How to Increase Your Page Rank in Google

By Andrea
The design of a website is 1 determinant of its success. You can have the best Internet search site, but if no one can find it, it is just a waste. To make your site popular, it must be at least at page 2 of the listing of a search engine. Page 1, is even better, and of course nothing can beat the number 1 on page 1. But it is not easy to be number 1, and usually that means having to find new and successful ways to increase your pagerank. Therefore, consider the following steps in your efforts to improve your page ranking.

Understand that there is no guaranteed method for getting your Web site for number 1, but there are techniques that you can use to increase your chances. The best bet is to integrate all of these methods to obtain a better ranking page.

Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if you are not already familiar with this technique. The system is to add keywords to various Web sites design tags, such as images and links. It also implies the use of these same keywords in the content and headers. SEO will teach you what you need to get your Web site indexed properly and recognized. There are many information for free online, so take the time to understand how SEO can take you to page 10 in a search on page 1.

Make sure that your Web site design is search engine friendly. The idea is that when a search engine visits your site, it can easily travel through the pages and he gets a clear picture of what it is. This means that all your pages must have clear working links to other pages, and that no pages are lost in space. In addition, you do not want to trick a search engine so that he leaves without taking a complete inventory of what your site offers.

Increase your pagerank by including a Sitemap on your site so that search engines can get an understanding rapid what its all about and index accordingly.

Add backlinks from other sites to yours and you will see your pagerank increase. As more and more sites link to yours, search engines will be directed to your site and interpret that positively. You can add backlinks by commenting on other blogs and add a link to your site when you sign, or you can provide content to other sites, and then create a link to your site via your credit. Social media and forums are other places where you can place backlinks to your site. Most of the traffic that visits your site, the better it will turn to the search engines, and more they classify you.

Keep your content up-to-date and interesting. Search engines continue to classify sites to update. If you do not refresh your content, the search engines ignore you, and you will decrease your site's ranking in other sites exceed yours.
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