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2018-05-30 12:26:54
The food we eat is converted into energy and the toxins are expelled from the body. However, if the body does not utilize the energy efficiently, these toxins keep accumulating in the body and lead to undesirable consequences. One such dire consequence of toxin accumulation is obesity; fat gets...
2018-05-24 16:31:56
Obesity means our body mass index BMI is more than 27. Excessive accumulation of fat in the body causes obesity. In a day we consume near about 1600-2000 calories and only 1000-1200 calories utilization done by yourself means near about 600-800 calories remain in the body. this leads to excess...
2018-05-11 12:16:36
Ayurveda provides healthy solutions for many disorders. We get energy from the food that we eat and the toxins are expelled from the body. However, if the energy is not utilized efficiently, the toxins are not completely expelled from the body. Instead, they keep accumulating in the body and lead...
2018-04-13 08:12:41
Parijatak, One of the Best Centres for Ayurvedic Treatment of Knee Pain in India Knee pain is a common problem which occurs due to various reasons. It may arise from any of the bony structures which form the knee joint, knee cap, or the cartilage or ligament found in the hinge joint of the knee....

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