Quick Ways to Make Extra Money

There are so many ways to make extra money even for those not feeling the sting of a lacklustre economy. Below are some of the ways which are briefly and clearly explained for making extra cash.

Local hometown opportunities

1.    Leaf raking: Many home owners do not have time to clear dead leaves which fall around their homes. There are also lawns across the country which one can clear for extra money making. These are ways to make extra money just by raking these leaves or clearing the lawn and get paid for.

2.    Lawn mowing: A robust lawn can be contributed by regular mowing. What is fortunate is, so many are too occupied to do it themselves whereas others are too lazy to take on the work themselves. So as one aiming to make extra cash, see on considering a part time lawn mowing business which can pay up to 20 dollars an hour or even more.

3.    Landscaping: Moving from weeding to mulching to tree trimming is a full time job which should be considered by anyone aiming to make extra money. Without buying a lot of gear, one can make a decent amount of money through light landscaping.

4.    Snow removal: Whether it’s actually shovelling off the local sidewalks and drives or the snow municipal streets. Snow removal has always and would always remain an arduous and for this reason it does pay quiet well under right circumstances.

5.    House painting: When it comes to house painting one does not need to be a professional to take on the task. Just grab some few brushes and tarps. House painting can eventually assist one make extra cash without over stressing self, neither over spending for training.

6.    Brush clearing: Unwanted detritus and clutter can pile up faster than one thinks even on the lightest of woods.

7.    Gardening: Most home owners with large garden plots generally do not have time to go round it so often for maintenance. So if one possesses a green tomb then he should move up to performing the regular garden maintenance. A freelance gardening gig is actually a wise move to be taken by any aiming to make extra money.

8.    Dog walking: Man’s best friend the dog does need a lot of regular care and attention for its wellbeing. So if one loves animals especially dogs, then a dog walking side job is a no-brainer. For dog walking can pretty make an addition to one’s money.

9.    Moving services: If one has got for self a van or a pickup truck and really does not mind breaking a sweat. Then helping the locals in their movement from one place to another is actually a good way of getting the best from one’s vehicle. This is one of the brilliant money making ideas to bring extra money into one’s possession.

10.  Babysitting: with some free time at hand and with the love for kids, then babysitting is actually a good way of making extra money.

11.   Housecleaning: Housecleaning actually is difficult getting started with, but if one finally learns and knows how to network and acquire new clients then the pay can be a solid one thus making extra cash.

12.   PC Repair: Do to the outstanding number of people who cannot fix their PCs nor it’s trouble shoot performance issues. There is the need for one handy with technology, so if one is eventually handy with technology then he should consider taking on this as a source of extra money making.

13.   Auto Detailing: One easy overlooked opportunity easy to break in to is cleaning car interiors. So one aiming to make extra money should put up some ads craigslist, get some cleaning materials and shall become golden.

14.   Tutoring: Students around the world are actually more than ready to pay for expert mentoring and assistance. So one aiming to make extra money can consider tutoring as an option to take for the accomplishment of his desires of making extra cash.

15.   Window washing: Being another great opportunity but often forgotten or kept aside by many is window washing. Anyone aiming to make extra money can consider this as an option for the equipment isn’t expensive and the work is not bad for the money.

16.   Distributing flyers: The use of flyers to expand visibility and broaden reach by local businesses is often so frequent. So any one aiming to make extra cash can consider distributing these flyers around town and get paid for.

17.   Refinishing furniture: Refinishing furniture is eventually a simple way of making extra money since dirt often affect furniture with time so often.

18.   Home improvements: If one is an adept at home trouble shooting shining roofs, plumbing leaks or fixing odd problems around the house. He should actually consider a home improvement business.


19.    Run errands: Around the world it has been noticed that high-powered professionals are just so often occupied that they don’t have time to do their shopping. So anyone in search of extra cash can consider running their errands as part time job or full time position.

20.   Assist the elderly: It has been observed around the world that senior citizens lack the necessary ability to perform basic tasks for themselves. Assisting the elderly is not just decently lucrative but rewarding.

Seasonal opportunities

1.    Amazon: Amazon hires thousands of part time staff during the holiday season. Their tasks consist of dealing with the massive influx of additional orders. The jobs they offer include warehouse stocking, order processing and customer service.

2.    UPS: Just like Amazon, UPS also experience the pressure to cope with more than excess demand during the holidays. So anyone willing to do some manual labours can easily snatch a part time job moving boxes.

3.    Bricks and Mortar Retailing: During each holiday season, every big box retailer in developed world is in search of stockers, sales people and cashiers so as to staff their shops when the shoppers come flooding in.

4.    Private catering: All the private party industries are actually booming during any holiday. So if one has a service experience then he can eventually snatch a one-time event job thereby earning generous tips.

