Eye Catching Safety Procedures in the Work Place

Did you ever wonder how dangerous your work place (whether a government ministry, School, Industrial company, offshore and so on) could be? Typically speaking, many workers do not take note of their safety while working in the work places. Like-wise, the first rule to be played by any employer in the work place is the safety of their employees. Do not forget that as an employee, risking your life or working without following the safety procedures of the company or work place is same as jeopardizing the policies of the company or work place as well as destroying its image. The truth is that the employer is responsible for safety in the work place followed by you and nobody else than you. Below are some safety procedures to implement;

Safety slogans in the Work Places.

Safety slogans in the work places general provide catchy ways to simplify complex safety concepts and make them easy to remember both by the employer and its employees. They are usually used in various ways to ensure safety awareness all over the workplace, including signs, banners, flyers, posters, shirts and so on. It is also very important for employers to include safety slogans in the work place in employee newsletters, training materials as well as other forms of internal communication.

Generally speaking, as an employer, it will be vital if you can use any tool for the safety of your employees or help improve their safety in the work place. It is worth noting that safety slogans are not the only option because pictures, jokes, posters, flyers, as well as safety quotes can also be used by the employer to improve the health or spread the safety measures throughout his company or work place.

In actual sense, every work place or company has its own type of safety slogans. Whatever you postulate as a safety slogan, is based on the type of company. The thing is, many safety slogans mean the same but it would be better if some companies could use slogans that reflects their individual goal.

Here are some important safety slogans;

  • Safety is your number one priority.

Every company makes sure that safety is the first priority to avoid risk or loss of life of its employees. As earlier discussed above, a loss in the life of an employee tarnishes the company’s reputation as well as making a lost because it will also have to compensate for the lost life. Is your company ready to tarnish its own reputation? Not Absolutely NO. Then what next? For sure it is to make safety your number one priority

  • Safety is No Accident.

As discussed in the first safety slogan above, where ever there is safety in a company, there is no accidents unless one goes against his own awareness. It is take it safe and stay safe.

  • The Key To Safety Is in Your Hands.

Yes that’s it, you use your hands to do your daily responsibilities in the work place so why not take you time to win your safety with just your hands?

  • Safety Is a Choice You Make.
  • A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.
  • Risk Makes Sense.
  • What do you think could go wrong and what can you do about it?
  • Do your best or you are gone.
  • Celebrate what went right.
  • A good safety culture is built over time. It is never given.
  • Use your brain. Avoid the Strain.

Health and safety Posters

All work places in addition to safety slogans need health and safety posters. Employers will need to choose the best health and safety posters that conform to their work place. Posting this type of safety signs informs the employees how committed you are to their safety. Also in addition to general poster or wall posters, there are floor posters such as caution, forklift traffic, and so on which are a great secondary reminder against hazards.

Let’s move on discussing some important health and safety posters.

  • Some safety posters say; “do the safe thing even if no one is watching”

Of course you should always do the safe thing in the work place even though no one might be watching. Many employees turn to ignore this rule while some keep it for a later correction or safe keeping. You dare and you are the victim to that same scene.

  • We have ”upped our safety standards so you up yours too”.

Many people never imagine that it is not a one man party working in a company. It is like saying I do my job so do yours too. What I mean is the employer or company usually implement rules for your safety only for you to be aware and therefore making a choice to be safe always by maintaining the rules of the company.

  • ACCIDENTS HAPPEN far more to those who do not follow safety Rules.

You can understand from such health and safety posters that it is your responsibility to follow all safety rules no matter whether your employer is also a part of your safeness in the work place. Imagine the case of an institution where students have their lecturers. In this case the lecturer has a first priority towards the students to lecture the students but don’t imagine the lecturer to be concerned with your safety at school. In this same sense, the employer has a first priority to inform its employees on how being safe in the work place is important but the employee should not think the employer will always be with him/her as he carries out his/her daily responsibilities to which his safety is part of it.

  • Stay Alert, hazards come from all directions. Most people moving around industrial areas should be well alert of the fact that hazards do come from any direction no matter whether you are walking or in the industry. Just keep yourself alert and you are safe. This does not only relate to people moving around such industrial areas but also include all its workers.
  • In case of Fire, exit building before tweeting about it. In this case, the responsibility is yours, get safe or get hurt. It is your duty to always be safe so why not rush out of the building or company on fire before tweeting about what happened or what is going on? I did not mean to rush out of the fire zone in the building, I said BUILDING ON FIRE. Running out of the fire zone does not imply you are safe to tweet or stand and do what so ever. Think about it, rolling or falling objects could still get you out of the fire zone in the building. 

