss fat. For fat loss diets consider consuming mushrooms, bananas, and oranges. 

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