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2020-04-24 09:23:22
  In Robonavigation the sensors used in a robotic knee replacement is similar to what we use in a Robo-Nav TKR. These gyro sensors assist in aligning the knee implant of the anatomy of the individual patient. The knee joints alignment is unique to each and every human. The better the...
2020-04-24 08:12:02
Knee replacement medical procedure reestablishes the weight-bearing façade of a harmed, worn, or unhealthy knee joint. The point is to evacuate torment and reestablish versatility. It is otherwise called knee arthroplasty, or “knee reemerging.” The specialist tops the parts...
2018-04-25 13:27:01
Lower back pain is quite a troublesome problem. You get completely disturbed by it, and can’t concentrate on work, study or recreation. If you are an athlete who loves to spend time in the sports activities, then the situation is further frustrating. To add to the problem further, you get...
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