Things to Consider When Applying for a Canadian Student Visa

Things to Consider When Applying for a Canadian Student Visa

Canada is fast becoming a choice destination for international students, mainly due to two reasons. First, the universities in Canada have the same standards as those in the United States, which means you get a quality education. Secondly, tuition and accommodation fees are lower than in the US, so you also get to save some bucks. But, studying in Canada requires that you have the proper documentation. So, here are the considerations to make when applying for a Canadian student visa.


Are you eligible?

You have to determine if you can study in Canada before attempting to look for a Canada student visa. According to top migration consultants, you should be enrolled at a designated learning institution as a first step. This means a Canadian university has already accepted you, so all you need is the proper documentation to start your studies.


Next, you must show that you have enough funds to pay for tuition and living expenses. If you are relocating with a family, you must prove you can also take care of their essential well-being. Other eligibility criteria are:

  • You're a law-abiding civilian with no criminal record
  • You are in good health and have passed the medical exam
  • Prove that you mean to leave Canada when your permit expires
  • You have transportation for yourself and your family when you come to Canada


Application process

Now that you know the eligibility criteria let's focus on the application process. Top migration consultants say the process isn't complicated. You only need to do five major things:

  • Obtain a standardized letter of acceptance from a top university. If you plan to school in Quebec, you must also have a certificate of approval called CAQ from the Quebec government. Without these two documents, you can't apply for a student visa.
  • Get a Canadian student application package. If you are working with a top migration consultant, they will help you expedite this process. They may even take care of the process for you. If not, visit the CIC website, Canadian embassy or consulate in your country and obtain the forms. If you want to apply for a temporary resident visa, this is a great time. That's because you can process the two visas simultaneously.
  • Answer all questions on the CIC website honestly. These queries help determine your eligibility to apply online for a Canadian student's visa. They also help determine the documents you require for the same.
  • Once you are found eligible, you receive a code valid for 60 days. Use this code to submit your application online. You also get an application guideline, estimated tuition fee, list of documents to submit, and a guide on which steps you should take next.
  • From here, all you need to do is create an MYCIC account, enter your code and submit your documents to CIC. If you are required to attend an interview at your local visa offices, plan for this as well.


Language requirement

You must prove that you know English skills. It mainly applies to students who aren't from English-speaking countries. Tests you can take to demonstrate your language proficiency skills include PTE Academic, IELTS Academic, C1 Advanced, and TOELF iBT exam.

There you have it. While the process isn't lengthy, things can get a little complicated if you aren't sure what to do. Working with a top migration consultant will help you have a smooth ride and may even raise the likelihood of getting your visa approved faster. After applying for the visa, it will take up to 90 days, but the process may be faster. How long it takes will also determine with your home country. You can expedite the process using the student direct stream.

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