Quotes about Safety in the Work Place.

Quotes are good tools to help keep your employees focused on their safety as well as the safety of the company. Employers should use them in memos, display them on bulletin boards as well as feature them in employee newsletters on a regular basis. The main idea of using quotes about safety effectively is to find out ones that help you get your point across in a way that will be really meaningful to the employees, as such, easy to remember. Below are some safety quotes.

  • If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.
  • There is nothing as strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.
  • Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.
  • For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.
  • Safety first” is “Safety Always.
  • Precaution is better than cure. 
  • Safety is a cheap and most effective insurance policy
  • Safety means first aid to the uninjured
  • Prepare and prevent, do not repair and repent
  • The best ergonomic solution will often improve productivity.

Let’s get further with the safety procedures in the workplace

Work Place Safety Procedures

There are numerous procedures deployed by every work place on the safety of the worker or employees such as security procedures, disease prevention procedures, housekeeping procedures, managerial or leadership procedures and so on. Until the safety management team does not look on satisfying everyone procedure in the work place, there will always be accidents in the work place.

Some of the procedures in work places are discussed below.

  • Incident Reporting Procedures in work place

This is the first and foremost responsibility of any management team in the work place. Reporting procedures is an essential part in maintaining safety in the work place. It will be impossible to regulate hazards or injuries, if accidents as well as safety threats are not brought to the attention of the leadership or safety manager. After which any incident is being reported, the management team will need to investigate for the causes of the incident as well as how to minimize or eliminate it within the company. After investigation procedures have been completed, the company or the management board will have to choose the most suitable means to report the procedures in the simplest way that every employee is able to understand and memorize thereafter. The procedures must highlight the type of incidents which are being reported in the work place as well as standardized safety forms to accompany the implementation of the procedures in the work place.

  • Housekeeping Procedures in work place.

This is one of the most important procedures in the work place. Many workers are fun of saying “I WILL DO IT LATER”. Yes you can do it later, but on the other hand you are already registering yourself a victim. What I am referring to is that every safety management team has the responsibility to implement good housekeeping procedures but on the other hand it is up to every employee to respect such Housekeeping procedures to prevent themselves from slips and falls as well as from infection in the work place. Take for example: you were carrying a cup of tea and a file containing some documents. On your way to your office, you mistakenly throw the cup of tea on the floor. What you have to do first is to keep that area clean and tidy rather than saying let me go keep the file in my office first. Considering you went into your office and found a client or colleague waiting for you, you will surely let go the broken tea cup and tea scene. Actually what are you doing? Jeopardizing the rules of the company, creating an accident scene for someone as well as your self in case you are the first to get pass over that same area without thinking of what earlier happened there.

  • Work place Fire safety procedures

Every work place must have a fire safety procedure. Safety managers must install smoke detectors, properly functioning alarms as well as ensuring that aisles as well as emergency exit routes in the work place are not blocked in the event of fire. It is the responsibility of the safety team to ensure that the emergency exit route is well identified by every employee in the work place. The safety management team as well as every employee has a responsibility to report any incident such as naked wires, flammable materials in hot work rooms, space heaters, chemical substances, as well as electrical devices sparking.

  • Work place Security Procedures

Another very important procedure in the work place is to be secured. Being secured prevents the work place and its employees from violent behaviors, criminal, break in and many more. It is advisable that no employee should pass on any work place code to any person no matter whether that person works in the same work place as you. Keys also should be avoided. Employees most also take the procedure of securing their work place to avoid unnecessary wondering of strangers in the work place and beside it is most important to keep the work place door close during non-working hours. Also security must be considered a very important procedure as work place violence between colleagues is one of a kind nowadays. The management team has to ensure that all employees are satisfied with their colleagues and be of one accord.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Procedures in work place

This is highly essential in technical work places. Every employee has the responsibility to follow the rules implemented while working in technical environments. Each employee has the responsibility to wear all necessary personal protective equipment which includes; a safety google, safety shoes, safety gloves, safety hat, as well as a safety dress. Strict rules must be put     in place by the employer to ensure the use of all necessary PPE when required.

Conclusively, work place safety is the most important and first priority of every business, company, firm etc Remember.




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