Why are the jobs not coming to your community?

Why Do Smaller Cities Lose When it Comes to Business, Travel and Tourism?


Ever wondered why the great jobs aren't coming to your city, but the job market is always growing somewhere else?


We could just say the answer is simple, “Businesses go where customers are or where labour is cheapest”. That sounds easy and simplistic. We could continue, the customers are in those cities because the city had a lot more before and it just grew.


This certainly does not explain why new cities are growing faster and faster daily. Your city has got the best schools, best brains and the list is countless and it still lags.


Lets turn the question around. How much does your city spend in promoting it self around the world? For a big city, it has the advantage of a recognizable name already imprinted in the minds of many. It also boasts lots of businesses that promote themselves and in indirectly promote the city. With a renowned name, comes recognition. Recognition inspires curiosity and the willingness to explore and move to vibrant communities.


Well, statistics and common sense indicate that inhabitants in smaller towns and cities are a tightly knit knot and contribute more towards community activities compared to the big leagues.


Smaller towns unable to directly compete with big cities because of their technological and financial prowess have an untapped potential of willing and able community members that they can harness to help promote the town beyond its borders. Showing to the outside what your city has got in store in directly drives people and of course eventual customers to check it out. The business ramifications are enormous.


Unfortunately, limitations from financial and technological ability very often subdue the growth of such vibrant communities.


This is why Fonolive, a small software business is partnering with locals in these communities by providing a free tools that help them market themselves around the globe. Although this is not an easy task, it is one that is doable and will empower locals to control their economic growth by showcasing all that is offered locally, promoting their culture, vibrant community and a lot more.


Smart tools that showcase the vibrancy of local communities, offers locals the ability to self promote and participate in ensuring that their community is known elsewhere. Locals can promote locally and around the globe for free city events, activities, city favorite destinations, museums, city attractions by actively contributing to an editable free platform. Fonolive is hopeful that this will empower staggering communities to compete in a global market where there are currently already outgunned and out-muscled.


Find your city on and help empower it!!

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