5.    Capitalising on supply crunches: If one should find self in a hurricane prone area, he should buy gas generators when they are cheap and selling them when they are out of stock at local retailers. This is a smart play to make extra cash for anyone wishing to.

6.    Concerts and Festivals: All local festivals always need extra help with checking passes, directing traffic and punching tickets during the summer concert season. So anyone aiming to make extra money can consider picking out one of the task to accomplish for a payment.

7.    Christmas tree farming: Even though it’s a little bit labour-intensive, one can use any extra land under his control to plant acres of Christmas trees. And when a high demand of it arises, then he can sell them so as to make extra money.

8.    Wedding photography: Lots of ample profit opportunities are being provided by the summer wedding season for all those who are handy with a camera. This is actually a stellar way to earn extra cash.

9.    Camp counsellor: This is a significant good idea for educators having the summer off and wishing to make extra money. Being a camp counsellor is a way of making extra money especially for those who live in areas with lots of state parks together with natural areas.

10.     Fruit Picking: Temporary workers are so often contracted by local orchards and berry farms. This is done so as to meet demand during the summer month. Fortunately, there rarely exist shortages of these farms around the world. Thus, anyone aiming to make extra cash should see on taking part.

11.     Recreational league referee: Volleyball, soccer, softball and baseball leagues always need the skills of a referee to officiate games. So anyone highly knowledged in any of these games aiming to earn extra money should see on taking part in the task.

12.     Winter boat storage: Mostly concerning those living beside a lake and also have extra barn space or garage. They can eventually leas it out to boat owners for extra cash.

13.     Street performance: The down towns of cities across the whole country during summer months are flooded with tourists. So if one is greatly skilled in a particular domain of life like guitar playing, then he should break out a guitar, get out a spot and start playing for donations.

14.   Tax preparation and Auditing: Local and nationwide tax firms need additional help during the tax season in preparing and filling returns.

15.   Rent parking space: Parking space is always at premium during most national celebrations and its thus wise renting parking space so as to make extra money.

16.  Life guard: Local attractions during tourist seasons like historic sites often need guides on short notice. So anyone aiming at making extra cash can consider applying at local state parks or historical attractions.

Ways to make extra money requires smart money making ideas. Move up to neighbours, if possible older neighbours are good candidates, relatives or even family friends. Inform them of your willingness and determination to do work for money. Ask from them if they actually need someone to do some services you are interested in.

Making money online

Let’s now see how we can make money online for there is a special breed of online millionaires that are seriously making lot of money over the internet. What is funny is the fact they keep themselves and their activities under the radar. This famous strategy has created more millionaires than anyone could ever imagine. One might ask self how I do know, it’s just because I am one of the millionaires who has chosen to reveal each and every component of this wonderful and incredible strategy.

It’s clear that 99% of the folks who do try to make it on the internet just follow the same route others do and the same activities that others do, all moving in one big herd. When it comes to the highly competitive online arena, doing the same things others do, really does not gives one a chance for success. So in order to eventually win the internet battle, one has to go off the beaten path, thereby doing something different. Thereby possessing a competitive edge and this is where my simple strategy steps in.

In order to make money on the internet, one eventually needs to get noticed by the search engines. One also needs to climb up the search engines result pages. Inconveniently Google together with the other search engines do give preference to large and already established sites. And as a result of this the little guy with a relatively new or small website does not actually stands even a little chance. Of course one can take the natural route that is requires about 5 years establishing a site which shall be liked by Google. Take some unconventional measures while being more creative. Below is a list of some tools and services, cyber millionaire’s use;

  • Key word research tool: Keyword canine is actually a multi feature for lots of niche discovery, back link analysis and key word research.
  • Hosting service: HostGator is actually a reliable web hosting. HostGator has lots of interesting features that make it suitable for internet marketing activities.
  • WordPress theme: Thesis being more than a theme is a design and a good template manager for WordPress.
  • Content creator: we have the Article builder which produces high quality and unique articles which are built around the topic and key words.
  • Email marketing tool: all email marketing activities are being managed by weber, which creates sign up forms, collecting and also managing subscribers. It also sends out all scheduled emails and even more. It is very powerful but still remains easy to use.
  • Article spinner: has the best spinner which is a multi-featured tool eventually used for creating multiple versions of an article that would just be seen as unique in the search engine.

Next stage to fully take advantage of my strategy is to follow the list of money making ideas that touches every internet marketing activity. These ideas are listed below;

  • One way of making money online is selling things one has made by self through sites like
  • Anyone wishes to make extra cash can take paid surveys online.
  • Anyone wishing to make money online can do this by playing games. We have Farm Gold which is a site one can login during his spare time to play fun games and get paid.
  • Never make the mistake of quitting your job until the online money making opportunity starts paying off.
  • Those who love to write can consider selling their fiction or non-fiction work through electronic books over the internet.
  • One can eventually start making money online by doing micro gigs. 
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