Qualities to Look for in a Personal Health Coach

Qualities to Look for in a Personal Health Coach

Things come naturally to animals through years of evolution and just raw instincts. No one teaches the animals how to be animals. 

Humans know better than animals, so you'd think we would do better in taking care of ourselves. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case sometimes.


Switching to a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, humans do things that are not entirely healthy. Not because they don't know that a habit is bad, or a certain food is not good for their health. They do it because they enjoy it.

And it takes a little more than just knowing what's bad for them to make them stop these habits. 

Deciding to change your habits and switching to a healthy lifestyle requires positive reinforcement and of course, the correct guideline to the path of healthiness. And a health coach is perfect for the job.


Choosing the Right Health Coach

If you are determined to turn your life around and start your journey to better health-- you will need a lot of motivation, energy, and the right health coach.

Your progress in your transition to a healthy lifestyle is going to be a partnership between you and your health coach. So you need to get along with them and they need to be compatible with you.


Here are some key qualities that you should look for a health coach:


Must be Inspiring

Your health coach should be able to inspire you to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. The journey to a healthy lifestyle is by no means easy. Your health coach should understand you and know how to inspire you to keep choosing the path to better health.


Must be a Believer

Your health coach should be a believer, but not just any believer. Your health coach must be YOUR believer. They should trust in your abilities, just as you trust theirs. 

Your health coach should not go easy on you. They should explore your lifestyle and test your strengths. They should give you challenges and set the highest possible goal as they see fit.

They should never underestimate you and your potential. They should help you overcome your weaknesses and guide you to your goal.


Must be Knowledgeable

You need guidance on your journey to better health. You do not need another person who does not know what they are doing. Your health coach should have complete knowledge of body and mind health. Otherwise, 


Must be an Active Listener

Your health coach should be a good listener. They need to hear you out as you share your experience and the reasons behind your current lifestyle. They need to process all the information you give them and consider them when they plan your routine.

Listening to you is necessary for them to understand the issue and find ways to solve them.


Must be a Mentor

Not everyone has the talent for teaching, but a health coach definitely should have a knack for mentoring.

The journey to a healthy lifestyle is not easy. You need a good mentor to encourage and inspire you. They should have the patience to inspire your repeatedly every time you fail. They should encourage you until you finally achieve your goals. 



Anyone can claim that they know how to be healthy, but not everyone can be a great health coach. A good health coach will take time to understand your physical and mental conditions so that they can give you the best possible health plan.

Look for the qualities of a great personal coach to find the right trainer for you in your transition to a healthy lifestyle.

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