The Future of Tourism and Travel: City Dwellers and Avid Travellers

The way we we travel and explore the world has seen less exponential transformation despite the proliferation of social networks and lots of tourism apps.

Fonolive is about to change all of that and transform our travel and tourism experience in ways unimaginable. Think of a ubiquitous tourism industry so decentralized, controlled and connected by the very people who travel.

Yes, a tourism industry run and managed by travellers who provide up to date information to a central system about the places they visit. A complete integrated system of tools that are available for free and at the disposal of every traveller.

Finding events and what is happening in every city becomes available at click of a few buttons. These tools are engineered to offer precision, reliability and consistency. Finding touristic information about a city has never been easier.

Fonolive is a "map your city" tool where users directly and easily add touristic attractions, events, fun things happening locally and more so visitors can virtually and physically access them in ways hardly provided before.

While Fonolive is in active development, the features currently available make it more than a necessity to currently have at your disposable. It serves as a global and community city guide for every traveller and city dweller.

Part of what makes Fonolive futuristic and unique is that it provides an easy and natural flow of information for every city. These include natural heritages, shopping centers, restaurants and more. It also offers users the opportunity to add reviews of their own thus providing substantial guidance to others.

With fewer clicks and advanced precision, you could navigate a city within minutes and have your trip planned to the last second in a fraction of the time we are used to. Fonolive is a tool that brings poorly performing touristic destinations in par with the big leagues as every city with little or no investment budget can get herself known to the rest of the world.

Fonolive with all its rich features is freely available to all cities. It is part of an effort to make our cities and communities virtually accessible from any location and physically connected with all others. It is a "make your city" known tool to potential visitors and of course potential customers. Our goal at Fonolive is to see Fonolive become a sort of travel and tourism wikipedia.

Fonolive also seeks to engage every traveller so they stay connected and intertwined with the places they visit. This encourages return visits and also more promotions as these destinations get free broadcasts by word of mouth to others through our social media related tools.

For most people after travelling to a new destination, their travel experience stays only with a few friends and family members. Fonolive seeks to end that trend by creating features that relate and connect individuals far and near to the immense travel opportunities and wonderful experiences available at remote and well known destinations.

Fonolive seeks to provide a "shop it all from everyone" at one destination. It will be a place where you could get the most up to date information about the places you are about to visit or have visited. It will also offer an opportunity to stay in touch with the new friends you make friends while still preparing for your travel. It will offer an ever easier to manage experience of city norms and safe travel. In fact, it is a "know it before arrival" tool.

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