Best Pet to Have in an Apartment

Having a pet, it's like having a permanent tool for stress relief. It is said be a pet owner can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate.

When one lives in a small space such as an apartment, you must think about what is the best pet for this type of life. There are still plenty of choices for you to choose from, even though you obviously aren't planning to have a great Dane! Below, we list some animals adapted to apartment living.

The freshwater aquarium - the most popular being the goldfish. Watch the fish swim around just a few minutes a day can reduce your stress level. You can even submit a hermit crab in the aquarium for additional interest.

Cats - Cats are fun and very nice to snuggle in. They love to play and require little maintenance. If you are happy to train them to use the kitty litter for her toilet, this could be your choice. Cats still love the outdoors and it is not uncommon nowadays for people to walk a cat on a leash.

Guinea pigs, hamsters and mice - these animals take very little space because they live in cages and are also large animals if you have children. The cage can hold toys game like wheels and a sandbox. One thing to note is that Guinea pigs and hamsters are nocturnal animals which means that they prefer the night to the day.

Birds - are easy to maintain because they live in cages. You have several choices here with the size and breed of parakeets and Canaries (two small birds you may have more than one) for the parrots and parakeets. Parrots make great pets and are very sociable. You can teach how them to speak and you two have fun.

Dogs - Dogs of course vary in size and breeds and not always small breeds suited to apartment life. Some dogs are prone to bark when you are away, which wouldn't be good for the big life. A Pug is a great choice because it is a very quiet dog and has need of a bit of time outside, every day.

Exotic pets - snakes, and geckos are excellent pets for adults and children and require only a small space for accommodation.

The above list is of suitable animals to live in a small space if you are owner of an apartment, it is best to check with the legal person before buying a since they may have rules governing that pets are allowed. The same thing applies if you rent. Speak with the owner or real estate agent before bringing a pet in the apartment.

What is your choice, the love of your pet and it will be your best friend for life.

Having a pet, it's like having a best friend, as they love you unconditionally.
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