Dorbuk Visitor Management System: Why Should You Use It?


Since tools, technologies, and trends keep on changing, various business processes are getting modified to match the pace. The visitor management system is such a revolution in checking-in and checking-out for an office. It helps to showcase the security, professionalism, modernism, and efficiency of a business.



If you want to set up a visitor management system in your office, you should go for a best-in-class one like the Dorbuk visitor management system. In short, the Dorbuk visitor management system is a reputed, secure visitor management system based on the cloud. It helps to advance the reception of an office.


Dorbuk comes as a power-packed visitor management system that can revolutionize and professionalize the sign-in and sign-out processes of guests. It also helps to invite guests.



More about Dorbuk Visitor Management System

The Dorbuk visitor management system features a total of two units. One is the Dorbuk mobile application to run on tablets or smartphones of the users. The software ensures secure and seamless check-in and check-out of office visitors. And you already know it can also be used in inviting guests.



The other unit of the Dorbuk visitor management system is a 100% integrated cloud-based web interface to provide the users with real-time analytics as well as reports. The web portal can also be used for checking-in, checking-out, and guest invitations.

Dorbuk Visitor Management System: Functionalities

It is time to discuss the best-in-class functionalities of the Dorbuk visitor management system:


Self-service Kiosk:

It is an application of the Dorbuk visitor management system to make guests self-sufficient for checking-in and checking-out processes without calling for any support or help from any office staff.

Self-service Kiosk is rather user-friendly and easy-to-use. Moreover, it goes well for both Android and iOS platforms. The app comes with an excellent option to personalize the App Interface. Besides, the users can also expect unlimited device support.


Administrator Interface:

Dorbuk visitor management Software features an administrator interface to provide precise analytics reports. It ensures real-time reports & analytics along with the convenience of dashboards.

Moreover, the Administrator Interface also provides users with the option for host management. The feature also ensures user management and host interface. Employees working in an office are called hosts of that organization.

The Dorbuk desktop computer or mobile application enables hosts to enter the visitor details and start inviting the guest by sending him/her a PIN (6 digits).

Next, the invited visitor makes use of that 6-digit PIN when it comes to checking-in to the office space. That’s it! No other details would be needed for entering the organization.

The Dorbuk visitor management system also enables its users to get email & SMS alerts, mobile application notifications once the guest arrives at the office. Moreover, the software lets the host send invitations to guests and go through the details of the current office visitors. Besides, host notifications on a real-time basis further streamline the entire process.

If you are a mobile user, you can start using the application of the Dorbuk visitor management system. On the other hand, if you are a desktop user, you need to use the web interface of the software.


Monitoring the Arrival of Guests:

You already know the system enables the hosts to know about the guests’ arrival via mobile app notifications, emails, and SMS. Moreover, the software for visitor management comes with an interface for the receptionist or security head of an organization.

These staff of the office can complete many activities by using the Dorbuk visitor management system. It includes checking-in new guests, checking-out guests, and checking-in an invited visitor via the 6-digit PIN that had been produced as well as shared by the designated office employee.

The Dorbuk visitor management system also enables the receptionist or security head to manage frequent guests and check-in these guests.


Opt for Dorbuk Visitor Management System

Do you want to boost your business reputation? Then, you should start using the Dorbuk visitor management system. The software transforms the reception area of an office into a contemporary and smart space that your business calls for to upgrade the operation. In short, it is a revolutionary approach to escalate brand recognition, first impression, and professionalism.

Do you want to ensure safety in your organization? Then, the Dorbuk visitor management system can be an ideal solution for you! It would help to keep the safety and security issues of a workplace at bay. Since visitors need to sign in to the app in advance, you can be sure of a safer, productive, and more efficient organization than earlier.

Not only business organizations but schools can also have the Dorbuk visitor management system in place to ensure the safety and security of the premises. It is a trustworthy software program that makes sure of precise data with records of each and every visitor entering the school every day.

Even if you are an apartment resident, you can boost your security by having the Dorbuk visitor management system.











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